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Thursday, November 15, 2012


According to the RT Live Update blog it seems the Israelis are planning to shutdown internet access to the Gaza Strip. If this is the case, then clearly the Israelis have further actions planned for the Gaza Strip. This is increasingly likely since, according to the IDF official Twitter account, rocket fire from the Gaza into Israel continued throughout the night keeping some one million Israelis in shelters overnight.

Meanwhile Israeli troops have been massing at the border with Gaza preparing for what may well be a full-on invasion of the Gaza Strip. As dawn breaks on Thursday morning any such invasion will likely be preceded by an intense air assault then artillery barrage as the tanks and troops move in. In another sign of an imminent attack, according to the IDF’s official Twitter account, Israel has dropped leaflets over the Gaza Strip warning civilians to keep clear of Hamas and other militants and their installations. This is reminiscent of a similar sequence of events prior to Operation Cast Lead.

A meeting of the UN Security Council was not able to resolve the crisis other than to plead to the belligerents to cease any further violence. While Arab states asked the UNSC to condemn the Israeli attacks on the Gaza, the US has strongly supported Israel’s military actions.  

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Anonymous said...

Every Jew on the planet (except any who actively oppose Zionism - prove it), plus all those who support Israel are responsible for the continuing carnage in Palestine - since the only way to stop the carnage is to bring Israel properly to heel = to full justice, and implement full right of return for the dispossessed Palestinians, their heirs & successors.