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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


One would have thought by now that it would be obvious to the entire world that the Israeli endgame is that there never be a Palestinian state and that the state of Israel will ultimately incorporate the West Bank, the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip and south Lebanon up to the Litani River, all of which will become part of what the Zionists hope will be a Greater Israel.

There have been no end of so-called 'peace talks' including the Jarring Mission, the Rogers Plan, the Reagan Plan, the Oslo Accords, the Wye River Memorandum, the Camp David Summit, the Taba Summit, the Elon Peace Plan, the Nusseibeh-Ayalon Agreement, the Arab Peace Initiative, the Road Map to Peace, the Madrid Conference, the Hebron Protocol, the Annapolis Conference, the Beirut Summit, the Peace Valley Plan, etc., all of which have been going on for years and none of which – not one – have amounted to anything, and all the time while these talks and negotiations have been going on, Israel has slowly and insidiously permeated its way onto lands that do not belong to them. Today, Israel’s modus operandi has become blatantly transparent. They have demonstrated that there will be no let up in the building of settlements in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem despite the rhetoric about wanting ‘peace’ – knowing full well that peace on Israel’s terms will not ever be acceptable to the Palestinian people and nothing that the Palestinians will concede to will ever be enough for the Zionists.

Compounding the problem is that successive US administrations have bowed to the Israelis by not just letting them get away with it, but by continuing to help the Israelis with their persecution of the Palestinian people in the Gaza and the West Bank, and the Arabs in Lebanon and Syria, , by supplying the Israelis with the military hardware, ordnance and fuel they demand to keep up their pressure on the Palestinians and the Arabs with the intention of breaking down their resistance to Israeli aggression and expansionist intentions. And all this despite America’s occasional huffing and puffing about Israeli intransigence on Palestine-Israel relations

The reality is this: Netanyahu and his Zionist allies both in Israel and among the neoconservatives and their supporters in the US and elsewhere in the West have absolutely no intention of ever allowing a Palestinian state to exist.

Not ever.

The quicker the West understands this, the better.

The only possible solution now is the One State binational solution. This will take time but the alternative is the demise of any notion of Palestinians having any state of their own and the total disenfranchisement of all Arabs in an expanded Greater Israel state. It is up to the peoples of the world to demand and ensure that both ordinary peace-loving Jews of Israel and the Palestinian people get a future that can be shared free of persecution and the continual threat of death and destruction.


traducteur said...

"Total disenfranchisement of all Arabs" in Palestine? Total expulsion, more like. Zionism is an ideology of mass theft and genocide.

IDHolm said...

G'day Damian,

always keeping it friendly - natch; but there's a couple of things here that need - shall we say, a contrasting view?

1. "Obvious to the entire world" - but a) only if they first bother to *look*, and then b) only if they can access data *other* than what the corrupt & venal MSM (incl. 'our' AusBC) serves up (Research finds PR spinning most newspaper stories.) Of course, vis-à-vis the Zs, it's mostly outright lying propaganda.

2. I agree to "no end of so-called 'peace talks'" - but you'd have to ask Q: Why do they keep saying this - with *never* any result? Q: Why don't the people just hoot derisively? A: See my (1). All who have recognised the swindle know that anyone saying 'peace process' is either 101% ignorant OR an obvious and utter liar (could be both).

3. "Successive US administrations have bowed to the Israelis" - you know it's worse, far worse than that. The US a) supplies almost all of the 'killing machines' - at not just no cost, but shovels $s at the Zs by the billions to boot (US$4bio p/a I last heard), and b) Congress is "Z-territory." Any outside IL putting Zs before their own country is a *traitor*. Anyone? How many!!?

4. Then, "the West" (not bank.) 'The West' is a poor descriptor, what is *meant* is quisling/collaborators of the US, some disgustingly voluntary (Aus, say) - but *all* coerced - one way or another; the most sick-making being Germany. It's *excruciating* to watch Merkel et al. grovel to the Zs.

5. It's easy enough to *prove* that the Zs are Nuremberg-class aggressive invaders; a) almost *all* IL-Zs (99%, say) recently (30s+) came from somewhere else, b) they used force (aka terrorism) to expel the ELO/Os (erstwhile legal owner/occupiers), c) they used force (aka war) to expand *beyond* what the UN (unjustly) 'gave' them. *All* wars (14May'48+) occurred *after* the original incursion (incursion n. invasion or attack [POD]), and cannot result in seizure of territory. That's why the talk is of 'occupation,' and why settlements are *illegal*. It's enough; all 'order-giver' Zs should get well and truly 'Nuremberged,' and the rest should simply *go home*, i.e. back to whatever rocks they crawled out from under.

Of course, that'd only happen in a world slightly more perfect than this one. Still. A one-state solution *could* work - but the Ps would have to get *all* their real-estate back. How likely is that?

6. "The West" should a) acquire some morals AND guts and b) cease all toleration, let alone 'support' of Zs, and lastly

7. The other *should* is for truth, peace & justice seekers everywhere to never rest in pointing out just how criminally-bad the Zs are.