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Monday, October 27, 2008


The world is hoping and even praying that nothing happens that will upset an Obama win in the upcoming US election. Yet today McCain is either indulging in some serious wishful thinking or he knows something that we don’t. According to some reports, he has told the world that, despite the polls telling us otherwise, he ‘guarantees a win in next week’s election’. He concedes that it’ll be close but, nonetheless, he thinks he’s going to get the job.

Reports are already coming in about voter fraud where there are computer voting systems in place for early voting. Even Fox News is reporting that most Americans are actually expecting widespread voter fraud to take place. With just over a week to go before the election – and remember; a week is a very long time in politics – the window of opportunity for the GOP and/or other ‘interested’ parties to avert an impending disaster for the Republicans is rapidly closing.

On the other side of the world in Israel, another election outcome that could equally determine the future of the Middle East is being observed with as much anticipation as the outcome of the US presidential elections.

Kadima chair, Tzipi Livni, has failed to bring together a coalition government and will now be taking Israel to the polls when it is widely expected that the ultra right-wing Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party in cohorts with other ultra right-wing nationalist and expansionist groups will win government. Already the settlers in the occupied territories sense victory as they confront Israeli authorities over the removal of illegal outposts since they know that with Netanyahu they have a friend who shares their expansionist dreams.

But the most terrifying aspect of a McCain win in the US and a Netanyahu win in Israel is the very much enhanced likelihood of a final confrontation with Iran and the fallout, literally and metaphorically, that such a confrontation will have for the Middle East and the world. Netanyahu has in the past hinted at a ‘nuclear strike on Iran’. And, of course, who can forget McCain’s policy of ‘Bomb, bomb, bombing Iran’.

The American people, not just for themselves but for the entire world, must ensure that McCain doesn’t become President. And with an Obama victory the world should then demand peace for everyone in the Middle East.

The alternatives are too shocking to even contemplate.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, we teeter on the edge of a precipice and fraud may well prove to be pivotal in the outcome.

It's enough to turn a person to drink!


Anonymous said...

McCain can finally finish that song up.
And Netanyahu never really left the bedroom. He's been playing with his toy, waiting for the weather to change.

Anonymous said...

It's probably worth noting that Obama made the same prediction last week when he stated, "We now have a clear path to victory."

Oh really?

What do you suppose he means by that? Perhaps he knows something that we do not?

I assure you voter fraud is committed on BOTH sides.

I think anyone who believes there will be any significant difference in the outcome of events in the world if Obama is in the White House instead of McCain is sadly mistaken.

They both work the for the same powers who hold the purse strings of their campaigns and both will do the bidding of their truly evil benefactors.

There will be war, one way or another - just the paths to it may be slightly different. One thing is certain - there will be no peace with Obama in office.

I wish we could vote no confidence on both McCain or Obama.

Damian Lataan said...

You may well be right Stacy; voter fraud might not be something that is exclusively Republican. However, the Republicans do seem to have a far greater propensity to cheat, judging by the results of the last two elections, than the Democrats. Furthermore, the current evidence is that computer ‘discrepancies’ seem to be exclusively favouring the Republicans whereas one would expect, in the case of genuine and purely random discrepancies, that the result of the discrepancies would be nearer 50/50.

I also agree with you that an Obama victory doesn’t necessarily guarantee a peaceful future for the world, but I’d rather take my chances with Obama than with McCain who we just know will bring the world simply more of the same with no hope whatsoever of peace. It’s just a matter of the better of two evils.

David, if only the world would turn to drink – too drunk to aim straight or too drunk to care about war!

Anonymous said...

GO ISRAEL!!!!!!!

Damian Lataan said...

Go Israel AND Palestine together - equally as one state!

Anonymous said...

Stacy's opinion of an Obama win is shared by James Petras who, in a recent article, cites 12 reasons to give Obama and McCain the flick and vote for Nader/McKinney.

If he wins it'll be the end of the traitorous Democrats who were voted in to stop the Iraq mock war and then endorsed further funding for it. The non-accountable and delightfully vague Paulson Bankster's bailout Plan would have fallen flat without the ringing endorsement of bought and paid for Democrats.

I'm eagerly awaiting an Israeli-inspired attack on Iran. The US military is almost as cowardly and incompetent as Israel's. The Iraqification of America would be a dream come true and can't happen soon enough, imo.