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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


The annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference got under way yesterday and wasted no time in kicking off the proceedings with Republican presidential candidate John ‘Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran’ McCain launching into a hate tirade against Iran by accusing his likely presidential election opponent, Barack Obama, of having ‘policies toward Iraq and Iran [that] would create chaos and endanger the United States and Israel’. It’ll be interesting to see how Obama responds to McCain’s accusations when he gets to address AIPAC. Hillary Clinton too is down to address the conference and, if by the time she appears she has decided that she’s still in the running, it’ll be interesting to see what she has to say as well. If, on the other hand, Hillary has decided to withdraw from the Democrat race, it will be just as interesting to see how closely whatever remarks she makes to the conference fall in line with Obama’s. Either way, it’s going to be interesting.

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is scheduled to address the conference. He will, no doubt, be telling them and the world how evil the Iranians are for developing nuclear power and how underhanded they are being because they may be pursuing nuclear weapons. And the audience, of course, will be totally oblivious to the superb irony of an underhandedly nuclear armed Israel telling the world that Iran is secretly developing nuclear weapons.

Well, why not? The world fell for it last time when they accused that other thorn in the side of Israeli aspirations for a Greater Israel, Iraq, of secretly developing nuclear weapons long after they’d actually given the idea away. Surely, they believe, the world will fall for it again. And, while they’re at it, they will more than likely accuse Syria of the same thing in the hope that two birds might be killed with the same stone if they could just get America to do the job for them.

And while the US is dealing with Iran, it would leave Israel free to deal with Hamas in the Gaza and Hezbollah in south Lebanon.

There’s a lot riding on this years AIPAC conference what with it being the last one to be held during the Bush administration and, therefore, the last opportunity the American Israel Lobby has to effectively call for America to attack Iran. They know that a US under an Obama administration will not be likely to attack Iran. For this reason, the ‘Hate Iran Week’ will be the most intense yet.


Anonymous said...

With the US governments own finger prints on the 911 revolver, the majority of the worlds people now see America as enemy number 1.
Not only because Americans prove they are so easily taken-in by the powers that be, as well as accept the corruption as part of the American way. But fear death so much they would rather kill-off innocent people around the world to try and give themselves peace of mind.

Fuck you , America. You are the devils details.

Anonymous said...

It seesm Internal Security Minister Avi Dicter has just cancelled his visit tour to Australia . he is Ex Shin Bet before politics.

it seems a lot is about to happen in Israel.

or is that, around and by Israel?

Anonymous said...

How come the "annual" AIPAC conference seems to roll around
about every 3-4 months (must be
the Hebrew calender). Always the
same media shills and suck ass
politicos pushing their poison.
In a better world, we'd all just
ignore it. Wish we lived in that
better world. Peace and love, Rob

Damian Lataan said...

Don't close your eyes and wish it Rob - work on it.

Annie, I think the question of Olmerts leadership is now more intense and the possibility of an election in Israel is drawing closer more rapidly than orginally thought. Olmert will do all he can to cling to power while the rest of Kadima will do anything to get rid of him but avoid an election.
Either way, it does not bode well for the Palestinians,

Anonymous said...

To be followed next month by John HATEe's annual "Bark at the Moon for Israel" conference in DC, sponsored by those out of control loonies, the Christians United for Israel.

CUFI's, after drinking from the Kool-Aid batch manufactured by HATEe, will then descend upon Senators and Representatives to badger, cajole, intimidate and threaten Congress to be Israel's bitch or else.

HATEe has pulled off an amazing trick: He has managed to seduce his flock of sheeple into worshipping a false idol, Israel, instead of their Christian gawd.

Can't quite remember my bible teaching that well, but do seem to remember that worshipping idols is a BIG no-no.

Anonymous said...

Israel is needs to be exposed to the world for what it is, an evil and sadistic empire with the US as its puppet. How can this be done when the mighty and powerful are all pro jewish/zionist/israeli?

May Iran succeed! Bye bye israel!

Anonymous said...

Listen here John, you're too bloody old, you're too damn tired, so just shut-up and go away will you?
If you truly want a fight before you die, come to Australia, I'll take you on with one hand behind my back...and I'm 60.
You dumb and dumber politicians and ex-military people really piss me off mouthing off about subjects of which you know nothing!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above says he hopes Iran will "succeed" and "Bye Bye Israel".

Is this the humanity we wish for? The better world?

Genocidal wishes to wipe out an entire people?

Does this include a million little Israeli kids as well?

Would you personally do it with a knife, or just let somebody else do it with a nuke?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above said, "Does this include a million little Israeli kids as well?"

You had no problem when the Brits and Americans did it to German kids in Dresden 1945. In fact you'd probably reply with the standard well worn answer, They deserved it."

Anonymous said...

Genocidal Anonymous, above, said said:

"You had no problem when the Brits and Americans did it to German kids in Dresden 1945. In fact you'd probably reply with the standard well worn answer, They deserved it."

How bizarre. I said no such thing.

But YOU advocated such happening to Israeli kids.

And then when challenged, never denied it.

I tell you what. Here's a good proposal.

Take a look at this:
(copy and paste link into new window)

If you can PERSONALLY say you'd be 'brave' enough to take a knife to that, I'll actually BELIEVE that you want a nuke dropped on them all instead.