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Thursday, November 14, 2013


Jonathan Tobin, one of neoconservatism’s leading propagandists, writes in Commentary today that, “If those pushing for more sanctions really wanted war, they wouldn’t be bothering with more sanctions”.

What Tobin neglects to mention is that it is he and the entire neocon movement, together with the right-wing Zionists of Israel, who are the ones that ‘really want war’. And the reason why they are bothering with sanctions is three-fold; first, they are aware that the vast majority of Americans and most of the planet aren’t in the slightest bit interested in war and to just come right and say ‘Let’s go and bomb Iran’ is simply going to get them laughed at. Secondly, the reality is that it is sanctions that are the only route to war because then it provides an excuse to attack Iran when they claim that the sanctions have failed – which brings us to reason three: The neocons and the right-wing Zionists know full well that, no matter what, the Iranians will not give up their rights to nuclear power and, since the Israelis are insisting on nothing less than a complete dismantling of all of Iran’s nuclear facilities, it will leave the Israelis with no alternative but to attack Iran as they have always threatened to do if the sanctions fail – as they know they will.

But it’s not just about Israel. The neocons know that Israel can’t possibly destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities without the help of the US. As I have mentioned before many times at this blog, Israel needs the full connivance of the US in order to strike Iran. And that, as far as the neocons and the Zionists of Israel are concerned, is the fly in the ointment. Obama is unlikely at this time to support any unilateral strike against Iran. However, if Israel decides to launch a small pre-emptive strike against one or two of Iran’s nuclear facilities then Obama may have little choice other than to enjoin Israel in attacking Iran in order to prevent Iranian retaliatory strikes against Israel – and this is exactly what Israel will be hoping for.

The ultimate goal once war gets underway is not just the destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities, but complete regime change which the Israelis and the US hope will happen after a massive bombing campaign designed to force the Iranian regime into capitulation.

Meanwhile, to complete their war aims, the Israelis will launch an all-out attack against Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The neocons and Zionists want nothing less than war. Squeezing Iran with sanctions that they know Iran won’t give in to is their path to war.

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Anonymous said...

actually it is all about "Israel"

as Israel is not a "Jewish" state of mind...or a stool sculpture deity cult compound...

ON STOLEN GROUND infested by beastly little GOG & MAGOG Khazars called -


truth is a wall that you can't blow down and it won't be laughed away - Harry Chapin