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Monday, July 28, 2014


Such is the small size of the Gaza Strip, together with the extremely dense way the enclave is populated, and coupled with the devastating way the Israelis have destroyed entire neighbourhoods including homes, hospitals, schools, government buildings and infrastructure as well as the huge loss of civilian life across much of the entire Strip, the Palestinians can be forgiven for thinking that total war is being waged against them.

And, as the entire world can see in this day and age of social media, total war, contrary to anything the Israeli propaganda machine is saying, is indeed being waged against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

The only means by which the Palestinians can defend themselves is to give the Israelis a dose of their own medicine by way of deterrence with whatever meagre weaponry they have at their disposal which comes mainly in the form of homemade rockets and mortars and lightweight firearms.

When total war is being waged against a people, the people are entitled to defend themselves by whatever means is at their disposal. The ‘human shield’ meme that the Israelis and their Western supporters like to accuse Hamas of being guilty of by virtue of defending themselves from within the midst of the civilian population is hardly valid particularly when total war is being waged around them and when there is no other place from which one can defend oneself without exposing yourself to the enemy.

The Israeli claim that their aim is simply to destroy Hamas rocket launching sites and the tunnels is merely an excuse to wage total war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and to completely destroy the entire enclave and deprive the Palestinians there of anywhere to live forcing them to seek refuge elsewhere. This will then allow the Israeli to occupy most if not all of the Gaza Strip for the purpose ultimately of annexing it to Israel and populating it with Israeli’s.

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