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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


The pro-Zionist right-wing liar Will Howard of Australia’s Webdiary has really gone over the top with his latest comments at Webdiary when he writes this transparent and obvious garbage:

“Here are some other headlines from
[I swear I'm not making this up!]
Mind Control In The 21st Century Thermite Brought Down The WTC Towers Zionism Is Nobody's Friend The Nonexistent 'Auschwitz Gas Chambers'? Blatant, Controlled Demolition of WTC 7…”[1]

‘I swear I’m not making this up!’ the liar proclaims. He later declares that he did put in line breaks but for some inexplicable reason they didn’t show up in the published post, but concedes nonetheless that, “I think it actually reads better as the stream of unconsciousness it is,”[2] which of course is what this deceitful scoundrel set out to do in the first place.

This compounds Will Howard’s other deceit for the day whereby he refers Webdiarists to an article that is outrageously and blatantly right-wing Zionist in its rhetoric presenting it to Webdiarists as some kind of moderate anti-fascist essay. In reality the author of this piece of propaganda, Steve Silver, a well-known warmongering right-wing Zionist, highlights some of the excesses of some of those extremists that really are anti-Semite and then attempts to cast all who are anti-Zionist in the same anti-Semite mould.[3]

It seems Mearsheimer and Walt was right after all!

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Stevin said...

Wow. As a right-wing Zionist (and rather proud of it), I must thank you for this deep diatribe. So, uh, what was your point, exactly?

Damian Lataan said...

The point, Stevin, is to highlight to the vast majority of readers that are not Zionofascist Islamaphobic right-wing Zionists the extent to which those that are Zionofascist Islamaphobic right-wing Zionists are prepared to lie and deceive in order to support their cause. Just as the Nazis and Fascists of the last century who were also proud of being what they were, you too will find that your ideology is not acceptable to the rest of the world. You are even being shunned by the vast and growing majority of Jews both in Israel and throughout the Diaspora who despise the Israeli extremists and their supporters that are bringing so much death and destruction to both Israelis and Palestinians.

Kyda Sylvester said...

Zionofascist Islamaphobic right-wing Zionists

Brilliant. It's my first visit here and I can't stop laughing. Mad props on the great satire, man.

Anonymous said...

Full on Right Wing Zionist Islamofscist reporting for duty here! Nuke the Towelheads till they glow!