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Monday, March 01, 2010


Australians are slowly waking up to the reality of Zionist policies against Palestinians and Zionist terrorism and murder. On Friday 26 February 2010 the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favour of investigations of the warcrimes described in the Goldstone Report.

Seven countries voted against the resolution while 98, including the UK, voted for it. There were 31 abstentions including, significantly, Australia who in the past have given Israel unquestioned support. Some 50 nations were not represented in the General Assembly, many of them absent because of the weather in New York.

This latest snub to the Israelis by the Australian government, and, to a lesser extent, the American’s, who voted against the investigations of warcrimes, follows the debacle over the Israeli’s abuse of Australian passports in the murder of Hamas official, Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, in Dubai on 19 January 2010.

Ever since the Israeli onslaught against the Lebanese people in 2006 when Israeli atrocities and warcrimes were exposed for all the world to see, and then again, when Israel attacked the people of the Gaza Strip killing and maiming thousands of innocent civilians, the Australian people have begun to realise that Israel is not at all what it has been telling people it is. Rather than being the victim as they continuously said they were, they have in fact been shown all the while to be the oppressors. Now, after the debacle over the killing in Dubai, Israel have also shown that they have no respect for democracy, which they claim their nation is a beacon of, and that they practice state-sanctioned extra-judicial murder and have a secret service which the Zionist government of Israel allows to be the judge, jury and executioner of Israel’s enemies.

The Australian government is finally coming around to understanding what most Australians have known for years; that Israel is a fraudulent nation that oppresses its neighbours and murders those that dissent and resist Israeli aggression and oppression.

It’s time the world woke up to it as well.


IDHolm said...

Another good article, Damian.

So far (i.e. several years now 'down the track'), I simply have not been able to recover from the vivid feeling of having suffered a 'smack in the gob' at the moment when I realised that 'our AusBC' had been actively misleading us (we the sheople), and that that foul deception had been taking place since before I was even capable of taking notice.

What utter and filthy traitors! I refer of course, to the fact that I had depended almost 100% on the AusBC as my prime source of 'news,' and I had never realised just how *bad* the 'state' of Israel actually is - or how badly 'let down' we are by the AusBC, for not fully and fairly informing us. ('Let down' is diplo-speak for 'betrayed;' no democracy can properly function without an equally properly informed electorate.)

Aside: For any 'out there' who have not yet realised it (one assumes an ever-contracting minority), the so-called 'state' of Israel's main 'industry' and 'preoccupation' both, is murdering their neighbours (mostly hapless Palestinians) - in order to steal ever more land, aka Lebensraum.

One wonders Q: How such a tiny group of major criminals has been able to corrupt the AusBC on the one hand, and to 'get away' with their vicious crimes on the other? Suggested A: Propaganda coupled with distraction, plus major malfeasance on behalf of 'people who should know better.' I think that it's only the most sharp-eyed of Australians who have 'known for years;' (proof: Had the majority known, the Aus govt. could not have gotten away with supporting Israel); in retrospect, it has been one of, if not *the* main functions of the MSM (Main-Stream Media, *including* the AusBC - all well characterised as 'corrupt & venal') - to have 'dumbed-down' both the news and the balance of the population (aka the sheople) with it.

There is simply no place in a civilised world for such rogue-regimes as Israel, and it is well beyond time that decent people everywhere demanded both truth and justice; gaol (or worse) for all murderers for spoil!

David G said...

I wonder just how many Australians know about the plight of the Palestinians. About 5% I would guess. As for the Australian Government, I'm sick of seeing their members wearing shullcaps!

Phil, the Jews have probably stacked the board and management of the ABC, much as they have done in Governments, thinktanks, and the MSM all over the world.

They are crafty, cunning and crazy!