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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Despite denials yesterday by the Israeli Chief of Staff, General Gabi Ashkenazi, that all is well on the northern front where Israel’s border meets Lebanon, Israeli tanks and troops are piling up at the border and Israeli Air Force jets are flying more frequent sorties in to Lebanese airspace.

It seems some Israeli armour has moved forward to within a hundred metres of the border in a deliberate attempt to provoke a reaction. What is significant in this move is that it was carried out knowing that this time it would not just be Hezbollah that the Israelis would be facing, but regular Lebanese forces who, according to a Lebanese Army spokesperson, ‘are ready to confront any Israeli assaults on Lebanon’ and have moved up tanks to the area to meet the Israeli threat.

This latest move, coupled with the increasingly bellicose propaganda campaign Israel is waging over Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons program, could easily escalate into the war the Israelis have been trying desperately to provoke ever since their last unsuccessful attempt to provoke a confrontation with Iran when it attacked and then invaded Lebanon in 2006.

In any future war with Lebanon, Israel has stated that it will regard the Lebanese government and the Lebanese armed forces as much an enemy as Hezbollah who, according to a ‘Jerusalem Post’ report, are now actually training Lebanese army officers. This means that any full scale attack by Israel against Lebanon will include massive air attacks against Lebanese government and utilities infrastructure all over Lebanon starting, as per tradition, with attacks against Lebanon’s airports, airfields and military bases, supplies and communications networks.

The Lebanese air force, which, apart from a handful of very outdated Hawker Hunter aircraft, at the moment consists mainly of helicopters used for both attack work and transport, is, significantly, awaiting delivery of 10 MiG-29 aircraft gifted from Russia which are due to arrive next month. These aircraft, when flown by experienced pilots and appropriately armed, will be a reasonable match when up against Israel’s F-16’s. Israel would certainly be keen not to have to deal with these aircraft, especially if the Lebanese contract experienced Russian pilots to fly them, and so would be anxious to take on Lebanon before these aircraft arrive.

Israel is itching to go and the imminent delivery of the 10 MiG-29’s might just be the trigger they need.


traducteur said...

Israeli tanks and troops are piling up at the border and Israeli Air Force jets are flying more frequent sorties into Lebanese airspace

This is a link to the exceptionally rabid Jewish Nazi site, Arutz Sheva. Enough said.

some Israeli armour has moved forward to within a hundred metres of the border

And this Daily Star report speaks of four Merkava tanks. That's 'some' Israeli armour, no doubt, but not really a lot of it.

Not to downplay the genocidal nature of the Zionist enterprise, of course, but we must beware of giving way to unwarranted panic.

Damian Lataan said...

Four tanks moved up close to the border. You can be sure there are at least another eight, possibly another 20 – 32 tanks not too far away. Two or three tank squadrons would be backed up by at least several companies of infantry possibly up to battalion or even brigade strength, depending on intentions, ready to move at a moments notice. They would have full air support.

One should never underestimate any threat.

adrian said...

War on Iran this August?

The West will be on holiday. Minimal market upset, no time for the anti-war movement to organise. Why not?

What has Israel got to lose? The UN won't pass sanctions - China and Russia will see to that. Iran won't budge on its nuclear program - would you with hostile US forces surrounding your country?

The longer they leave it, the more time their enemies have to prepare...and the winter closes in...

Let us all hope that Irans response is proportionate, and the US stays out of this! Lets us hope this war can be contained...

Damian Lataan said...

Adrian, let's hope most of all that we're both wrong.

realisticbird said...


You are not so far off, a war is coming the question is when. The latest indirect talk by Sayed Hassan Nasra'Allah about putting the southern suburbs of Beirut against Tel aviv if it is bombed means something is in the horizon. I was listening to Lebanese political and strategic analysts they are warning people indirectly that something is going to happen.