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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Of course, it’s not so much about babies and pregnancies and who had whose child; it is, however, very much about hypocrisy and the ability of the Republican combination of John McCain and Sarah Palin to give the American people an honest accounting of themselves because if they can’t even do that, how are they going to be trusted to govern the US, the worlds most influential nation?

This business is likely to blow up in the Republicans faces. The chances of Sarah Palin surviving as the vice-presidential candidate until 4 November are very slim if there is any chance at all. The only way out for them is to provide the proper documentary evidence supporting their claims. It’s something they should have done the instant any question was raised. They didn’t. Why?

We’ll be hearing next that the emotional pressure for the seventeen year-old Bristol, Sarah Palin’s daughter who claims to be pregnant, has been too much to sustain and that she has suffered a ‘miscarriage’.

Are the American people really going to fall for this stuff? Is McCain really fit to be President if he makes these kind of judgements? And what on earth was his advisors thinking of when they let him go ahead with this nonsense?

The only people I feel sorry for here are the Palin’s kidz and the American people – all of whom have been duped and abused for long enough.


michael said...

M.Rivero has an interesting take on this Palin business. Paraphrasing him here, the powerful Republican base didn't like McCain's insistence of a Zionist in the form of Joe Lieberman being VP - which is bad enough, but there is also the likelihood bordering on certainty that well before 2012 McCain will be too incapacitated to continue, and of course Joe will be ready and able to do so.

It is this fear which maybe made the Republicans decide, and this is at the core of what M.Rivero is saying could be happening, that they present Palin as the compromise candidate, but who isn't that at all as the Republican heavies knew all about her baggage and approached her because of it, because when it finally becomes a sorry inexcusable mess of lies and contradictions it will so ruin McCain's chances that he also will have to withdraw for having revealed a profound lack of judgement.

That will be the Republican heavies revenge on McCain for having been so intransigent about insisting on a VP that suited him w/out reference to the Republican base. They knew that against Obama/Biden a McCain/Lieberman duo had little or no chance anyway, so they might as well get rid of McCain in a manufactured scandal involving the sugar coated poison pill of a seriously flawed candidate for VP like Palin.

That will mean a yawning void to be filled by - whom ? Who can the Republican heavies be thinking of for this coming clean slate who could stand a serious chance against a now known Democrat duo ?

Of all the possible candidates whom we have seen these last 18months to now fill this emerging void, only Ron Paul would have a chance, so why not before ? Too murky for me at this point.

Or is it simply a case of any regular Republican but McCain so late in the season ?

Damian Lataan said...

How’s this for a long shot? The void gets filled, not by Ron Paul but by Dick Cheney. Election? Maybe, maybe not! He's been very, very quiet lately. Too quiet for my liking.
Just a thought.

Damian Lataan said...

Interesting days ahead.

petkov said...

Yes, I TOTALLY agree, it's not about babies and whose baby it is, but about hypocrisies and lies. The Republicans have ALWAYS presented themselves as the party of conservatives with strong family values inlcuding no sex before marriage, abstinence from sex and all that jazz. Yes now a 17 yo is not married and pregnant! This means she began having sex at 16 and maybe even younger. Of course this ruins all their fake talk about family values.
Actually you are wrong this time. She will survive. There is no question about it. Yes the American people will fall for it hook line and sinker. They fell for Reagan twice, didn't they? Especially the undecided blue color voted for Reagan in overwhelming numbers. He was the perfect empty suit with the perfect haircut. So is she. She is "family values" to the hilt plus she is a woman! Perfect~! The conservative Christians have already began endorsing her. Sorry, but this time you fail.

Anonymous said...

With the advantage of some hindsight this Thursday (Sept. 4) morning, I'd like to add my thoughts.

Palin's speech last night silenced the doubters in the GOP fold. Theocrats are quick to forgive their own.

Sarah Palin is a powerful new voice that is not going away anytime soon, she is no Dan Quayle and she'll be no Thomas Eagleton.

Many of us had hoped that Mrs. Palin would put her family's privacy first and withdraw.

Many hoped that she would put country first and withdraw, realizing that her family's saga was a needless distraction.

But no, this articulate and savvy politician has put her career first, just like the professional male politicians have always done.

The Palin Family Saga is reminiscent of those dysfunctional families that we saw on the old Jerry Springer shows.

Here are the volatile ingredients: a telegenic (and rapidly growing) family, Pentecostal values and religious beliefs, premarital sex, an upcoming shotgun wedding, a bitter custody battle, an abuse of power investigation, an old DUI conviction, and secessionist political views.

All that plus the usual God, Guns and Gays.

The redneck theocrats are seizing power!

I may have to seek asylum in Australia.