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Sunday, October 17, 2010


It seems Pollard’s lawyers are appealing to Obama for Pollard’s release based on some deal that was made between the US and Israel whereby he would serve only 10 years in jail. According to the Jerusalem Post, Pollard’s lawyers are asking Obama to give Pollard clemency but the article is not connecting it to the possibility that Netanyahu will extend the freeze on settlement building in order to restart the so-called peace talks.

The way it’s being talked about at the moment is as though the two are not contingent on each other. Pollard’s release could be touted by the US as conceding to a deal made long ago while any extension of the settlement building freeze would more than likely be touted simply as Netanyahu having a change of heart in the pursuit of peace.

The proof of whether or not a deal was struck will be in the amount of noise the extreme right-wing Zionist politicians make over any reinstatement of the settlement building freeze. If there’s only a token noise, then you’ll know a deal was made – Pollard’s freedom in exchange for getting Abbas back to the table via a building freeze.


Anonymous said...

Yet more 'arm twisting' behind the scenes eh!.
This seems to be all they ever do!.
Speaking of such 'jiggery pokery', don't be surprised to see such 'persuasion' tactics employed in an other area closer to home.

This is no joke, but some seppo clot has proposed that Australia buy one of the new British aircraft carriers that is to be mothballed.
So we can join the yanks in the Pacific to deal with China (the mind boggles), with 'our carrier' and so help offset the diminishing Royal Navy in the Atlantic.
Some seppos see our trade with China and economic situation as an opening to flog us more weapons and join them in their imperial designs, pretending that there is some implicit 'threat to the sea lanes'.
The truth is the Australian public won't be enamoured at more seppo meddling here and really there simply isn't any threat to international shipping by any nation or group.
Pithy pirates off the African coast don't count.
'Sea lane' protection is just an excuse conjured up by self serving military's seeking a reason to justify their own existance where by rights they shouldn't.
Like the Stasi in East germany, one unit committed crimes just to make work for their mates and justify their existance to their bosses and the nation.

Australia would be advised to resist this seppo arm twisting and mind our own patch.

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Greg Bacon said...

Pollard's in the Butner CCF in N. Carolina, the best of the best when it comes to being incarcerated.

Along with another Khazar, Bernie Madoff.

I bet Pollard's former associate at the Arkansas, USA law firm of ROSE, HRM Hillary, is doing her best to get that POS freed.

Madoff's Butner Prison Is The "Crown Jewel" Of Federal Prison System

Along with 'Sir' Rupert:


Among groups that have honored Murdoch are the Anti-Defamation League, which gave him its Torch of Liberty award in 1977, soon after he bought the Post from Dorothy Schiff and unleashed his British tabloid style on New Yorkers; the United Jewish Appeal, which reportedly honored him at the behest of his political friend Benjamin Netanyahu, the Likudite Israeli politician; and the American-Israeli Friendship League, headed by Zuckerman, which honored him in June 2001. Murdoch's political friend Sharon was the featured speaker at the affair, according to Seth Lipsky, a Wall Street Journal columnist, who left important details to the imagination of the reader.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

That is a deal made in hell for all concerned.

First we know the Settlers will not be stopped. Deals with Israel are always a FAIL on the side of the signing party. They are famous for never keeping their word and any signing of such a declaration is the same as just setting that creature free for a few days or weeks of potential short building.

However bringing all the Jews to Israel is part of the main goals of Zionism. All Jews together. To do that they need a lot of building. I doubt they will go against what the state as their objective because they are driven by other forces.

And then there is the Kol Nidre which frees them from all promises and obligations for both the year passed and the year ahead which took place at Purim just last month. As we know that means they can abandon their word and gosh, have they ever done that? Let me thing. Yeppers, less than a thought of pondering.

Would YOU trust Netenyahu or Lieberman to hold your coffee, let alone keep their word on anything regarding the Palestinians or other gentiles? I thought not.

Pollard is an ugly little troll who sold America out. Thousands of secrets he stole and sold and he is still considered to be of such danger that his visits must still be stringently observed, only spoken in English, always a member of the Western guard in attendance.

He knows too much and the fact that he is a cause de celebre in Israel, a country who holds Baruch Goldman in esteem, should give anyone pause.

Damian Lataan said...

My apologies to those that have commented for not having put your comments up earlier. I've been a little busy lately - and away.

Hi NS; interesting bit about the proposal for Oz to buy the not-yet-built-but-soon-to-be-mothballed a/c carrier. I hadn't caught up with that one. Will the deal be financed by China in exchange for large chunks of Oz dug up and shipped to them? I'm also just wondering what aircraft Oz will be flying off this carrier. It seems that Australia's 'defence forces' are now just mercenaries being hired out to protect to American interests and being paid for by the Aussie taxpayer!

Greg, thanks for the links. I won't go into it here, but you might like to check out via Google the links between neoconservatism, Tony Blair and Murdoch. Irwin Stelzer, a neocon/Zionist economist and writer, is the linch pin. I'm just doing a bit of research myself at the moment and hope to put something up on the blog later.

Noor, the whole so-called peace process has - as if we didn't know it was going to anyway - fallen in a big heap. But I still reckon they want Pollard back and it'll be interesting to see how all this pans out.


Anonymous said...

G'day Damian,

I too have been busy elsewhere (grrr tax return).
Replying to your point, yes this RAN buying one of the RN CVF carrier is a non starter, now more seen as a fantasy by a few seppos as always insensitive and disrespectful to Austraia and its people, rather playing their games of bullying and exaggerated threats.
I agree as you imply; why would Australia join in menacing our largest trading partner, such that our economy is gravely undermined.
Also, the cost of operating carrier jets, including the oft overlooked support planes (like AEW) which really make a carrier potent would be astronomical and of course far removed from our abilities since the early '80's nee' HMAS Melbourne.
Seppos still seem to think that these skills and equipment an be conjured up out of nowhere, indeed it would take Australia a very long time to attain and become proficient in carrier operations again, dare I say nearly two decades.
Even then with only one ship, we'd not have the 3-1 rule operatations (one at sea and two being serviced or en route), leading to sluggish operational responsiveness.
These are the salient issues and I'm not even an expert in these areas, still as a layman, I've familiarised myself with these issues enough to know the entire notion is a non starter and thats not including the public antipathy towards wars promoted by self serving foreign powers who think we are there to serve them!.

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Damian Lataan said...

Interesting that you should mention ships being laid up and unable to operate, NS.

Two of Australia's ships, HMAS Manoora and HMAS Kanimbla, are currently in repair docks suffering severe mechanical and structural problems.

And who can forget the farce of the Collins class submarines? Evey single one of them had massive problems - and, worst of all because it shows how no one seems to be able to learn from the past, nearly all of the problems were repeated as each successive submarine was built!

Anonymous said...

Dear Damian,

Yes you're quite right about the 'dud subs'.
Only the politicians still thnk that they've not been an utter failure.
Recently a group of ex- submariners openly said this and suggested that instead of building 12 news and larger subs based on the Collins, we should just accept the fact that we can't do this properly and buy them 'off the shelf' from Europe at much lower cost, schedule etc.
Besides the latest German U212A is perhaps the best sub in the world, in terms of stealth, which is all important in undersea operations.
With a hydrogen fuel cell propulsion it can stay submerged for weeks akin to nuclear subs.
Shorter range and size is offset by simply buying more of them, but we'd still need to get men to operate the blessed things though, something else we can't do!.

Damian, your point about successive failures built into them again reminds me of what a falure the dud subs are.

Insofar as ship operations, yes its usually a 3-1 rule, but these days I'm seeing people say 2-1 of one at sea and another in maintenance.
This may be press simplications, but usually, one at sea needs one in dock and another being worked up or en route and thus not fully operable.
Manoora etc are awful ships, old, maintenance intensive and sold to us by the yanks and unseaworthy.
Once again flogging off their rubbish and we not looking hard enough.

The next failure- the F-35 JSF, now already late and over budget, addled with technical woes, now has a new bunch of problems, cost overuns, cuts backs by the British (who may buy as few as 12 or 40-50) and a new delay of 3 years before the U.S versions enter service.
This puts our deliveries back from 2016 to 2019-20 and an opertional squadron back to 2021-22 now if this current delay and set back transfers to us as well (likely).
Experts tell us the project is in a 'death spiral' and will collapse as international angst sets in and more nations cut back their orders (Denmark) or cancel them.
For the Aussie taxpayer, we're looking at over $16,000 million currently and thats climbing now with this latest set back!.

Will they ever learn?.

Thanks for a fruitful discussion Damian, good health to you

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Damian Lataan said...

Anytime, NS. Catch up again soon.
Look after yourself.