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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Let’s get straight to the point; if George W. Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard and their other Western supporters had not lied their way to a war against Iraq, the Middle East would not be in the mess it finds itself in today in Syria and Iraq. In short, the people of the Middle East can blame the West for much of the turmoil that dominates their lives now so is it any wonder that the youth of the region – and young Muslims all over the world – who have resented what has happened to them and their comrades have become radicalised to the point where they are now perpetuating the very turmoil the West started.

The Americans and their Western allies have prodded the Lion of the Islamic world that has become the ever expanding movement of Islamic jihad.

Attacking Afghanistan to get at the person they said was responsible for the attacks against America on 9/11 was one thing but to then attack an innocent nation – and lying in order to do so – is something else.

The West wanted war against the people of the Middle East? Well, now they have it and all thanks to the notion of that ridiculous ideology called Western Exceptionalism and their neoconservative proponents. 


opit said...

Mission Accomplished. Have a war outside your own borders. If you can use it to steal minerals and more so much the better. If you destabilize the region, governments will be that much less able to frustrate your plans.

Anonymous said...

well it started a while back,
when Sara got a little less
enthused than usual in conspiring with Abraham to beget Isaac...

next thing you know a bunch of uncouth
Zionist Khazar GOG & MAGOG so-called "Jews" {Mass Murderers have nukes &
print the currency & own the media & start wars in covinous
collusion with the Edomite
Money Changers & Pharisees...