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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


One has to ask why it is that the US, on one hand, insists that Israel and Palestine find peace as two separate sovereign states existing side by side, yet, on the other hand, spend billions upon billions of American taxpayer’s dollars on arming only Israel to the teeth with strike aircraft and helicopters together with highly sophisticated ordnance in order for Israel to prosecute war and commit warcrimes against the impoverished, deprived and desperate Palestinian people of the Gaza and West Bank and others in Lebanon.

The US and Israel say it’s for ‘self-defence’ yet the only time the world has ever seen Israel’s military might in use is when it’s being used to attack Palestinian and Arab civilians and against Palestinian and Arab resistance fighters defending their homes and land from attack and deprivations by the Israelis. For decades successive US presidents have been ‘brokering’ peace in endless talks between the two parties and for decades successive presidents have been feeding Israel with the means to continue their persecution and wholesale slaughter of Palestinians and the insidious takeover of their lands.

President George W. Bush’s support of Israel’s war against the Lebanese people in 2006 in which Israeli forces mercilessly killed over a thousand civilians and destroyed the homes of many thousands more, and then supporting again their indiscriminate onslaught against an all but defenceless Gazan people in the 2008/2009 Gazan Carnage, is utterly iniquitous in the eyes of the world. Even the UN has seen fit to call these attacks against the Gazans as warcrimes, yet today President Obama has not done one thing to insist that the Israelis remove their deadly grip on the Gaza Strip and has moved to protect the Israelis from prosecution for their crimes.

And now Obama is preparing massive joint ‘defence’ exercises with the Israelis designed to intimidate Israel’s enemies, Hezbollah, Hamas and, of course, Israel’s arch enemy, Iran.

In the face of all this, why on earth would the Palestinian people have any faith whatsoever in anything the Americans offer? All the Americans have ever given the Palestinians are endless talks of ‘peace’ while, at the same time, sending them thousands of tonnes of ordnance delivered to them via the Israelis in aircraft supplied to them by the Americans.

Today, under Obama, things are no different. While the Israelis and Americans moan about Hezbollah stockpiling rockets and the Gazans building homemade rockets and smuggling in light arms and complaining that Hamas and Hezbollah are being supported by Iran, the Israelis are busy arming themselves to the teeth with some of the world’s most sophisticated armaments and weapons supplied by the US preparing themselves for the next onslaught against the Palestinian and Arab peoples.

President Bush, Condoleeza Rice and all others in the administration that were responsible for allowing the Israelis to protract their wars against the peoples of Lebanon in 2006 and the Gaza in 2008/2009, share the responsibility of the war crimes that the Israeli committed. And, if the Israelis commit more crimes in the future, Obama will be just as complicit in those crimes for having supplied Israel with the means to commit them.


traducteur said...

Dead on target, Damian. See the article "Obama's Peace" by Joseph Massad at the Electronic Intifada, which makes many of the same points.

Aletho News said...

It is more than a design to intimidate Israel’s enemies that is behind the exercises. Anti-missile displays are intended to reassure the Israeli public that their own personal safety is not being jeopardized by the ongoing aggressive militarism. However it is really just an exercise in propaganda because missile defense has over and over proven to be entirely unreliable.