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Monday, December 10, 2007


Despite the total lack of evidence, Israel is stepping up the propaganda and rhetoric of the myth of an Iranian nuclear weapons program in its effort to overcome the disappointment of the latest US National Intelligence Estimate which told the world that Iran had given up its nuclear weapons program in 2003. Yesterday, according to Ha’aretz, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told his government ministers that Israel ‘would continue to work alongside the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in order to expose covert Iranian activities and investigate its military program to develop nuclear weapons’.

The problem with this piece of blatant propaganda is that the IAEA aren’t out to ‘expose covert Iranian activities’ on behalf of Israel. The IAEA exists solely to monitor the nuclear programs, weapons or power generating, of all nations that the UN have an interest in on behalf of the UN. The IAEA doesn’t exist for the sole purpose of rubber stamping the accusations and allegations of Israel and the US simply so that a casus belli for war can be found. The US and Israel tried that exact same stunt in the lead up to war against Iraq. It didn’t work then inasmuch that the IAEA didn’t bend to US and Israeli demands, accusations and allegations of Iraqi nuclear weapons – not that that stopped the US from invading anyway – and it is unlikely to work now.

Time and time again the IAEA have gone into Iran and found absolutely nothing to even suggest that Iran is pursuing nuclear technology for any purpose other than power generation. For all the well-known resources of the Israeli intelligence organisation, Mossad, no evidence has been found by the Israelis to suggest anything different; and one can be sure that if they had they would quickly be telling the world about it.

But, for all the propaganda and rhetoric, what is really sticking in the throat of the rest of the Arab nations of the region is not so much whether or not Iran may be pursuing nuclear weapons, but the hypocrisy of Israel’s claims about Iran’s nuclear program. Israel is the number one nation that is jumping up and down about Iran’s supposed obfuscation over its nuclear program when Israel itself cannot even be honest about its own nuclear program. US Defence Secretary Robert Gates while at a recent conference in Bahrain was asked whether he thought Israel's nuclear program posed a threat to the region, Gates replied: "No, I do not." The remark was greeted with howls of laughter from the Arab leaders and officials assembled.

Never mind that it is the US and Israel that do actually have nuclear weapons and never mind that it is the US that has openly said that it would pre-emptively use nuclear weapons, even against a non-nuclear weaponed state, and never mind that, considering the closeness of the Israel-US alliance, that Israel would likely adopt a similar stance if it felt it needed to.

But the world should not lose sight of the real motives behind the US and Israeli propaganda and rhetoric about Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’. The real reason for their stance against Iran is to promote the idea of ‘regime change’. Even if Iran gave up entirely its nuclear program, Israel and the US would then need to search for some other casus belli to promote regime change. Both Israel and the US know that regime change is not going to come from within Iran and that the only way to affect regime change is to either neutralise the current regimes power or obliterate it entirely. Without regime change in Iran, Israel is unable to move forward in its plans to create a Greater Israel by crushing all resistance to it. It is Iran’s support of Syria, Hizbollah and Hamas that are thwarting all that the Israeli right-wing are seeking to achieve.

The Israelis and the US believe that if Iran capitulates, then so will all the other enemies of Israel that are supported by Iran.

The neocons and warmongers of the US are willing to risk the nuclear annihilation of some nations in order to create a Greater Israel that has hegemony over the Middle East. One can rest assured, however, that, if any nation gets destroyed by nuclear weapons, it will not be Israel or the US.

Therein lies the ultimate hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...

And let's face it- the USA is a real fucking genius at assessing a world leader and how to replace him with a pro USA elites dictator.
Wait- I think we tried that in Viet Nam, Iraq, south america, AND IRAN!!!!

Shitty results everytime- when do these cunts learn there is something more important than their world power? IT's called human rights you cunts. Throw everyone in the bush administration in jail for life w no parole and disband ISrael and return it to the native inhabitants makes more sense than bombing Iran if you want to make the world safer.

Anonymous said...

Only Israel benefits from these endless Middle East wars. Iraq is the beginning. As we commit war-crimes in Baghdad, the US gov't commits treason at home by opening mail, eliminating habeas corpus, using the judiciary to steal private lands, banning books like America Deceived (book) from Amazon and Wikipedia, conducting warrantless wiretaps and engaging in illegal wars on behalf of AIPAC's 'money-men'. Soon, another US false-flag operation will occur (sinking of an Aircraft Carrier by Mossad) and the US will invade Iran.. Then we'll invade Syria, then Saudi Arabia, then Lebanon (again) then ....

Anonymous said...

It certainly gets tiresome seeing the US and Israel both nuclear armed, threatening Iran who has no nuclear weapons. While the world clucks approvingly.

I am dismayed by the actions of Israel, and I note more and more Jewish people recognizing that the Zionist cause and the cause of Israel are not one and the same.

Now we see that all US politicians on either side automatically swing in behind Israel. Israel should be required to eliminate their nuclear weapons, then and only then can the Arab nations be expected not to develop a nuclear capability.

We seem to be edging closer to a world war, mainly because of the US empire and it's world designs. I don't know if this dreadful slide can be stopped.

Times like this you wish there was a benevolent god to protect us, but we're on our own.

Damian Lataan said...

Apart from the clear and ominous threat to the future of the world, Valter, I think what frustrates me most is the fact that, despite all this being an almost verbatim repeat of the lead up to the war against Iraq, the people of the world seem not to be doing much about it and, indeed, accepting what the propagandists, the very same propagandists, are saying. And this despite being proven so very wrong over Iraq.

The world is in far more danger today than ever it was just prior to the invasion of Iraq yet we seem to be doing nothing about it. Where are the millions of people around the world that were on the streets imploring their respective governments not to be a part of the Iraq war?

Has the peoples of the world really given up hope?

Friedham I. Whont said...

G'day Damian,

I'm supposing that you've noticed some'a the warnings about this NIE, that although it claims that an Iranian A-bomb project was terminated (suspended?) in 2003 (on the basis of telephone intercepts, say(?!)) - there is no proof in the NIE, or anywhere else - that there *ever was* such a weapons program in the 1st place? Rumouring that may have been a subsidiary psyop target, an effect to be wary of in this NIE, but one thing is fur sure: GWBush&Co certainly have been made to look ridiculous/foolish/even bigger and most dangerous liars. I wonder how Mrs Merkel feels; Sarkozy presumably hasn't noticed, on the grounds of "no sense, no feeling."

Here's an article that says US-intel is corrupt, and here's one that says Aus ort'a sack the lot & disband 'em.

I also wonder why the rest of the world caves in to the USrael intimidation/blackmail.

Utterly gutless, quailing cowards or corruptly bought off? I am aware of the "Chicago School" argument in Klein's "Shock Doctrine," and that the US has been making nukular threats to all and sundry since 1945. As does Israel all'a time, and (worse) the Dummocrats: "All options!"

Daniel said...

Sadly, the short answer, Damian, is yes!

The people have the power but, thanks to the failure of education, not the conviction or the will.


Damian Lataan said...

G’day Friedham, good to hear from you; it’s been a while. Yes, you can rest assured that I am keeping a very close eye on everything related to this aspect of the story.

Interesting piece that one you linked to in the ‘Age’. It’s good to see this sort of stuff in the mainstream press. We wouldn’t have seen anything like it under the Howard regime.

Has the system finally overwhelmed the individual Daniel? I hope not! You were saying this morning at Webdiary what a great day it is. Isn’t that which has caused it to be a great day at least a start?

Daniel said...

How come you don't comment at WD, Damian? Are you one of the permanently banned ones (not to be confused with the periodically banned ones for whom the fatted lamb is regularly slain)? What was your sin? Can it be spoken about or is it too dire, too terrible to put into words?

I wish that banning was banned!


Damian Lataan said...

As you well know Daniel, commenting at WD can be very time consuming - time I just don't have at the moment. I'm in the process of finishing off my PhD write-up and just can't afford to get involved at WD. So its more a self imposed exile. I wasn't banned.

I also have a problem with commenting on a blog that claims to be ethical yet allows fraudsters to continue commenting there while knowing they are in fact someone writing under a different name after having been banned. I refer, of course, to Ramsey/Parsons.

Daniel said...

I hope your Phd work goes well, Damian, and that you're not burning yourself out.

I was engaged in a Phd programme at one stage but the sea called. Whether I should've listened is another issue.