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Monday, October 06, 2008


Hitler’s ‘Thousand Year Reich began in 1933 when he became Chancellor of Germany and ended just twelve years later when he committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin surrounded by all of his enemies and with Germany all but totally in ruins in 1945.

So too the Neoconservative’s ‘New American Century’, which began when George W. Bush became President of the United States, seems set to end just as prematurely as their wars continue to be half-heartedly fought without any sign of victory whatsoever and talk of talks with their perceived enemies signalling the end of their dreams of a unipolar world dominated by ‘American Exceptionalism’ and a style of ‘democracy’ that nobody really seems to want – especially if all you end up with is a country like America is today.

As well as its military might having been ill-spent, so too has their treasure chest been ravaged by the tycoons of war machinery and the carpetbaggers that followed behind them. And, not being content merely with the greed of war, the banks of America also tore into the equity of the average American’s biggest and most important investment – his own home.

The end of the ‘New American Century’ nightmare cannot come soon enough for both the peoples of the world that have suffered through their wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia and elsewhere. And nor can it come soon enough for the peoples of the rest of world – and especially for the long-suffering people of America that have had so much blood and treasure stolen from them.

After just eight years the neocon’s dream of a ‘New American Century’ has been as big a failure as the dreams of the dictators of the last century. The quicker they disappear into the pages of the history books the better for the world.

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Anonymous said...

I thought that these people were capitalist? Open markets, small government, deregulation, low taxes, yada yada yaha. Well our government has shown its true face in the last week and that face is fascism. I believe that when government and corporations are in power without the consent of the electorate, then you have to call it what it is. The bailout was soundly defeated by the the sheer numbers of voters who called their representatives and ask then not to support it. Mussolini and Hitler would be proud. Maybe we're not rounding up dissident yet. Fascist governments do not let their markets or corporations(GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc) fail. Capitalist do, Socialist wouldn't maybe, Communist would own them out right. Government by decree. It's an emergency! The Patriot Act and the bailout. I wonder what's next?