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Monday, September 13, 2010


What made them think they could get away with it? Killing three thousand of your own people is one thing; blaming someone else for having done it is something else. One thing is for absolutely sure: sooner or later the full truth will emerge and the evidence against the perpetrators will be overwhelming and, when it does, it will be the end of America’s reason for existence in its present form. The lives and standing of all of the American people will be changed forever in the eyes of the global community. America will become a pariah state.

During the first eight months of 2001, an extremist faction within the George W. Bush administration which had assumed office in late January 2001, conspired with elements of Israel’s secret service and intelligence agency, Mossad, to murder Americans and destroy and damage prominent physical symbols of America’s wealth and power in order to begin wars against those they perceived as their enemies both overseas and at home.

The crime they committed was at first seen as being so horrendous in magnitude that no one dare question the government about the explanation of the events of 9/11 through fear of appearing to be unpatriotic in the face of what seemed to be the greatest threat to America’s power to date. By November 2002 a Commission was established to investigate the attack. It published its findings in July 2004 in a 567 page book titled ‘The 9/11 Commission Report: Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States’. All the report ended up doing was confirm what the government had already told the people of America about what had happened on 9/11. It meant nothing.

Within literally hours of the events of 9/11 America began planning to attack Iraq after first attacking Afghanistan; an attack which had already been planned months before 9/11. Within a month America invaded Afghanistan while at the same time continued to plan their attack on Iraq. They began their propaganda campaign against Iraq in an attempt to build public support for invading Iraq.

Meanwhile, within days of it happening, doubts began to emerge about the veracity of the US government’s explanation about the events of 9/11. Still stunned by the enormity of the crime, most of these doubts were at first ignored. But then, as time went by and the shock of it all had begun to wear off, people began to think a little more clearly about what had happened. They wondered how it was that four scheduled airliners were able to erratically fly around America’s skies for over an hour obviously off course, heading in the wrong direction, not following their flight plans and with their identifier transponders turned off without being challenged by air traffic controllers and being investigated by scrambled fighter jets. Later, as more information was released about the so-called hijackers, experienced people in the aviation game began to wonder how pilots who were barely ably to fly a Cessna around the circuit of the local airfield were able to successfully takeover commercial jet airliners, navigate them to their targets, let them down from cruising altitude to just a few hundred feet above ground level and then accurately crash them in to pre-arranged and targeted buildings.

Then structural engineers, curious to understand why buildings designed to withstand a commercial aircraft crashing in to them had collapsed, began to investigate past occurrences of fire in high-rise buildings to see if these examples might provide an answer as to why the World Trade Center buildings had collapsed. They found examples of numerous buildings that had burned many times more ferociously than the fires in the WTC buildings but couldn’t find one that had ever collapsed as a result of fire.

More doubts emerged when it became generally known that a third building, WTC Building 7, a 47-story high-rise office block, had also suddenly and spectacularly collapsed into its own footprint, just as the Twin Towers had – and without any aircraft crashing into it or having sustained any major fire damage that would have caused a collapse in his manner. Numerous video films of the collapse taken from different angles showed that the building collapsed evenly and at free fall speed, an event that was not at all consistent with a building that had fires contained in pockets within the building. People wondered why none of this was mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report.

What, people wondered, were the odds of three buildings collapsing totally and fully and at almost freefall speed into their own footprints in one day? People began to ask about what the Fireman and Medics were talking about when they say they heard explosions at various levels and in the basements of these building; explosions that had nothing to do with aircraft flying in to them.

Eventually, those that were really responsible for these crimes and were involved in setting them up will begin to talk. More evidence will emerge implicating more and more people. There will come a time when the government will be so overwhelmed with the evidence that says Islamic extremists – if involved at all in the carrying out of these crimes – did so with the full connivance and support of various personnel within the Bush administration and with the planning and support of senior Israeli right-wing Zionist politicians and elements of Israel’s intelligence service Mossad. At this point Western governments and the US government will have no alternative but to acknowledge full complicity and responsibility for everything that happened on 9/11.

It may well be that by the time the whole conspiracy has fully unravelled to that point that the major players, including Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rice, Douglas Feith, Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu and all the others, will have passed on. Let’s hope that at least some of them are brought to justice before that because if none are, then the world will never ever be able to have any faith in America ever again and Americans will have lost all the things that they were told their lives revolved around – freedom, justice and democracy.


Anonymous said...

Truth resonates beyond belief in this fine article. I should know since I'm an American, although, I no longer am proud of that fact.

My country has transformed into a cesspool of babbling fools all towing the two-party diatribes, whatever may be fashionable at any given time. Most are still touting the false belief that Muslims were responsible for 9/11 because they refuse to disconnect themselves from the idiot box.

Personally, realizing the truth behind 9/11 has separated me from family and friends and was recently responsible for my dismissal from a lucrative job, although, I cannot prove it.

So, I sit on the sidelines waiting for Americans to wake-up, to get a clue about the dismal state of the nation and the reasons for it. All anyone would have to do is face the facts of 9/11 but not many are willing to let down their guard because then the facade surrounding America will crumble.

Americans are no longer pious and humble but brutally proud to the point of obnoxiousness and unless they can relinquish their pride nothing will change, nor will their murdered countrymen find peace in the afterlife.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you know whether the Mossad were involved with the Bali Bombing? Have you read or heard anything suggesting this?

And one thing I wanna know: Did Howard know about the September 11 attacks before they occurred?

And then I wonder about other pollies. I wonder how many ministers in the Howard government knew what it was all about. All of them? What about the Labor ministers now? Do they know? And how do they come to know if they need to know? And what's their reaction?

Hey, and what about the generals? Do they all know? I'd expect the Special Operations Command OC to know; but what about Chief of Army and normal generals, admirals and so forth?

That's what I wonder about nowadays -- who in the Australian government knows. If Andrew Wilkie saw the same evidence as all the other analysts at the Office of National Assessments saw, why was he the only one that disagreed with the view that there were WMDs in Iraq?

Now that I'm on a roll, those Muslims arrested and under trial for seeking to carry out terrorist attacks in Australia -- are those dupes framed by Mossad-friendly ASIO for the purposes of carrying out a "strategy of tension" to keep the population anti-Muslim and supporting Israel's wars? Or are they just misled?

Wondering, wondering...

Damian Lataan said...

I guess you're going to have to keep wondering, anonymous, because so far, what's emerging is evidence that shows what didn't happen inasmuch that it certainly didn't happen the way the 9/11 Commission Report said it did, rather than what did actually happen.

Either way, it's clear that a massive crime has been committed and that the wrong people have been blamed for it.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible- that WTC7 was originally intended to be hit by a fifth plane, (which did not happen)- so the building had to be destroyed in order to hide the evidence of how it had been rigged?
(And- is it true, that less money was spent on the investigation about 9/11; than was spent on the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewenski thing?)

Damian Lataan said...

Well, most certainly WTC7 was pre-rigged with demolition charges; a job like that could not be done in the 7.3 hours between the collapse of the south tower at 10.00am and the collapse of WTC7 at around 5.20pm. My guess would be that the plan, indeed, was to have another aircraft fly in to the building, possibly UA F93 that was eventually shot down near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. This may have been aborted due to a remote control malfunction.

Remote control technology was well advanced by this time. On 24 April 2001, just five months before 9/11, a RQ4 Global Hawk remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) flew from Edwards Air Force Base in California to RAAF Edinburgh in South Australia in a record breaking unmanned remotely piloted flight.

The technology of taking over control of civilian aircraft was also well advanced by 9/11 having been developed, somewhat ironically, in order to regain control of hijacked aircraft and to safely land them at any nominated airport.

As yet, however, there is no conclusive evidence to support this notion but it does fit in with what is known.

Damian Lataan said...

I've got no idea how much American taxpayers forked out to investigate how naughty Bill Clinton could be with a cigar and an intern, but, if it was just a hundred dollars it would have been $100 too much. On the other hand, if Americans payed out ten million dollars to investigate 9/11, it clearly wasn't enough to get at the real truth!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the questions I'd asked earlier, the following article makes some good points: