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Monday, March 17, 2014


In an article today at Commentary online, senior neoconservative writer Michael Rubin attempts to perpetuate the lie that the US was given false intelligence about Saddam Hussein’s WMDs. Rubin writes:

The narrative of “Bush lied, people died,” is nonsense of course. The problem was that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein bluffed his own generals and aides. When Americans tapped into their phone calls, they heard Saddam’s lieutenants discussing such weapons as if they had them, and when American spies debriefed their Iraqi counterparts, there was no sign of deception because many of the defectors believed the information they conveyed.

Ignored here is the intelligence of the one defector that really knew all about Saddam’s WMDs – because he helped build them up and then later destroyed them after the end of the First Gulf War.

In August 1995 Hussein Kamel, Saddam’s son-in-law and Minister of Military Industries, defected to Jordan. There he was debriefed by UNSCOM. At his debriefing Kamel told his interrogators all about Saddam’s WMDs. In the run up to the war against Iraq in 2003, the US and their main allies, Tony Blair and John Howard, relied on this information to build their case for war. However, while the list of WMDs that Saddam had was revealed, what the public were not told was that Kamel, in the same debriefing, had had also said that all of these weapons had been destroyed and that he had personally overseen their destruction. The transcript of that debriefing can be found here.

Rubin then goes on to write:

Nevertheless, critics of the Iraq war are absolutely correct to say that the fact that the intelligence turned out to be wrong undercut American credibility on the world stage. The next time some future Colin Powell goes before the United Nations to reveal a case for war or for anything else utilizing American intelligence, conspiracy theorists will have a field day.

The fact is; the intelligence did not ‘turn out to be wrong’ but, rather, it was abused and twisted by Bush, Blair and Howard in order to support their push for war. Bush, Blair and Howard were all familiar with Kamel’s debriefing, indeed, Howard referred to it directly in his speech to parliament on 4 February 2003. Ignored by all three leaders was the part of the same debriefing document in which Kamel had said that all of the stockpiles of WMDs had been destroyed.

The next time America or any other Western nation tries to go war based on so-called ‘intelligence’ it won’t be just ‘conspiracy theorists’ that will have a field day; it’ll be people who are armed with the facts about how world leaders are prepared to use deceit and lies in order to destroy other people’s countries.

Why would anyone want to believe anything a neoconservative says ever again?


Anonymous said...

So because we believed all of the other defectors and informants except Hussein's (not Barack Hussein) son-in-law that the WMDs which he DID have had been destroyed, makes Bush a liar?

What about the 550 metric TONS of Uranium (the key ingredient for nuclear weapons) that was transported out of Iraq in 2008 after the war and shipped to Canada?

There were many other reports of this when it happened although it was quickly swept under the rug and downplayed.

You are strangely silent about this, if not completely ignorant of it. It certainly was not broadcast loudly in the news by the MSM focused on destroying Bush.

Perhaps the ones lying are the very accusers of President Bush and the Leftists who will say or do anything to further their Communist agendas!!!

Damian Lataan said...

The uranium you refer to was already known to UNSCOM. It was documented and an eye had been kept on its location ever since 1991. It was kept secret in order to prevent others from getting their hands on it. It was, as you say, transported out of the country much later.

Bush, Blair and Howard all knew there were no WMDs - just as they all knew of Saddam's stash of uranium which he daren't touch.

kerdasi amaq said...

So, Michael Rubin is, in effect, admitting that the neo-cons should be fired for incompetence.

What's a neo-con? A dual national communist passing himself off as a Republican.

Damian Lataan said...

Since they all knew there were no WMDs yet insisted that was a basis for going to war, they shouldn't just be fired, they should be charged with war crimes.