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Monday, September 29, 2008


You have to hand it to the extreme right-wing Murdoch bloggers – they’ll swear black is white regardless of the evidence presented to them saying the opposite. (They still think Saddam and Osama bin Laden did the 9/11 job between them.) Take ‘The Australian’ newspapers ultra right-wing commentator known, for obvious reasons to those familiar with her commentary, as ‘SS-Rantenfuehrer’ Janet Albrechtsen. She reckons the ‘Young messiah did not trounce the old guy’ because the ’old guy’ was the tough guy who was strong on victory in Iraq at any cost, strong on continuing to alienate Iran by not offering talks, and strong on Pakistan and Russia as potential world troublemakers. In other words, strong on all of the warmongering garbage that most Americans are now heartily fed up with.

Meanwhile, over at Murdoch’s other right-wing rag, the Sydney ‘Daily Telegraph’, Tim Blair and his band of right-wing loony bloggies think that McCain won because Obama couldn’t remember the name of the mother who had given him a bracelet in memory of her son killed in Iraq. (Never mind that Obama was actually wearing the one that he’d been given while McCain had left his somewhere else.) It was, perhaps, a rather embarrassing ‘me too’ moment for Obama but is the future of the planet really going to revolve around bracelets and remembering who gave it to them?

Interestingly, the vast majority of polls say that he ‘young messiah did indeed trounce the old guy’ so from where these right-wingers get the idea that McCain somehow won the debate is anybody’s guess. Wishful thinking more likely.

As I said, these right-wingers will swear black is white in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. How do they keep their jobs? Of course! They work for Murdoch!


Anonymous said...

Hi damian,
just wodered if youo caught the hoo haaa about teh Canadian PM giving the identical speech as John Howard in March 2003?

the Speech writer has been blamed for 'lifting" the speech. harper's speech writer(Owen Lippert) is closely linked to AEI.
"...Speaking in parliament on March 20, 2003, Harper, then in opposition, delivered an almost "verbatim copy" of a speech by Australia's John Howard two days earlier, the Liberals said.
"How does a leader in Canada's parliament, on such a crucial issue, end up giving almost the exact same speech as any another country's leader, let alone a leader who was a key member of George W. Bush's coalition of the willing?" said Rae.
..." How indeed? Lockstep ?
h ttp://

How4ever people seem a little coy about just who exactly wrote the Speech of Howard's,

"...“.I rang John Howard's office to ask who wrote his speeches. I was told that nobody wrote for him: "He talks to his advisers to gather facts, but he either speaks without a script or writes his speeches himself."
Howard's speech to Parliament last month on the need for action against Iraq was clearly scripted. It contained some traces of argument: "I pose the simple question: what hope does the world have of dealing peacefully and effectively with North Korea if the Security Council is seen to deal weakly with Iraq?" There were bits of vernacular: "Iraq has form." There were arid metaphors: "Iraq has all the hallmarks of a nation which is hiding something." There were no rhetorical flourishes..”...."
ht tp://
the person at the time who was in that official capacity was Christopher pearson, rapidly appointed to the SBS board that year.Gerard Henderson wrote a most enlightening article about Pearson that is gobsmacking when one considers for whom he wrote tp://
I just wonder if Pearson actually eve wrote teh speech. Perhspa some one could ask him.

Is this , perhaps, the smoking gun of conspiracy that links the lockstep Neocon controlled regimes that went to war?

Dont forget the Kenyan/Ehtipian woman who wrangled a position in the Dutch parliament on lies and then had deportion due to her pretneding to be a refugee after all her lies about Islam and inspiring the hate movie that resulted in a hate killing of the director....guess what, after leaving that Neocon aligned regime that also invaded iraq, she now works for ....AEI.

Tentacles or just coincidence?

the Iraq war needs proper investigation as there is no doubt it was a deception to wage war and ence a warcrime and conspiracy.

the continued similar anti terrorism /privacy/freedom legislation and direction of the governments involved suggests a deep problem and perhaps a co-ordinated event.

Anonymous said...

In Obama's own home town, the Chicago Tribune newspaper gave it to McCain as well.