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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Sarah Palin once told an audience in Alaska that the invasion and destruction of Iraq was a “task from God”. This is the same Sarah Palin that is now the vice-presidential candidate for the Republican Party who could conceivably one day be the President of the United States and, therefore, become the most influential and most powerful person on the planet. And she thinks that the invasion and destruction of Iraq was a “task from God”!?

One has to wonder how she perceives the issues that the US has with Iran and with Russia. Will the destruction of these two nations also be seen as “tasks from God”? And how will a US under President Sarah Palin deal with the Palestinians and the Lebanese and the Syrians or, indeed, any other nation that has a majority of their peoples of a religion that she detests as much as she adores her own religion?

The present President is currently the most despised man on the planet. His approval ratings have been, and still are, among the very lowest of any US President. His lies and wars have cost the American people greatly in both blood and treasure. But, despite all this, here we are at the dawn of a new era that may begin with the election of a new President but with the polls and mainstream media telling us the opposite of what might be expected regarding the outcome of this upcoming election.

There is something terribly wrong here. How can the American people, fully aware now of much the crimes and lies of this Republican Presidency has cost them, go to the polls and vote for exactly the same kind of people into government all over again?

Are you really going to vote for John “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” McCain and Sarah “Task from God” Palin?

The world is relying on the American people to rid us of these lunatics from power once and for all.


Anonymous said...

The American people voted for the lunatic Bush twice and I have no doubt the American people to again have the ability to vote for the lunatic McCain.The last 8 years Bush was the puppet, but Cheney was not. This time BOTH McCain and Palin are puppets. I really hope though that the American people have acquired some intellect over the last 8 years, for theirs sakes and for ours.

petkov said...

The American people voted for a drooling moron before: Reagan. Twice. So never ever overestimate the intelligence of American people. May God be He Yehova or Allah or even Jesus have mercy on the world! IF we think Bush is bad wait untill that McNutso gets into the White House. We aint't seen bad times yet. I am truly scared. WWIII is coming and soon.

Anonymous said...

People get the government they deserve!

Given that over 90% of Americans believe in God or some Higher Power (Big Business), it's no wonder that evangelical crazies and capitalists run the show.

What is fear? Checkout the survey on my blog.