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Saturday, April 22, 2006


There seems to be a few problems over at Webdiary. Perhaps Margo herself should step in to resolve the impasse. She could start by getting rid of her brother, the totally discredited and lying manipulator Hamish Alcorn. She should then get a load off her own shoulders and come clean about the threats, including death threats, which were made to her prior to her all but complete withdrawal from public life. She should then stop pandering to the right-wing and allow Webdiarists and potential Webdiarists to be able to discuss those things that the right-wing don’t want discussed but which are slowly coming out into the open anyway and are being discussed now on mainstream media blogs.

Webdiary can well do without the likes of the warmongering lunatic Jay White, and, while they are about it, could well do without the lies and deceit of the likes of Will Howard, the lies and sly cynicism of Chris Parsons, and last but not least the blatant Islamaphobia from the Zionofascist Geoff Pahoff. Apart from Margo Kingston, none of the abovementioned has any credibility left whatsoever.

Goodbye and good riddance to the lot of them. I wouldn’t give these people the time of day let alone the space to peddle their vile warmongering lies and hatred. Bring back the real spirit of Webdiary!


Anonymous said...
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Damian Lataan said...

Dylan, when you have something sensible to say I'll publish it. You're not thick, so say something sensible.