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Saturday, April 13, 2013


In life, Margaret Thatcher succeeded in dividing a nation, and it seems in death, decades after leaving politics, she divides a nation yet again.

Some say that the fact that she is so divisive is what makes her great. That may be so, but is that really accolade? Being ‘great’ because one is divisive is hardly a plus. As for being called a ‘stateswoman’, I think not. Great statesman/women bring their peoples together; not polarise them as Thatcher did. Great statespeople don’t drag their country into knee-jerk wars overseas and nor do they abuse the working classes and the impoverished at home.

And were Reagan and Thatcher really responsible for the downfall of the Soviet Union as so many commentators claim? Hardly. They just happened to be the Western leaders that were around at the time. The fact is; the Soviet Union imploded on itself, it would have happened regardless of who the Western leaders were.

Far from being a stateswomen and a great British leader, Maggie Thatcher was nothing less than a neo-fascist extremist right-wing warmongering nationalist and racist who despised anything that smacked remotely of social decency, admired the likes of General Augustus Pinochet, the fascist Chilean dictator and hated the very notion of workers being organised to protect their interests. She caused hundreds to die in an unnecessary war against Argentina in 1982 simply to boost her flagging popularity due to inflation and high unemployment prior to the elections in 1983 at home which she won as a direct result of the war.

Loved by ultra-conservatives and neo-fascists the world over, Thatcher brought nothing to the world except death, heartache and misery whilst enriching the moneyed elitists and giving succour and empowerment to fascists everywhere.

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