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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Frank Gaffney, the American neoconservative commentator, appeared on the ABCs ‘Lateline’ program[1] with Tony Jones on Monday evening with the end result being Gaffney making a complete fool of himself as he exposed himself for the warmongering lunatic that he is. I’m sure even some of Gaffney’s fellow travellers must have been cringing at some of the stuff he was coming out with.

At one point Gaffney told Tony Jones: “And, by the way, he [Saddam Hussein] had plans once the sanctions were lifted to put those weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons and biological agents into aerosol cans and perfume sprayers for shipment to the United States and Europe.”

Tony Jones responded with: “Except for the fact as it turns out - I'm sorry to interrupt you there - except for the fact as it turns out, he didn't have any?”

Gaffney: “No, it doesn't turn out at all that he didn't have any. It turns out we haven't found what he had. But what we did find, what the Iraq Survey Group did find, is plans to use the in place dual-use manufacturing facilities once sanctions were lifted to put chemical and biological agents in aerosol cans and perfume sprayers to be shipped to the United States and Europe. That was the plan for terrorist activity that we have confirmed was in place under Saddam Hussein's regime. You haven't heard a great deal about it. Perhaps it has not been reported adequately enough to the Australian people or, for that matter, to the American people. But it's true.”

A very confused man who clearly is delusional. Chemical and biological weapons in aerosol cans and perfume sprayers to be shipped to the US and Europe? As you say, we haven’t heard a great deal about it, Frank. In fact, we haven’t heard anything about it and I’m not sure that anybody else has either – not even the Iraqi Survey Group.

I might remind readers that Frank Gaffney is a senior neoconservative commentator who wields significant influence in Bush administration circles. His views and beliefs are not only his but are shared with many other equally influential people at the top of Bush politics. These lunatics are in charge of the ‘world’s most powerful nation’! And Howard has unequivocally aligned Australia with them!

[1] Tony Jones, ‘Pressure mounts on Iraqi PM’, Lateline, 3 April 2006. Available online: Accessed 4 April 2006.

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