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Friday, December 28, 2007


Whenever turmoil is created in our world, such as assassination and bombing, and the neocons rush to point the finger of blame at ‘al Qaeda’ or some other associated ‘terror’ organisation, one can be reasonably sure that what the world has witnessed is yet another false flag operation perpetrated by a group or groups that have some ulterior, political, or even pecuniary motive or motives for creating such turmoil. And such is the case with the assassination yesterday of Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto.

Pakistani politics has always been volatile and every election is guaranteed to bring about the deaths of scores of people from political violence during election campaigns. Political assassinations also have always been a part of political life, not just in Pakistan but across the entire sub-continent, ever since the end of British rule. In the past, such political violence has always been home-grown and committed by domestic political players for purely domestic political reasons. However, the death of Benazir Bhutto has repercussions and consequences that extend far beyond Pakistani domestic politics and it is for this reason that one should be sceptical about who the finger of blame is being pointed at. More importantly, one should also look at the political gain that those who are doing the finger pointing could expect to receive as a result of making such accusations.

When blame is apportioned in the mainstream western media there is a tendency for it to stick. For many, that same mainstream western media is all they have to rely on to provide them with their information about events in the world, so when journalists and commentators write their ‘news’ and vent their opinions in the mainstream media it becomes difficult to refute or argue with and any attempts by those that have other ideas about what may really have happened are usually dismissed as conspiracy theorists. In order to ensure that the right ‘message’ gets across, therefore, it is imperative that when events – like the assassination of Benazir Bhutto – happens that the finger of blame gets pointed as quickly as possible and that such blame is made well-known via as much of the mainstream media as possible before any other options could be placed into the collective world mind.

The question then is; who indeed did murder Benazir Bhutto? In the absence of any direct evidence from any quarter, one can only start by asking who had the most to gain by her murder. According to President Bush the “cowardly” attack was carried out by “…by murderous extremists who are trying to undermine Pakistan’s democracy”. The first thing one feels compelled to ask is; what democracy? Pakistan is governed by a dictatorship headed by President Musharraf who came to power via a coup and has been supported by the US ever since 9/11. Elections that bore some semblance to ‘democracy’ and were likely to see the demise Musharraf as President are scheduled for 8 January 2008. These are now in doubt, so Musharraf, it would seem, would have much to gain from Benazir Bhutto’s murder. But what would ‘al Qaeda’ have to gain from her death? To be sure, to most fighters who are defending fundamentalist Islam from the onslaught of the West, she was just another western-inspired and educated politician intent on power in Pakistan but she was no more a threat to ‘al Qaeda’ than any other politician in Pakistan looking for power. They certainly would have no reason to kill her – at least not just yet – though no doubt they would be quite happy about the fact that she is gone.

For the US and her allies, particularly Israel, it is essential that Musharraf retains power. Both the US and Israel are very sensitive to the fact that Pakistan does have nuclear arms and that it is a predominately Muslim nation and that there is a large element of Islamic fundamentalists within the nations political ranks who it would be reasonable to assume have a very strong chance of gaining or seizing power in Pakistan and who would have the Taliban of Afghanistan and north-west Pakistan as an ally rather than as an enemy as they are now of Musharraf. Power passing to Benazir Bhutto via an election would have been much easier to seize by Islamic fundamentalists than from Musharraf if that is their intention – another reason why it would not be in their interests to assassinate her.

In early November of 2007, shortly after the earlier unsuccessful attempt on Benazir Bhutto’s life, British current affairs presenter David Frost interviewed her. She told Frost that she had suspicions that members of the Pakistan security services were behind the assassination attempt and had even written a letter to President Musharraf explaining her suspicions. In the same interview Benazir Bhutto also told Frost in a very matter of fact way that Osama bin Laden had been murdered by the same forces that wanted her dead; a man she named as none other than Omar Sheikh, the man convicted of the murder of American Daniel Pearl! It may well be that she was killed simply because she knew too much but much more likely because she was a threat to the current western international status quo who saw her gaining power as a massive risk that the US and their allies could not afford to take; though, most likely, she was killed for all of the these reasons.

Musharraf is the devil the US and the Israelis know. Benazir Bhutto has had power before and lost it; she was popular but she was not strong. Pakistani political power, as far as the US and the Israelis are concerned, should remain in the hands of the devil they have already paid for. The death of Benazir Bhutto may well ensure that power stays with Musharraf and pointing the finger of blame for her death at ‘al Qaeda’ merely strengthens the perception in the West for there to be a strong Pakistani leader and further demonises ‘al Qaeda’ generally into the bargain thus perpetuating the myth of its continued existence.


And, of course, right on cue, ‘al Qaeda’ has ‘confessed’.


Anonymous said...

As a false flag this one doesn't add up unless they decided there was no way to get her to be prime minister and instead she was more useful to catapult the other opposition to Musharaff into power.
There could be legs to the theory that they financed both parties with the prior intention of assasinating whoever was lagging in the polls to ensure the other would win- sort of an "anyone but musharaff" scenario end game...

I think it is more likely the dumb cowboys at the CIA thought they could jam a woman into muslim power and disintegrate islam in pakistan through that lightning rod.
And as usual- the CIA got the fucking shock of their life when blowback occured.

Anonymous said...

alqaeda killed my dog.alqaeda stole my car.alqaeda my arse,have a look people,she was dead the moment she got off the plane,and i would bet my last dollar a million to one it had nothing to do with alqaeda.

Anonymous said...

the first people they blamed after 911 was alqaeda,the bloke in the cave is having a big day out,thats assuming the bloke in the cave is still alive which i seriously doubt there is to much evidence suggesting otherwise,but hey lets just accuse the bloke in the cave and every body will wear it.i don't think so my friends.something big is afoot.

Anonymous said...

this thing has got false flag written all over it,i like to watch the comedy hour(news),last night i saw karzai and mushuraff all cosey and smiling this morning bhutto is dead and 2 days ago the us is sending troops to pakistan,how convienient is that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she knew too much?

Check out what she says around 6.12 in this Al Jazeera interview

Anonymous said...

Nov 2 2007 interview with D.Frost B.Bhutto said "Omar Sheikh murdered OBL". He is also credited with the murder of Daniel Pearl. Is the trail coming too close to the CIA and ISI involvement? Musharaff is not the big player here, he only maintains the Neocons wishes. The wheels may very well be fallinf off the wagon. For the Benazir Bhutto statement see Youtube Frost Over the World Nov. 2 2007 at the 6:12 mark.

Damian Lataan said...

Thanks for that Sullivan and Ricochet, I had caught up with this but only after I'd written the piece; but I've now included it in.

Anonymous said...

The fingerprints of the dirty Zionist kikes are all over this one.

The CIA or other American intelligence organizations were at the very least aware of the impending assassination, if not complicit in its execution, as is evidenced by this seemingly nonsensical shift in American military presence announced the day BEFORE Bhutto was assassinated:

A massive increase in American military "support" to a seemingly quiescent Pakistan, announced a mere day before Pakistan was plunged into utter turmoil?

How very convenient.

My money says that the Zionists planned and executed this attack, with Musharraf's blessing. The CIA and other Neocon/Zionist puppets were well aware of the plot, and thus were able to fabricate evidence implicating "Al-Qaeda" in such a remarkably short period of time.

If this is the way the kikes have been behaving for the past 4000 years, is it any wonder that they have been persecuted in and/or expelled from every nation on the planet at various points throughout history?

We must destroy Israel before Israeli destroys US!

-Vinnie Faggio

Anonymous said...

The very LAST thing the Neocons want is true DEMOCRACY. The West has made Hugo Chavez out to be a Dictator (patently untrue) and Hamas to be a "terrorist organization" even though they were both (Chavez and Hamas) democratically elected representatives of their respective governments. It is obvious to me. and I am sure many others who have studied the Neocons, that this assasination was pure and simple "execution" JFK style. I hate to say it, but Ron Paul is probably next. They, however, will unleash HELL IN AMERICA when and if that does occur. And I don't care if the assassin blows herself up after the event. There are way too may of us "awake" now for that to go unnoticed. We know who the "terrorists" are.

They are US.

And we know it and they are damned.

Anonymous said...

Great comments! Just a couple observations. First, any line of reasoning that mentions "Al Qaeda" is either naive, or coming from a Zionist schill...cuz "Al Qaeda" don't exist!

Second, does anybody remember back about 9 months ago, all the reports about this woman showing up at cocktail parties among the elites of Europe and the US? The story was that she was being "courted" by western intelligence agencies to possibly resume power in Pakistan. Next thing we know, they are airlifting her in there...

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking maybe another element has stirred this witches cauldron here, for it served US interests to get her into power as she would have allowed NATO ingress into Pakistan and also US bases to be built, on the other hand, why would Musharref create a dangerous martyr on his hands?

This wasn't some "rag-head" plastique vest amateur operation, this was a highly trained gunman, effective at gaining entry into his designated target zone who remotely detonated the bomb.

The only other faction I can think of that has the "Do or Die" type fanaticism as the suicide bombers is the Mossadi and Israel could stir that cauldron whichever way it wanted, Iran did it, Hezbollah did it, AQ did it... and where was Pakistan's nukes going to be stored?

I read a story that some would be moved to Dimona, now imagine that Israel gets a free handout of long range nukes.

Don't take a genius...

Anonymous said...

ButtHole was about as dirty as a politician gets. She was exciled because she stole a billion bucks from Pakistan through corruption.

Her cousin, Fatima, a young Pakistani Poet blames Butthole for killing her uncle, Buttholes father.

The problem with the vanity of power is the the one inflicted with it tends to be think they are indestructible (the only way they can live with themselves) or god's gift to this or that. She should have know she was was being used - but was probably so busy thinking about how she was going to spend that billion she stole after she had her father smushed, she forgot the old adage: What goes around comes around.

Again, truth be known, very few Pakistanis, except the ones bought by the CIA and Mossad had no interest in her. Buttholes job was to give Pakistan to her colonialist pimps. She was never a contender. Pakistanis are smart - they would never have voted for her. Right now Kieth O-Be-One Berman is talking to another Jewish MSNBC Terror Analyst about the despair.

Butthole was nothing more than a future postmortem election poster for US neo liberal fascist presidential pud knockers. She did in death for them what her inability to get elected would not have done: She gave the US Imperium gestapho cover from the treason they've committed in the US.

I am sick of this BS.

Truth be known, Butthole was a sacrificial Lamb - she was set up by the US and Mossad and MI6. If you check the news from the day before you will note that the US was already preparing to export state terrorism in the guise of US special forces.

What goes around comes around - and now instead of information - the media gets a chance to shill more fascism and bad mouth Ron Paul.

It makes me sick.

Damian Lataan said...

I guess there are a lot of pros and cons regarding who murdered Benazir Bhutto and why. One needs to cut through the propaganda and rhetoric and consider only the geopolitical realities in order to get anywhere near close to discovering the truth.

My methodology in cases like this where there is no known actual hard evidence that would positively identify a culprit and motive for such crimes is to simply prepare a ‘profit and loss’ sheet which documents all the known elements and circumstantial evidence that surrounds the event. One ignores all the subjective and emotive elements such as ‘the West would never do a thing like that’ and other such nonsense that infers that any Western ‘democratic’ nation would be too virtuous to commit such a crime because it flies in the face of all that western democratic values are supposed to represent. Commentators here have put forward a number of ideas and I should imagine that many of those commentators, including myself, would concede that there is a certain polemic bias in those comments just by virtue of the nature of this blog. Nonetheless, even taking all this into account when considering this particular event, the inescapable conclusion is that, despite the immediate risk to Musharraf’s grip on power, he is the one that, on balance, will ultimately benefit most from Benazir Bhutto’s death. Ipso facto, so too do the US and Israel.

It’s that simple.

Anonymous said...

Damien, I disagree that Musharref will benefit in the long run as Bhutto will be martyred by the PR gang and it is perfectly feasible that Bhutto's death will in the long run be Musharref's downfall.

Certainly looking at the reaction this day, she was populist and this will further divide the nation, a classic trend of UK, US and Israeli strategies but we could also be not thinking of the outside contender, who would also lose much if Bhutto won power and that is Russia, slim chance maybe but if the NATO and US bases were to consolidate in Pakistan it adds more strategic pressure against Russia, a thought only but something that needed to be said...

When it comes to discussion on the US aspect of this, I am minded again that there are two factions acting here in the US, the one loyal to Cheney and Bush and the one that works for the people, its not inconceivable that the US proper were supporting her and the Bush/Cheney faction using their own loyal people in the agencies etc pulled the plug on her, certainly with the intention of dissolving the country into strife which serves their purpose but also to increase their grip on Musharref who is somewhat viewed as a bit of a dud by the US proper.

I am glad others remember that this woman was one of the most corrupt people vying even with some of the westerners on the level of corruption and sleaze but the martyrdom has already begun, I have seen very little out there in the media covering her past indiscretions.

Anonymous said...


A little history, may help clarify the matter. Consider the following quote take from an article written by Israel's first Prime Minister,
David Ben Gurion (Jewish Chronicle of 9 August 1967)

.................."The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. This lover of the Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan. "Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work therefrom against Pakistan. "It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, BY ALL DISGUISED AND SECRET PLANS....................

Israel does not want any Muslim country to have Nuclear Weapons. All the talk was about Iran was subterfuge. The target has been and will be Pakistan.

Lets take inventory:

Rafik Hariri
Benazir Bhutto

How to define a Patsy...see Lee Harvey Oswald
How to define a Patsy...........see Yigal Amir
How to define a Patsy...........see "the Islamist"

Anonymous said...

Why not ask whether those in in positions of unaccountable and unelectable power, who hung her father at a whim in 1979, have had their power diminished over the last 28yrs ?

I haven't read that they have.

What may well have happened is that there has been an intergenerational transfer of that power with the unchanged agenda of keeping democracy at bay which may be why the charges of corruption in the 80s and 90s were the stick they needed to oust Benazir Bhutto from the Prime Ministership of those times.

Such people who can hang an innocent man, as her father was, can't at all care about corruption, but suddenly do when a family with dynastic ambitions from the periphery comes along to challenge their otherwise uncontestable power by means of the popular vote.

So i don't think it's Mossad/CIA or Pres Musharraf who did this as the turmoil resulting cannot achieve any stated or unstated goal with any reasonable certainty.

It's inconceivable to me that getting hold of those nukes will now be made any easier, nor also could Pres Musharraf have thought that he will have an easier time of it than before. After all, what could be a more gracious move to retirement than having a transitional period as civilian head of state and not being hated by too many people.

But now, suddenly, there are a great many there who mistakenly believe that he had something to do with it and hate him with ferocity, and i'm sure he didn't want that for the rest of his days, including in retirement, and would have thought that through in advance.

Anonymous said...

I watched the reporting of the assassination on my TV, all day yesterday. And I could easily tell by the way the American news covered the tragic event, that if those American's who are still getting their main news from FOX / CNN / CNBC sources,
it's no wonder they aren't getting anything but lies. Nor ever will get information close to the whole truth.

There is no other conclusion that one could reach other than American TV networks are nothing but a tool to confuse viewers with disingenuous reporting. So I suggest America, if you want to survive your satanic Governments barrage of propaganda that grows more hostile to honest reporting every minute, you must decide now whether or not you will let the networks know your not swallowing the BS any longer.

Eric Margolis appeared on a few Canadian stations and gave his 2 cents and let Canucks know that America's government is only fooling itself and those who refuse to listen for the truth or haven't seen both sides of the coin. He let Canadians know that the truth can still be found on our news stations.

"Ahh, I'll change the question a little bit, the war, the so-called war on terror is primarily efforts by violent groups in the Muslim world, to overthrow the Western supported dictatorships that rule them, the West is only a secondary target, it's primarily driven by Islam, it's driven by anger at these dispodic Governments. And we're making a mistake when we qualify it as a war on terror that we need to torture people and set up little devil's Islands in Guantanamo and support odious Governments to fighting."

Eric went on to talk over the mess America's government creates (on purpose) short term tactical, {What Cheney likes to call, "theater wars"} conflicts all over the world and not just the Middle-East. Long term wars end up back-firing unless they America's government can sow the seeds of revolution and keep installing and supporting nasty dictators one after the other in strategic locations.

S.O.B.'s that you can call your own and have to back them up with profit making infighting and ground invasions.

Eric also mentioned the corruption within the Bhutto family and that America seems to pick and craftily choose individuals who are more greedy than supportive of the nation's people that America's corporate elite continue to exploit, thanks to an ignorant America.

Anonymous said...

The US has difficulty nuking Iran after the publication of the NIE intelligence report that confirms IAEA's findings that Iran does not pursue production of nuclear weapons.

Israel would love to nuke Iran, but it does not want to pay the price in terms of lives and maybe even international political standing. Israel would love to destroy Pakistan as well, but it has to be realistic that it cannot have all its wishes fulfilled at the same time, it might overwhelm even the US.

Under the circumstances what would be better than to throw Pakistan into a turmoil under cover of which "Pakistani" nuclear weapons would be used to set off the attack on Iran?

Anonymous said...

Trying to find answers to the
murder of benazir, I find :
until benazir comes along and wants
to join the political arena in
pakistan, ALL countries surround-
ing IRAN are eighter occupied by
US , or are reliable partners.
Iraq, occupied, afghanistan, occupied, turmenistan US ally,
pakistan US ally..
the new situation with benazir
and musharraf power sharing.. would
have put the iran operation at risk.
we all know the strategy of isolating the target before the kill. as we have US troops moved
to pakistan, that does only confirm this theory.
paul eisenhut , australia

Anonymous said...

I thought there was respect and moderator censorship here.

If the writer above can continue to say "butthole" - can the rest of us now begin to put in the F*** word?

Anonymous said...

CIA Director George Tenet is told of the first WTC crash while he is eating breakfast with his mentor, former Senator David Boren (D), at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, DC. They are interrupted when CIA bodyguards converge on the table to hand Tenet a cell phone. Tenet is told that the WTC has been attacked by an airplane. Boren later says, “I was struck by the fact that [the messenger] used the word ‘attacked.’” Tenet then hands the cell phone back to an aide and says to Boren, “You know, this has bin Laden’s fingerprints all over it.” “‘He was very collected,’ Boren recalls. ‘He said he would be at the CIA in 15 minutes, what people he needed in the room and what he needed to talk about.’” [USA TODAY, 9/24/2001; ABC NEWS, 9/14/2002] According to other accounts, Tenet responds to the caller, “They steered the plane directly into the building?” Tenet then says to Boren, “That looks like bin Laden.” Tenet muses aloud, “I wonder if this has something to do with the guy [Zacarias Moussaoui] who trained for a pilot’s license.” (Moussaoui had been arrested several weeks earlier.) [ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS, 5/29/2002; STERN, 8/13/2003]

Cooperative Research

Up till the morning of 9/11, the CIA seemed to be clueless about what was going to transpire that day.
Yet, within minutes of the attack on the WTC, the CIA head is already blaming Bin Laden.

Must be nice to have a patsy ready to explain away whatever happened.

They used to scare us with tales of the "Communist Boogeyman." Since the wall fell and the USSR collapsed, Bin Laden, and "aL-Qaeda" have been rushed in to fill that void.


Driver said...

Al Qaeda ate my homework.

Al Qaeda touched my peepee.

That's how ridiculous these accusations are. That's how they should be rephrased.

Al Qaeda rotted my teeth.

Al Qaeda ran off with my wife.

Larry Silverstein said...

Give it a while but in no time at-all 9/11 tr00fers/Ron Paul retards & anti-semites will be along to blame Jews and Israel for it.

Anonymous said...

"Give it a while but in no time at-all 9/11 tr00fers/Ron Paul retards & anti-semites will be along to blame Jews and Israel for it."

Megaphone member are we?

As it happens my kids are jews, my wife is a jew and I think that there is a fair possibility it could of been Israel at work here...

And whats Ron Paul got to do with it or are you Zionists annoyed as he can't be bought? No bought politicians equals bye-bye US support for Israel...

Now imagine if Ron Paul did win, imagine also if Ron Paul used signing statements like Bush did, yet used them to remove the how many billions of dollars of aid, outlawing the kickbacks, bribes and bungs that are so popular in Congress and the civil service... Sweating now Israel?

Now what if Ron pulled the troops out of the middle east, closed the bases down, stopped the weapons sales as well... Ooh we can smell your fear Israel.

Ron Paul is GOOD for America but he is an utter nightmare for Israel, in fact he is probably the worst nightmare Israel can have right this point of time... no more big American stick to beat the Arabs with, no more free rides and handouts, no more squaring off against Iran on your behalf, no more American soldiers doing your dying for you...

Anonymous said...

The CIA hope the death of Bhutto will lead to the fall of Musharraf.

Anonymous said...

You guys are complete idiots - what would you do if you did not have Isreal and America to blame for you woes? Accept that your countries are backwards and that your religion has been hijacked by uneducated extremists. And you are scared to confront them! Clean up your own trash and other countries won't have to do it for you.
In the west we throw our religious nuts in jail.

Anonymous said...

"In the west we throw our religious nuts in jail."

Yes of course you do, I thought you gave them the nuclear triggers instead like Bush and Blair, two prime cases of complete religious fruitcakes who if anyone else had said "Hey, God says things to me everyday and tells me to do things..." they would end up in the small room with the rubber wallpaper.

America's twiligt is up and running, it is now not a matter of "if" but "when" America will be forced out of the prime spot, the dollar will collapse in the end, oil will begin to trade in Euro's, Yuan and Ruble, the American dominance of the planet is over.

The only thing that can save the US from complete bankruptcy and fatal recession is Ron Paul, he knows that now is the last chance the US has to pull itself within its borders, start to re-invest in the US as a nation instead of plundering it to finance bogus wars, give power back to the people says Ron and let them do their job as the people like Bush have made such a complete mess of it, anyone else will continue to plough the US into the ground.

And what then? Breakup of the union, civil strife? Civil war even and around the world the greater majority will be rubbing their hands saying to themselves... "Serves them bloody right!"

So yes, we WILL blame America, we WILL blame Israel, we WILL blame the UK because it is THEM that has brought us to this point, not radical extremists, not Al Qaeda or Osama Bin Laden...

Remember, Al Qaeda was CREATED by the CIA & ISI, remember Osama Bin Laden was a friend of the Bush family, the President attended his kid brothers wedding and was in business with another brother of Osama, the Bush family helped finance bloody Hitler into power and made their fortune from Auschwitz so why is it so hard to understand how dangerous and how much these people will blow up others for their own ends?

And if the US Govt was willing in 1960 something to blow up its own citizens to implicate Cuba, "ragheads" in some backward state in their eyes are gonna be NOTHING...!

Anonymous said...

To my pal ,Larry Silverstreak.
People don't need to blame ALL the jews. The ones in Iran won't be pointing fingers so much as telling fellow jews in Israel to go (expletive) ---- themselves.

Not everyone hates the jews, c'mon, Jews aren't that dumb.
Did America freak when you crushed an American girl with an Israeli bulldozer? In fact, I think a few Christian church's stopped accusing jews of the ancient past , for their part in the crucifying of Christ. (for turning over the tables of the money changers) .

Now the new Christian-lites (some of whom have been blackmailed by gay Jews, but came out of the closet) preach about becoming wealthy during the tribulation period, how sweet is that!?

Jews are good people, they just don't like to show it.

What I still find amusing is how some think that they can make non-jews try and feel guilty and get behind the drivers seat.

David lopped-off Goliaths head
Did his bloodline end
David saw the gates to Hades
Overlapping triangle gate keys

The Devil's sea off the coast of Japan

The one above the Grand Bahama Land

Overlap them and what do you get

A star of a deeper incept

Daniel said...

"Jews are good people, they just don't like to show it."

Well, damn!! How come I didn't realize this. Perhaps it's because I know a lot about what's happening to the Palestinians: the genocide, the collective punishment, the atrocities, etc.

Some mothers do 'ave em.'

Anonymous said...

I see Senator Arlen (Magic Bullet) Specter was in Pakistan at the time, due to meet Benazir Bhutto soon after her assassination.

Specter, for those who don't recall, was the young lawyer employed by the Warren Commission in 1964 to help investigate the death of JFK. He was the author of the infamous 'Magic Bullet' theory. That's the bullet that performed like no other bullet in history - but as luck would have it, happened to strike JFK.

These days, Specter is a prominent Zionist in the US Senate who occasionally poses as a 'liberal' on civil liberties issues (pass the sick bucket)

Perhaps the Pakistani authorities could retain Specter to come up with a better story about how Benazir was killed? He's a past master in the creative analysis of prominent murders.

Arlen could do better than the Pakistani Government's latest tale: "she hit her head on the van roof".

Where's the magic in that?

Anonymous said...

Arlen Specter eh?

Hmm, I dunno why but as I said to a friend last night, it strikes a bell deep within that Daniel Pearlman's grandfather was involved with JFK somewhere along the line, might be wrong but these coincidences just keep a happening...

But lets also point out that the person supposed to be the killer of OBL has a very powerful Zionist grandfather in the ADL, this is beginning to stink and stink big time...

I wonder if her exposure of Pearlman is not the reason for her execution.

Anonymous said...

All of the above tells me and, should tell everyone else,the Western Governments have been overthrown and have been under the control of a gigantic crime syndicate posing as legitimate governments, which they are not. The only possible answer,SUPPORT RON PAUL!He's our LAST CHANCE!