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Monday, June 09, 2008


If those of us who seek the truth of history are known as ‘truthers’ by those on the extreme right who are unwilling to accept discussion about what the truth actually may be, what does that make them?

Well, for the most part, many of them have simply proved to be the opposite – and that, of course, is ‘liars’.

To be a ‘truther’ is a label I’m quite happy and, indeed, proud to wear despite the right-wings attempts to morph the term into having some kind of derogatory meaning. Those on the right-wing that are simple-minded enough to believe that the term ‘truther’ is something demeaning are merely only managing to demonstrate how absurd their misuse of the word is and how stupid they actually are; the only people they impress by using the term is their own kind .

Australian journalist, Tim Blair who writes for Rupert Murdoch’s (why isn’t that a surprise) Sydney ‘Daily Telegraph’, is a classic example of a right-wing warmonger and believer of government fairy stories who thinks that the truth is something that should never be sought especially when it comes to question marks that hang over the big events and affairs of our times. Included among these naturally is, for example, the extent of ‘al Qaeda’ influence on those that defend themselves against US and Israeli invasions and occupations of lands that don’t belong to them, or questions regarding the events of 9/11.

Tim Blair is more than happy to utilise well known and proven actual liars like Dylan Kissane and fraudsters like Eliot Ramsey at his blog at the ‘Daily Telegraph’ and his own previous blog in order to try and belittle those of us that seek the truth. He has a whole gaggle of them that regularly post comments there, mainly to just each other, competing to come up with the best insult or latest joke about ‘truthers’ and assorted ‘lefties’. One wonders if Blair realises that his main audience is just those right-wing lunatics that gather at his blog and very little of anyone else. And is he aware that the only people that are being made fools of are themselves and him on the odd occasion that someone other than a right-wing loon visits his Islamophobic warmongering anti left blog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fair comment Damien.
I've encountered Kissane in the past and I agree with your sentiments regarding the insults he fires off.

If you actually read his work though, he's not really much at all.
An American apologist and very limited both in logic and imagination.
Known more for tendentiousness and
substituting insult for reasoning.
Your assessment have much going for it mate.