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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Israel bombed Syria on 2 and 5 May 2013 and the next day, as the world waited for a reaction from Syria, Hezbollah and Iran, the US began a massive war exercise in the Persian Gulf close to Iran. Since President Obama has said that the US was in ‘very close contact with Israel’, it is clear that both the Israeli raids on Syria and the US military exercise in the Gulf were planned to coincide.

Unfortunately for the warmongers in the West, neither Syria, Hezbollah nor Iran took the bait. Despite this, Israel has said that it will try again to provoke its enemies warning that Israel may again bomb targets in Syria and further warning that Syria had better not ‘react’ otherwise Israel will ‘retaliate’. The warning that Syria had better not react comes after Syria earlier warned that it would indeed retaliate if it was attacked again by Israel.

While Bashir al-Assad is in no position to unleash a war against Israel while fighting a civil war at home, Israel hopes that al-Assad’s ally, Hezbollah, will be goaded into launching a retaliatory attack against Israel thus providing a casus belli for Israel to attack Hezbollah and invade south Lebanon. Israel has made it quite clear that, despite bombing munitions on Syrian dirt, Israel’s beef is actually with Hezbollah. In fact, a war with Syria at this stage would not at all be in Israel’s interest since it would likely unite, albeit fleetingly, the warring factions fighting in the civil war in order to fend off Israel who both sides regard as the greater enemy. Israel would not want to take on Hezbollah and Hamas and also have Syria to deal with as well. As for Iran, Israel is hoping that the US will deal with Iran just as soon as Israel comes under attack from Hezbollah with munitions supplied by Iran.

Israel seems determined to provoke war and, while it may seem as though Obama is sitting on the sidelines, in light of the massive military exercise not far from Iran’s coast it’s obvious that in fact Obama really does have ‘Israel’s back’.

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