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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Australia’s ABC TV network aired its weekly Foreign Correspondent program last night about a Jewish Australian who had immigrated to Israel and joined Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency. According to the program, Ben Alon, also known as Ben Zgier, somehow managed to hang himself while being held in a top secret ultra-high security prison cell in 2010. His body was flown back to Australia for burial seven days after his death.

According to the program, Alon had left Australia for Israel in late 2000. Alon, a lawyer, was aged 24-25 by the time he arrived in Israel. He married an Israeli and had two children. With an Australian passport and full of Zionist idealism, Alon would have been a prime target for Mossad recruiters when he arrived in Israel. Had he been recruited immediately, Alon would have been busy working for Mossad by September 2001.

The question remains then; why was Alon secretly imprisoned and – quite clearly given the circumstances – subsequently murdered? What had he said or done that was so serious that the Israelis felt they had to secretly imprison him and then kill him?

Mossad are likely to distract from the real reasons for his imprisonment and execution by suggesting that such a story is merely another conspiracy theory and they don’t do things like that. The world, however, knows that Mossad kill Israel’s enemies all the time so that ploy is hardly likely to work. Chances are they’ll stick to the story about him being a ‘security risk’ and that he ‘committed suicide’ – or, more likely, they’ll simply say nothing at all.

It is possible that Alon became a threat to Mossad because of certain knowledge he had about the events of 9/11. It could well be that by 2010 some kind of guilt complex had emerged and that he had indeed become a security threat. Whatever it was that got him to be secretly locked up and then killed, it must have been serious. It could even be that Mossad wanted to send a message to all of its agents – retired or still working – ‘there are certain things you simply don’t talk about – or else’.

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