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Friday, September 03, 2010



Much has been written, particularly over this last year or so, about the prospect of war against Iran. The talk of war revolves around what is claimed to be Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Israel and their neoconservative allies in the US and elsewhere around the world have managed to get Western leaders to join with them in accusing Iran of having a clandestine ‘nuclear weapons program’. As a result, pundits and commentators alike have proffered their analysis of why there may be war based entirely on the presumption that Iran does indeed have a ‘nuclear weapons program’.

However, the reality of the situation is not at all as it seems.

Despite the deafening rhetoric about Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’, there is actually not a skerrick of hard evidence to suggest that such a program exists. The consistent and unrelenting accusations from the Zionists and their right-wing allies in the West over a period of years has drowned out Iran’s denial and insistence that it is only aiming to produce electricity from its nuclear energy program.

But the remorseless rhetoric has caused the world to overlook the fact that there is no actual evidence of a nuclear weapons program. It’s been said so often and so loudly over such a long time that the world now as good as accepts it as given that Iran does have a nuclear weapons program.

As a result of this unrelenting propaganda against Iran, the talk now is not; ‘has Iran really got a nuclear weapons program’, or even; ‘if it has, how can this be a threat to any one of the nuclear armed nations of the world, including Israel, which could obliterate Iran in an instant’ but, rather, the talk is; ‘how best can an attack be launched’, ‘who should launch the attack’, and ‘how far can the West go in attacking Iran in order to prevent retaliation’.

Even those against an attack aren’t against it because there is absolutely no moral, practical or legal justification for it; they’re against because of the consequences such an attack might bring. They worry not so much about the massive loss of life such a conflict will bring to the region but they worry that it’ll send the cost of oil sky-rocketing and doing untold damage to an already very wobbly global economy.

So, if Iran, as it says, doesn’t have a nuclear weapons program and is only engaged in seeking nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and if there is no evidence to suggest otherwise, why are the Israelis and their neocon allies in the West so insistent that Iran does have a ‘nuclear weapons program’?

The answer is simple: The Israelis and their allies want to use the ‘Iran has a nuclear weapons program’ meme as an excuse to eliminate Iran from being a hindrance to Israel’s political long term aspirations of creating a Greater Israel which includes south Lebanon up to the Litani River, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Regime change in Iran from one that is hostile to Israel and the US and their allies to one that is friendly will dramatically change the entire Middle East and Central Asian geo-political landscape. Such a move will deprive Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip of its ability to resist Israeli expansionist aggression.

However, in order to serve Israel’s ultimate purpose the act of regime change must be seen to be merely an outcome of Israel’s stated aim of eliminating Iran as an ‘existential threat’ to Israel. Regime change instigated by internal conflict in Iran will not serve Israel’s purpose. It would deprive Israel of the need to attack Hezbollah and Hamas and invade Lebanon and the Gaza Strip in order to occupy and later annex them to Israel.

The excuse Israel will use in order to justify an attack, invasion and occupation of the Gaza Strip, Lebanon and the West Bank will be that Israel is pre-empting a retaliatory strike by Hamas and Hezbollah which the Israelis anticipate after Iran has been attacked in order to prevent Iran from building and using nuclear weapons against Israel and the West.

Israel’s ultimate aim is to invade, occupy then annex south Lebanon, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in order to realise their dream of creating a Greater Israel. The payoff for the Americans is an Iran that is as at least pacified and, they hope, with a government that is friendly toward the US and Israel, and for Israel; an impotent Syria and a Greater Israel that will ultimately be cleared of all Palestinians and Arabs.

But, in order for Israel to arrive at their endgame, an attack against Iran is essential. Without that there will be no Greater Israel.

Iran has no nuclear weapons program, but Israel does have a program for creating a Greater Israel.

Is the world going to let them get away with it again? How many millions are going to have to die this time? It’s time the world got back on the streets to protest.


traducteur said...

Nil desperandum, Damian, there's quite a good chance that the Zionists have overreached: their plan for the obliteration of Iran and the ethnic cleansing of Gaza, Lebanon, Palestine, etc. may in the event result in the destruction of the Zionist entity instead. Vive la Palestine !

Ragnarok said...

I can't see them getting away with it this time. The zionists and their flunkys in the US and Europe have lost total control over the flow of information. I sometimes think that the internet was the biggest slip up that the ruling elites of the planet ever made. They probably thought it would be a further consolidation of their consciousness control. Ooops

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs and websites worldwide that are blowing the lid off the secrecy so carefully maintained about many subjects over the years. I'm not religious but those who are seem to think that we are in the age of revealing. I'm open to the possibility and it does look like people are wising up. Lets hope they wise up quick enough to prevent any catastrophies