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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


As the Zionists of Israel drift further to the right and increasingly demonstrate how their racial and expansionist policies for Israel are parallel to the policies of Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the extreme right-wing in the blogosphere seems to have become confused and increasingly unable to distinguish their left from their right.

The main cause of their confusion is rooted essentially in the irony of history whereby those peoples who suffered most at the hands of the Nazis are the same people that are now causing the most suffering – and for exactly the same reasons – to others.

The extreme right-wing is quite happy to call themselves right-wing because, even if for no other reason, it distinguishes them from their mortal enemies, the ‘Left’. The problem arises however, when it is realised that in calling themselves ‘right-wing’ they share the same ‘right-wing’ label as Hitler does and, because most of today’s modern right-wing are actually Zionists or Zionist supporters, they don’t, for obvious reasons, want to be associated with Hitler and the Nazis. Because there are still some on the outer fringes of the far right who really are Nazis inasmuch that they are white-supremacist style anti-Semites with an intense hatred of Jews – and, indeed, anyone else who isn’t white – today’s modern Zionists and their extreme right-wing supporters have constructed a new propaganda strategy to distinguish themselves from their Nazi look-alikes.

This new construct is designed for the rank and file dumb and gullible of the right. It argues that Hitler and the Nazis weren’t actually ‘right-wing’ because they were called ‘National Socialists’ and, according to the Zionist propagandists and their supporters, they had socialist ideals. The new propaganda further argues, because the name of Hitler’s party also included the word ‘Workers’ in it, (the full name of the Nazi Party was the National Socialist German Workers Party), that this was further proof of the Nazis ‘left-wing’ roots. There is also a certain convenience in this new construct for the Zionists and their supporters because, not only do they think it disassociates them as right-wingers from the rather embarrassing and similarly labelled Nazis, but it now allows them to cast anti-Zionists, most of whom have a tendency to lean to the political left and who Zionists attempt to demonise as anti-Semites, into the newly constructed ‘Nazi is left-wing’ mould.

The new ‘Nazis were left-wing’ propaganda construct is currently being pushed via the right-wing blogs. Andrew Bolt, a Murdoch propagandist and blogger at Melbourne’s ‘Herald Sun’ newspaper, a couple of weeks ago highlighted the new propaganda in his column in which he argues that Jewish groups in Europe who worry about the recent gains the anti-Semitic right made in European elections should be far more concerned about the left-wing anti-Zionists in Europe and that the right-wing that are not anti-Semitic are the ‘Jews real friends’. Bolt then allows his bloggies to launch into the ‘Nazis were left-wing’ propaganda. Here are a few examples:

Bolt Bloggie ‘larrikin’ writes:
“it [sic] was the German socialists who formed the Nazi party that instigated the holocaust and it is the left that now demonise Israelis and act as apologist for the islamists [sic] threatening to annihilate Israel. own [sic] it, leftard [sic].” ‘larrikin’ goes on to comment elsewhere:
“…you can’t be ‘right’ and neo-Nazi because Nazism is a creature of the left. If by ‘right’ you mean the opposite of leftism then you are referring to someone who is, essentially, a supporter of the classic republic as a legal and political model. Therefore the ‘right’ is always opposed to dictators and oligarchs, whatever they call themselves and regardless of the form of goose stepping they practice. the left on the other hand ultimately and invariably support dictators and oligarchs.”

While another Bolt bloggie, Alan Mears, writes:
“Hitler was actually from the left, the NAZI party was the Workers Nationalist Socialist Party. What is it with the left? They always attribute the evils deeds committed by their own by using the word “Extreme” with the word Right.”

Regular Bolt bloggie ‘Verax’ responded to Mears’ remark that “Hitler was from the left” saying:
“You are wasting your time with this one, Alan. I have posted that there are two kinds of socialism, national socialism (often called fascism) and Marxian socialism (communism), here ad nauseam.”

And so it goes on.

The new right-wing propaganda has two aims; first, it attempts to cast them as the true right-wing by implying that the Nazis were really ‘left-wing’, and, secondly, in doing so, they think they have created a bin into which the left, because of their anti-Zionism, can now be thrown.

As most true German socialists of the day would attest, or would if there were any actually left, there was absolutely nothing at all ‘socialist’ about the Nazis beyond the word being used in the title of the Nazi party; indeed, it was socialists in the main with whom Hitler’s Brownshirts battled in the streets of Germany prior to Hitler becoming Chancellor in 1933 and rounding up most of the socialists in Germany, and wherever else he could find them, before trying to exterminate them along with everyone else that didn’t fit their political, cultural and racial mould of his Greater Germany.

In the early days there were some Germans deluded enough to actually believe that the word ‘socialist’ in the Nazi party’s name actually did mean that Hitler’s party had socialist leanings and for a while Hitler was quite happy to allow the myth to continue as he built up the party’s numbers and strength using its following to give the party an air of popularity. The delusion was shattered and the myth was dispelled in July 1934 when Hitler and his SS and Gestapo purged the ranks of the massive Brownshirt movement which was the SA. In part this was done more than anything else to appease the extremely un-socialist German military that were beginning to see the SA rabble as a rival to their own power. In short, for Hitler, the SA had fulfilled their role and what few ‘socialists’ had found their way into the Nazi party soon found themselves purged from it or converted to Nazism.

But here’s where the propaganda really back-fires on the right-wing Zionists and their supporters in the West. This early history of the Nazi party to which some deluded socialists, and even communists, initially flocked to, actually reflects much of the early history of Zionism as it established itself in Israel. The early rank and file Kibbutzim movement was made up predominately of those that thought of themselves as socialists, communists and generally left-wing. Many leftish Europeans and Americans, both Gentile and Jewish, made the ‘pilgrimage’ to a Kibbutz in Israel for a year to experience a taste of socialist life. Israel’s early economic and domestic and social policies were essentially left-wing and, indeed, to a certain extent, still are.

Essentially, the new propaganda is really just another attempt to prop up the ‘anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism’ meme which the Zionists have been trying to push with vigour in an effort to counter the influence that Mearsheimer and Walt’s best-selling book ‘The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy’ had on the anti-Zionist movement since it was published.

The new propaganda, in the end, does nothing except demonstrate how desperate the right-wing have become in trying to protect Zionism from its inevitable collapse.


Anonymous said...

Well, what did you expect from the FOX news crowd? Intelligent and rational thought?

I'm growing increasingly concerned at our right wing brethren. Someone should call a doctor. Seriously, these nutjobs are becoming fanatical, deranged crybabies that can't handle the fact that they lost.

Actually, I think they still won. But that's another topic.

Unknown said...

I find this whole idea lacking in substance. Even the concept of left and right is ridiculously childish, i may only be 27 but it's obvious to me that this whole polarization is where all these horrible things come from, everyone wants to be right and have everyone else be wrong, well sorry but Hitler was a human, he killed humans with human ideas using human techniques, there's no dancing around the facts. All this crap about being on the left or on the right, is drivel inspired by mankind's inability to admit that he's an idiot and we're all guilty of being douche bags. you want to actually fix something or watch things get better? stop being ass holes ans debating who's fault this f-ed up word is because it's all of you. You all had your crappy peaceful revolution in the 60's you realized peace couldn't win against violence so you gave up. Now our country is run but sniveling ass hats who fuck every thing up by making it about left or right, democrat or republican. Well you lose obviously the only way to stabilize anything even this country is by balance, which won't be achieved by a bunch of dicks who think they know how things should be. You don't, stfu It's getting to the point that we the younger generations are going to have to revolt against you older gens just to wrestle control out from your greedy, uncooperative, simple, narrow minded clutches.

Anonymous said...

That explains so much. I was visiting Common Dreams this morning and there were two articles claiming that Bernie Madoff had gotten sentenced to 150 years because he was Jewish.

That claim alone was breathtaking, and not unexpectedly some responders disagreed. They were immediately attacked, but instead of the old "anti-semitic" charge they were called "nazis." That is certainly consistent with your premise of an effort at redefining the resistance.

Anonymous said...

The left/right paradigm is bogus! Where is freedom in this idea? The middle? The middle are called "moderates". So where's liberty in all this? Nowhere!

Damian Lataan said...

Clinton, it's easy; the Left are right, and the Right are wrong.

'Moderates' are simply people who don't yet know right from wrong.

You talk of freedom of ideas; no problem in itself! The problem arises when those ideas are activated at the expense of other peoples freedoms. Now that's wrong but it's the Right that do it.

Confusing, I know, and 'moderates' will just find it too hard and stay standing still in the middle.

The problem for us on the Left (those that are right) is that, at least, we know where those on the Right (those that are wrong) actually stand. It's those in the middle that we need to demonstrate to that we are indeed right and that the Right are actually wrong.

Freedom is one thing but to abuse your freedom by imposing yourself on others is something else.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the premise that the Zionists and their supporters are looking more and more desperate as they attempt to differentiate themselves from their detractors. I dont worry too much though what some douche in Australia puts in one of Murdoch's rags. In the end, you cant control what the zealots do or say to their faithful. They're all slack jawed and that will not change. If it wasn't the Zionists pandering to their hatred, it would be the KKK or some other hate based ideology. Those who are curious have found out the scale of disinformation and propaganda that permeates society and sweeps up the weak minded. As long as your mind is not weak, you can live your life anyway you see fit and be comfortable in the knowledge that you are the master of your own destiny and not some schmuck on the other side of some ocean.

IDHolm said...

How utterly silly - I mean Zs calling anyone Nazis.

In Germany (and, one might think, they ought to know); neo-Nazis are considered extreme right-wing, and barely tolerated when not outright banned. That's one thing. Another is that the neo-Nazis seem to go out of their way to 'look the part,' i.e. they look the spitting image of extreme right-wing skin-heads that infest the UK - say.

Then, 'idols' such as Churchill, and other such (erring!) ideologues (like Prescott Bush, the 'father' of all sorts of troubles), encouraged the original Nazis, (partly?) on the grounds that the Nazis were the 'natural enemies' of (German) communists, and so by supporting Nazis, the communists would be 'taken care of.' As other errors, the theory went that after the Nazis had defeated the Commies, the Nazis themselves could then be 'dealt with.' Ha! But: enemies of Commies would not, normally seen, be on or of 'the left.' In any case, I'm under the impression that Nazis were/are considered fascists - as, no surprise, are the Zs (plus their (filthy!) apologists, accessories and general hangers-on).

"Fascism n. 1 extreme totalitarian right-wing nationalist movement in Italy (1922–43). 2 (also fascism) any similar movement.  Fascist n. & adj. (also fascist). Fascistic adj. (also fascistic). [Italian fascio bundle, organized group]" [POD]

"Following the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II and the publicity surrounding the atrocities committed during the period of fascist governments, the term fascist has been used as a pejorative word."

"A political regime, usually totalitarian, ideologically based on centralized government, government control of business, repression of criticism or opposition, a leader cult and exalting the state and/or religion above individual rights. ..."

I take the opportunity to point out that the citation immediately above accurately - and 'fairly' - characterises both the US and Israel. (Oh! - 'Only' IMHO, as usual and of course!)

Anyway. I recall a certain dialectic dilettante - who was wont to demand nuance. Naturally enough, nuancing can be likened to constructing (unneeded!) complications - to 'demonstrate' super-smooth, 'learned' erudition on the one (wanking!) hand, but on the other (far more sinister!) hand - simply - to confuse.

So. To cut through the bullshit, it is handy to consider:

"... the crime-scene that is so-called 'modern' Israel. No just person on this planet (or any other) could have given the Zs 'permission' to occupy Palestine and eject the legal owners. Yet that's what the UN did. Similarly, no just person could have perpetrated such vicious crimes as Deir Yassin (repeated over time and space). Israel has from its inception and continues, 61+ years long now, to murder Palestinians to steal Palestine land."
[by my own fair hand.]

To end this: just as arseholes, everyone has an opinion - the Zs and their running-dogs can say what they want, and they do. But it's the deeds - and only the (vicious, criminal) deeds, that actual count. 'Body counts,' that is - as in murdering to steal.

That - murder for spoil - is what the USraeli regimes do.