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Wednesday, April 09, 2014


In an article in the Washington Post today, right-wing Zionist extremist and neoconservative columnist, Jennifer Rubin, writes that America should give Israel a bunch of their latest bunker busting bombs with which to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. And not only does she want America to provide the weapons, but she also wants America to provide the Israelis with the B52 bombers needed to deliver the bombs.

For the most part in the past Jennifer Rubin has been simply written off as a neocon nutjob because of her outlandish and often outrageous ideas and the chances of this particular idea getting off the ground – literally or figuratively – is about zilch. However, while America is very unlikely to pull any B52’s out of mothballs for the Israelis to use as she suggests, US Secretary of State John Kerry is making noises about not being very optimistic about getting a deal with Iran and saying that, if Iran were to decide on ‘a breakout’ to build a bomb, ‘the president would respond immediately’. Kerry didn’t allude to exactly how Obama would respond though Obama has in the past told the Israelis that no matter what, he’d ‘always have their back’.

Netanyahu, of course, would be more than happy to take America’s bombs and bombers and, if they were given to him, Netanyahu would take that as a green light to go ahead and actually use them. Not only that, but Netanyahu would also likely presume that after Israel kicks off the war by bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities, the US would then finish off the regime in Iran while Israel takes on their other enemies, Hamas and Hezbollah.

As I wrote last week, Israel have already put Iran back on the front burner and have also been provoking Hamas in the Gaza Strip by shooting non-combatant Palestinians as well as prodding Hezbollah by making low-level flights over Lebanon. The next round of talks with the Iranians aren’t looking too hopeful and the Israelis and their neocon and Republican supporters in the US are getting restless.

It’s just a matter of time before something gives.

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Greg Bacon said...

Israel to 'Uncle Sucker'

"Hey, can you give us some bunker busters?"

"While you're at it, how about some B-52's and B-2's to drop the bombs?"

"Good, just one more request...also send the pilots with the bombers!"