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Thursday, July 13, 2006


A report in the Jerusalem Post today proves very revealing. It claims that, ‘Only weeks ago, an entire reserve division was drafted in order to train for an operation such as the one the IDF is planning in response to Wednesday morning's Hizbollah attacks on IDF forces along the northern border.’[1]

The news is revealing because it was only a little over two weeks ago that Cpl. Gilad Shalit was captured by Palestinian fighters. One needs to ask how the Israelis knew at, or even before, he was captured that it would be taking action against Hizbollah in Lebanon.
This revealing piece of news comes on top of an earlier revelation that the Israelis had planned the arrest of top Palestinian Hamas leaders some time well before Shalit was captured as Ha’aretz reported: “The detention of Hamas parliamentarians in the early hours of Thursday morning had been planned several weeks ago and received approval from Mazuz on Wednesday. The same day, Shin Bet Director Yuval Diskin presented Prime Minister Ehud Olmert with the list of Hamas officials slated for detention.” [2]

This entire crisis has all the hallmarks and is beginning to unravel as a carefully orchestrated ploy to create a casus belli for Israel to attack and occupy the Gaza, neutralise Hamas, the democratically elected government of the Palestinians to deprive the Palestinians of any power to resist reoccupation of the Gaza, possibly on a permanent basis, and, at the same time, to neutralise Hizbollah in pursuit of regime change in Lebanon.

Since the Israelis are now also making noises about Syrian and even Iranian involvement in the Hizbollah actions against Israel that has prompted Israel’s attacks against Lebanon, there are indications that these noises are intended to foment US involvement in attacking Syria and Iran on Israels behalf.

If, indeed, this crisis has been orchestrated to deliberately provoke two Arab organisations to the north and south of Israel to attack Israel in an attempt to gain US involvement then the Israelis are playing an extremely dangerous game… unless, of course, the Israelis have already colluded with the US.


[1] Yaakov Katz, ‘Reservists called up for Lebanon strike’, Jerusalem Post, 12 July 2006. Available online: Accessed 13 July 2006.
[2] Avi Issacharoff and Amos Harel, ‘AG refuses to OK use of Hamas officials as ‘bargaining chip’’, Ha’aretz, 30 June 2006. Available online: Accessed 13 July 2006.


Anonymous said...

There is no doubt this is planned. Being a non-country with a guilty mind and quilty history, they need to provoke where possible. Unless revenge is being meted out upon "israel", they cannot cry "our suffering, our siffering": The same tired old gimmick used to justify the Jew-Only! "state". We now see the
next level in the predictability of these warwongers and racists: They claim the arrested Israeli militants are being moved to Iran. Voila. We see the motive clearly now, a huge theatrical production with the simple goal to attack Iran and stop their civilian nuclear programme. They will not let Iran have any capability even remotely allowing for a nuclear-defence program, because Israwl can't nbuke someone who can nuke back. And who in their right mind doubts the WMD Israel harbors will eventually be flung abroad in a fit of rage.

Anonymous said...

There happens to be a key problem with this whole situation of dealing with syria...It is impossible. The us can not afford at this stage to invade Syria as Russia will not allow that. Everyone knows that russia has a great number of personelle in Syria as well as bases. Therefore, a strike on Syria would mean provoking Russia. If russia goes in, chances are China and a great number of other countries will join in aswell. Then you have world war.

Anonymous said...

Israel has been caught many times at this kind of tactic: deliberate provocation followed by escalation in 'response' to the crisis it has created. They are past masters at it. They even attacked a US destroyer and killed US personnel in order to try and pretend that Egypt had attacked it and draw the US into its little war.
This time, they are trying to force America's hand, while the neo-crazies are still there. They want Iran to be attacked, and US soldiers to die for them, as they did previously in Lebanon. They don't care who are what they take down with them: fundamentalist idiots who prefer to die than live peacably.
It is also noteworthy that they have torpedoed every peace initiative thrust at them. And then they whine that they just want peace. No they don't.

qrswave said...

VERY nice catch!

Anonymous said...

This is very well orchestrated.
Before long there will be chaos out there and the invation of Iran will be imminent.
Invest in Gold now if you have any money to spare because when the shit hits the fan (as it certainly will) then the price of Gold will fly.

Anonymous said...

It is clearly evident from these events and some of the publications that its a pre planned action. There is a very strong possibility and time will tell that Iran & Syria will soon be dragged into this conflict. As far as US & UK are "already spread too thin" will not stop them jumping into Israelly engineered war. Both poodles with their might will follow the master and slaughter tens & thousands of innocents. In the words of Robert Fisk on recent events " Israeli plane dropped a bomb on to the home of a Shia Muslim cleric. He was killed. So was his wife. So were eight of his children. One was decapitated. All they could find of a baby was its head and torso which a young villager brandished in fury in front of the cameras. Then the planes visited another home in Dweir and disposed of a family of seven."

Anonymous said...

In a literal sense, the PR strategy adopted for this “war” (this all-out attack on Lebanon) wears all the trappings of premeditation. At the very least, the anecdotal three-part media presentation by installments betrays a premeditated public relations strategy (if not a war by appointment.)

An average breakfast table observer of Sky News, for example, might have seen a sequence of events like the following:

Day one: A remarkably well-publicized (i.e. repetitious) 24-hour intrigue concerning the kidnapping of the two missing soldiers.

Day two: We tune in to find the kidnapping overshadowed by Israeli officials barking about an “act of war,” Beirut airport is attacked, and prime-time slots are gobbled up by Israeli apologists repeating themselves with no regard for advertising expenses; the adjective of the day seems to be “intolerable.”

Day three: We’re at war, and rightly so: Simultaneously, a robust campaign to establish the event’s connections to a joint Syrian-Iranian menace is launched in the US print media, along with near-universal coverage absurdly insinuating the usual drunken brawl between two incorrigible (and more-or-less evenly matched) Middle-Eastern bullies. (At which point we're supposed to sigh “On no, they’re at it again.”)

However, the notion of the Lebanese government having picked this fight is scarcely credible; even in a Flash Gordon sequel.

Anonymous said...

With each such action the jews do, it is getting clearer to us, why they have been hated & persecuted since centuries all over the world.

Why did every one hate them?

Why did people do such bad things to the jews?

Hasn't there gotta be something wrong with them that they got such hatred?

It seems they can't live in peace with others, themselves & their God.

When was the last time they really tried to make the peace process work?

Because Hizbollah took 2 of their soldiers, what gives them the right to attack Lebanon & destroy it's airport & kill civilians? Do they think they can do whatever they want? Aren't they being bullies and not respecting international rules? Why doesn't America condemn Israel's attacks? Because they are even worse and do the same thing 10 times over!

And our world is so weak that we have 2 sit back and see these 2 countries become the actual axis of terror and then put the blame on poor arabs & muslims.

Anonymous said...

There is not going to be any third world war with new clear weapons at least, not now and not ever, maybe we get some (in this 3ww) computer screens burned, but that is all...

A great Saint was once asked:

Will there be any peace in this world:

His reply was:

Brother, there has never been any peace in this world and there will never be peace in this world...

One has to find peace within himself, and then the whole world will be at peace for Him.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that for the first time in it's existance, Israel will pay a price that makes it bankrupt.

mike davis said...

Since when does Hamas or Hizbullah need to be provoked? Their resort to violence can be easily predicted; they publicly promote violence as the solution to their problems. They don't hide these public positions.

As so many of the commentators on this site are clearly Jew haters, could one of them please tell me exactly what it is about Jews that makes you hate them?

I don't have any experience of Jews as anything but ordinary people; most good, some not so...just like all the Australians I know. (To preclude any time wasting abuse.. I am not a Jew nor married to one.)

Anonymous said...

Theres good and bad people of every race, Race shouldnt come into it. Its not the jews its the zionists causing the problems a lot of jews are against zionism a lot of zionists arent Jewish, Im not Jewsish either but thats how it is, End of.

Anonymous said...

"Since when does Hamas or Hizbullah need to be provoked? Their resort to violence can be easily predicted; they publicly promote violence as the solution to their problems. They don't hide these public positions."
This blogposting is about what the Israeli government is doing. If you followed the time line you would know that both Gaza/Hamas and Lebanon/Hesbollah wished to negotiate for prisoner exchange. The FACT that Israel suddenly went fast forward into war excites the suspicions expressed by everybody. And information is coming in that creates the proof...