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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Here are a couple of examples of Australian right-wing pro-Zionist hate speech as used by the Australian wing of the ‘Israeli Lobby’.

There’s this from Noelene Konstandinitis, an Australian Israeli pro-Zionist blogger that has posted at Webdiary and Harry Heidelberg’s, from Heidelberg’s blog:

“Of course it is EXCELLENT news that Israel is FINALLY sticking up for itself!What neither the Pals, nor the western bourgeois left, seems to be able to get their think [sic] heads around is that Israel could have destroyed Egypt, Syria, AND Jordan AND kicked the Pals out in 1948, 56, 67, 73, etc. The only thing stopping them every single time was the US!All this would have been over DECADES over [sic], if the U.S. had just let nature take its course.The wretched camel-jockeys have NO right to be in the Holy Land and the sooner they catch the next magic carpet or camel sleigh to Jordan, Syria, or Egypt the better! The Israelis MUST seize this opportunity to totally turn around the whole tedious farce of the middle east. It is time to bitchslap the fetid Mohammedans into next week. Vaporize the pigs!A world without Muslims would be a lovely world indeed!”[1]

Then there is this from Australian Israeli pro-Zionist blogger Geoff Pahoff, also a regular at the popular Australian blog Webdiary, describing his thoughts on the death of the elderly wheel-chair bound spiritual leader of Palestine’s Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin:

“I celebrated wildly when that filthy bag of puss, ‘the old blind wheel-chair bound spiritual leader’ finally kissed what was left of his miserable fanny and did the world the enormous favour, albeit somewhat forced, of departing from it for all eternity. Thereby correcting a major anomaly in the order of things by being born in the first place. Or not drowned slowly at the first opportunity. The slimy ignorant lying slice of toxic shit.”[2]

Australia too has an ‘Israeli Lobby’ that uses hate speech as part of its rhetoric of lies and deceit.

[1] Noelene Konstandinitis, Comment at Harry Heidelberg’s blog, 28 June 2006. Available online: Accessed 29 June 2006.
[2] Geoff Pahoff, Comment at Harry Heidelberg’s blog, 13 July 2006. Available online: Accessed 19 July 2006.


Anonymous said...

No surprise. Check for more examples of Jewish hate speech.

Jewish culture divides the world into two groups of people: Good Jews and Evil Gentiles. Further, they divide Gentiles into two groups: those being actively targeted/wiped out and those who are being used for now until they too move onto the active target list.

A wise man once said that a "Bad tree cannot bear forth good fruit." Can anything good ever come from such a racist, hateful culture as that of Judaism?

Does the theory of racial tolerance demand that we tolerate a culture that exhibits such overt racism and hatred of 99.9% of the human race?

Recently, Webster's Dictionary re-defined the word "Anti-Semitism" as meaning "opposition to the policies of the state of Israel". Isn't it about time we ALL became open and unabashed Anti-Semites?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more racist, hatefilled and destructive than Zionists. You are spot on how Zionists divide the world. Everyone that is not one of them is less in value than an Isreali's toenail clippings. In their evil eyes.They make every depraved sociopath before them look like amatuer monsters. Even the most renowned mass murderers and serial killers.

The ultimate reality as to how the world is divided objectively, boils down to this:

There are the people with consciences, good hearts and eyes to percieve this Reality: Israel is the problem for every soul on earth. They are the destroyers, decievers and are a malevolent cancer. This first group see's through the lies and illusions. This first group is ethical and wants world peace for every soul. And is outraged at the stampede of injustice across the bodies of the humanity. May God be well pleased with every human being that cares about all the injustice Israel imposes upon countless many. May God help we the living to stop this insanity.

The second group is comprised of Zionists and their dupes. Of course the Zionists know their game plan. The fact that most of their dupes do not percieve who and what they serve does not absolve them of guilt. They are complicit accomplices. Before, during and after the fact. They promugaye Israeli lies. ( Liars serve satan, ALWAYS) They assist in covering up truths. There are also willing servants in the Israeli camp, puppets and sell out media whores also. They consciously sold their souls. And betray the planet for a few shekels. Damn all of these to hell. And especially those that help commit all these crimes. Those that murder, lie, rape, torture, steal, condone. And trample the golden mean under the guise of fake freedom or worst of all blaspheming that they do all this to serve God. This group is evil. They are enemoes of the planet not to mention their own souls.

Anonymous said...

This speech is allowed, yet in Germany Ernst Zundel is on trial for Free Speech and David Irving is in jail. In the US, E.A. Blayre III has his book "America Deceived" pulled from Amazon and Wikipedia (who admitted a conspiracy) and the gov't cages peaceful protestors. Free Speech is dead, unless you support Israel then say whatever you want.
Be defiant, last link (before Google Books caves in and drops the book):

Anonymous said...

The time is coming when ordinary Americans are going to turn a blind ear to the constant wailing from the Zionazi set about "poor Israel" and "innocent Jews". Already in my circle, which includes zero Muslims, people are openly criticizing the Jewish power structure in our media, Israel and the control of our foreign policy by obviously Jewish interests. The jig is up Jews, there is still time to join the rest of the world and stop your anti-gentilist hatred.

Anonymous said...

do these ignorant fools think australian lebonease can not read or use a computer.if israel is such a stong and honourable nation then what are they doing in our nation stirring shit that we do not need.REMEMBER CRONUULA.

Iranian For Aryans said...

You might like my blog as I take a humorous look at things.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I am half a Jewish American but please do not assume that this unavoidable fact of birth makes me an automatic supporter of Jews or the Jewish state of Israel. On the contrary, I care only about the cause of justice, and ethnically conscious Jews and zionists, to me, are the antithesis to true justice and all that I hold dear about my country and Western ideals. T
o put it blunty, Jews in America, as the nation's most powerful minority, have displayed nothing but a grotesque ingratitude to the land that has given them their freedom and unassailed livelihoods. To spit upon the American majority, and to twist
and manipulate U.S. foreign policy to wage an expansionist war of aggression against the Arable is a despicable crime. World War III is just over the horizon, and we know who to thank for that.

Anonymous said...

Damo: You can't be happy with the hatred that people are posting in coments here, can you?

Anonymous said...

Wow! There's a lot of antisemitism on this site. Great site!

Damian Lataan said...

Dylan, just like any other blog where people are invited to comment, you have to take the good with the bad. Readers can judge for themselves the integrity and biases of various commentators.

Anonymous said...

I understand the free-speech angle, Damo, but why not ensure that the anon comments are switched off? If such people are so proud of their views as to publish them online, let them add a name. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I’m actually a Christian myself, however reading the comments I haven’t yet seen Gods advocate so I elected myself, yes it seem that in many countries Jews have infiltrated places of authority and power to manipulate these nations, however remember like in anything some people are innocent, we cant be sure how many Jews are involved so please for the sake of being the good guys, don’t loose your cool to much their are innocent people amongst the corrupt, don’t say “all Jews are evil” instead say because their not actually led by God they are all much more susceptible to becoming evil as are Islamic people, this is more politically correct and also true and you still manage an insult , keep your swords at the ready and look to your rear, as well as your front, Despite that in this war Islam seems to be loosing, Islam is just as or more dangerous I believe than Judaism to us. Jews seek deceptive, authoritarian, verbal ways to destroy us while Islam trying to hide under the skin of being a peaceful religion doesn’t fool many people they won’t just infiltrate your government etc they’d rather just kill you. God Bless, spread the word we need to awaken the sleeping giant America, the real Americans that is, the white Christian Americans

Damian Lataan said...

Dylan, it's all or nothing. I'm confident that readers are able to make their own judgements about the itegrity, morality and biases of commentators, anonymous or otherwise. I would, of course, prefer that commentators didn't post anonymously but I will not be shutting them off. As I say; all or nothing.

Anonymous said...

In a near future, 2 or even 3 generation educated to (with) israel's savagery will merge hate for Israel and hate for Jews, and this will be Auschwitz all over again. And it will be tolerated, again. Acting against Middle-East as their german torturers acted against them has not only devaluated the holocaust symbol for humanity, always used as an excuse for their most obscene brutality, it has also paved the way for history to repeat itself

Anonymous said...

Hey Damo.

In the past, you've deleted peoples' posts that you disagreed with. So I find it hard to believe your newfound faith in free speech is genuine. As far as I can tell, its because you actually agree with such hate-speech and are in fact an anti-semite.

However, feel free to prove me wrong. All you'd have to do is announce that you disagree with the anonymous commenters here.

I don't want a mealy-mouthed statement that is ambiguous. I mean, something clear-cut and unmistakeable.

Such as "I, Damian Lataan, am not an anti-semite, and do not approve of anti-semitism. I disagree with the anti-semitism of the anonymous commenters. THEY ARE WRONG. But I allow them to post because I believe in free- speech."

Could you write the above? VERBATIM? WORD FOR WORD?

As I said, I don't want some edited mealy-mouthed bullcrap statement that is ambiguous. It has to be clear-cut and unmistakeable.

That's if you really mean it, of course. If you don't think that way, don't write it. It's your blog and you can be an anti-semitic extremist if you feel like it. It's a free country and all....

E Burrows.

Anonymous said...

Dylan and Burrows must be Jews. I can tell by their hatred of free speech and their attempts to force the blog owner to take a stand against opinions they disagree with.

The problem with Jews isn't their blood or ethnicity. The problem is entirely rooted in the Judaic culture, the most racist and hateful culture that has ever plagued the planet earth.

Take a Jewish infant and raise him/her in any other culture with no knowledge of Judaism and they will grow up to be fine, honest, upstanding citizens. Take any Gentile child and raise him/her as a Jew with all the Jewish/Zionist culture stuffed into their brain and they will grow up to be a psychotic hater of everything non-Jewish.

If humanity is to survive, the Jewish culture must be completely erradicated. People that hate 99% of humanity are not necessary components of a happy and peaceful planet.

Anonymous said...

Not Jewish, anonymous. I know that probably wrecks your conspiracy theory - "How could anyone support the Israeli position if there are not Jewish?" - but it's a fact.

If you are so proud of your speech, why not add your name? What are you so frightened of? Why the need to hide?

Have the courage to admit who you are.

Anonymous said...

What would you do with my name if you had it, Jew?

Would you send one of your Mossad death squads to snuff me out?

Would you find out where I work and try to get me fired?

Would you get my telephone number and start a campaign of anonymous phone harrassment?

Would you find out where I live and conduct vandalism against my house and car?

Why is my identity so important to you? What nefarious Judaic retribution do you have planned for those who go against your political and thought control?

Anonymous said...

What would you do with my name if you had it, Jew?

Thought I had cleared that up. Not Jewish.

Would you send one of your Mossad death squads to snuff me out?

I don't command any death squads. Milton, Queensland is safe from me.

Would you find out where I work and try to get me fired?

I know exactly where the owner of this blog works. I also disagree with most of what he says on this blog. I don't try and get him fired for it, nor would I do that to you.

Damo is proud enough of his words to put his name to them - seems you don't feel the same about your own words, though.

Would you get my telephone number and start a campaign of anonymous phone harrassment?

Probably couldn't afford the long distance. Or be bothered to waste the time.

Would you find out where I live and conduct vandalism against my house and car?

I doubt it. I don't live anywhere near Australia.

Why is my identity so important to you? What nefarious Judaic retribution do you have planned for those who go against your political and thought control?

What do I have planned? Nothing. So go on - open up and let the whole world know how proud you are of your words.

Or could it be that, deep down, you aren't proud at all?

Anonymous said...

It's great to see your weblog taking off Damian. Bravo! And what a good idea to feature some of the hate-soaked garbage deemed acceptable in other places.

I wouldn't be surprised if you aren't getting more visits than WebDiary these days (the 'alternative' Australian web medium that showed initial promise but fast degenerated into another channel for establishment views - by enforcing acceptable boundaries of discussion for its followers).

Media like WebDiary - and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, for that matter - play the despicable role of creating a false sense of where the 'center' of informed debate is located.

I have no problem with allowing Zionist views to be aired - even the scarely-readable garbage of the C Parsons variety (as Damian knows, he's a particularly noxious and prolific Zionist hack who posts incessantly at WebDiary).

My problem is that these conformist minority media permit only tame, "even-handed" views on the "other side" of the debate – effectively excluding clear anti-Zionist views. Zionist terrorism, for instance, especially of the clandestine variety, goes unmentioned. So does the topic of Zionist power in the mass media, entertainment industry, finance sector etc.

Allowing only the soggy center and one "extreme" shifts debate as a whole towards that extreme position - in this case a pro-Zionist position. Hence, for instance, the true alternative to a racist apartheid-style ‘Jewish’ State of any kind whatsoever in the Holy Land is never put. The bogus nature of the "War on Terror" is left unmentioned. A perception is falsely created that any comment outside the enforced boundaries is ipso facto illegitimate and must be inspired by ‘hate’. Nick trick, made possible by the gullibility and complicity of those involved.

Incidentally, I notice you've been getting friendly advice to ensure that free speech on your blog is toned down. Today's “oh-so-very-concerned” advisor - Dylan Kissane - has an academically-oriented, uncontroversial website.

Activists that help to unveil entrenched and misused power always tend to attract "advice" from bystanders and conformists.

Anonymous said...

My initial posting seems to have sparked serious consternation in certain quarters.Once again I am American,
half Jew
ish, but my loyalties lie primarily where the interests of my country and those of other Western countries are concerned. Therefore do not expect any support or sympathy from me for those who would do my country and my way of life harm. I applaud Aussie Christian for his/her balance and honesty. As for releasing identities, hey, let's get real. The Free World is no longer free. There are people in jail in Canada and Europe for engaging in this kind of dialog, "anti-semitic" or not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote: "Dylan and Burrows must be Jews. I can tell by their hatred of free speech and their attempts to force the blog owner to take a stand against opinions they disagree with."

And you must be illiterate.

I actually wrote "That's if you really mean it, of course. If you don't think that way, don't write it. It's your blog and you can be an anti-semitic extremist if you feel like it. It's a free country and all...."

I am not trying to "force" Damo to take any "stand" or any position that he does not actually believe in. However, I am trying to get him to clarify his position in clear-cut unambiguous language. If he is given any "wiggle room", I now he will take it and try and obfuscate the issue.

I'll be blunt. I believe Damo is an anti-semetic neo-nazi, and he uses "anti-zionism" as his 'cover'.

Damo has the power to prove me wrong at any point he chooses. Uncharacteristically for him, he seems to have gone quite silent. I think that speaks volumes, but I'll be happy to change that view if Damo responds.

I note that Damo, and others like him will repeatedly claim that "anti-zionist" and "anti-jewish" are completely seperate things. I would also note that when some posters like me express a "zionist viewpoint" I am immediately accused of being jewish. (And for the record - no, I am not jewish). So it appears dishonesty, hypocrisy and cowardice are all the fashion in these circles.

There are plenty of neo-nazis out there whining and moaning in the cyber-sewers. If Damian "outed himself" as a neo-nazi tomorrow, I would go 'ok' and happily ignore him. I'd just like to see if he has the guts to actually do that; or if he will gutlessly hide behind weasel-words like a coward.

Guess we'll have to wait and see....

And I will be waiting, Damo.

Anonymous said...

My apologies for one point. The above post was me "E Burrows". I forgot to sign that at the bottom.

On this topic, could the anonymous neo-nazis here at least make an effort to distinguish yourself from each other with some kind of tagline. I don't care if you call yourself "Naziboy" or "Hitler's Lovechild" or "Pass-the-bong" or whatever, but it does facilitate communication if you at least make an effort to give yourself an identifier. One doesn't know if they are reading twenty posts by one fascist, or one post each by twenty fascists!

I'm an optimist so I'll assume the former for the time being.

E Burrows

Anonymous said...

Sid Walker: "Today's “oh-so-very-concerned” advisor - Dylan Kissane - has an academically-oriented, uncontroversial website."

There is a reason it is that way - I wonder if you can guess why it is?

(Extra points if you can drag a conspiracy theory/brainwashing explanation into it)

Anonymous said...

To Dylan Kissane: so typical of people like you: disagree with the Zionist position and one is immediately tar brushed as an anti-semite or neo nazi. Who are you, the modern equivalent of Joseph McCarthy and you want to name names? You can "bravely" post your name in the current political climate without fear of serious repercussuion. Anyone on this website foolish enough to take you rbait may be in a for a rude awakening.

Anonymous said...

"one is immediately tar brushed as an anti-semite or neo nazi"

Check the comments - I have not called anyone anything like that. I just asked your name.

Anonymous said...

Verdun - German - National Socialist - Mass Murder.
Yep, I think we know where Lataan is coming from.

Anonymous said...

This is all pretty sad.

vlad said...

Aw cmon guys, you're saying neo-nazi like its a bad thing!!
As we've been brainwashed since birth by the chosen ones, who is to say that an honest,objective look at history would'nt uncover a few uncomfortable surprises!?
Hey, maybe the German nation was being corrupted and exploited by the ungrateful Jew after all!
Anyway, im off for some zyklon b.......oops, sorry, cup of tea....cup of tea.