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Thursday, August 08, 2013


Several Israel government officials, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz and a senior Israeli spokesperson have all expressed an opinion that leans toward Israel considering a pre-emptive unilateral strike against Iran.

The consensus in Israel – and backed by neoconservatives in the US – seems to be that the recently elected new president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, despite being a far more conciliatory and far less confronting leader than the previous president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is nonetheless as dangerous as Ahmadinejad inasmuch that he is still, according to the Zionists, pursuing nuclear weapons.

Israel clearly fears that the possibility of any talks, or even talk about talks, will delay for a long time any possibility of Israel having the confrontation it has for so long wanted with Iran. It may consider that now is the time to strike before any talks get under way.

It should be made quite clear, however, as I have explained in the past, there is absolutely no way Israel could truly attack Iran ‘unilaterally’. The US still has a forceful presence in the Persian Gulf which will no be idle if Israel attacks Iran and Iran retaliates.

Once again Israel grows nervous and impatient. The situation to their north-west is volatile with it looking increasingly likely that, no matter who wins in Syria, they will be Israel’s enemies. War with Iran would allow Israel to attack Syria’s Bashir al-Assad as well as any Islamic jihadist groups that try to usurp Syria’s secular opposition powerbase when it attempts to take over power from al-Assad. In doing so, Israel may also be obligated to take on Hezbollah as an ally of both Iran and Syria and possibly even Hamas in the Gaza Strip just for good measure. These have all been the Zionists long term plans for years; all part of realising their long-held dreams of creating a Greater Israel at the expense of the Palestinian and Arab people. It’s not about ‘Iran’s nuclear weapons’; it’s about regime change, US regional hegemony and Israeli dominance in their Greater Israel.

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