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Friday, July 20, 2012


Max Boot, one of neoconservatism’s most hawkish commentators, has today suggested that the US become involved in a post-Assad Syria. Boot doesn’t explain exactly how the US should get involved but he does explain why.

He seems to think that if the US doesn’t get involved now, then “our ability to shape the post-Assad country will be severely limited”. He goes on to write: “As always when dealing with the issue of regime change, the biggest challenge is not how to get rid of the old dictator but how to replace him with a stable, reasonably democratic regime”.

Is it any wonder that the Islamic world despise the US so much? Isn’t up to the Syrian people to decide what they want? Whatever happened to the right to self-determination? And why on earth would they want the US to intervene in setting up a new government?

The neocons are likely to be very disappointed with the new Syria. Getting rid of Assad will not make the Israelis any more popular with the Syrian people. Indeed, it was Assad that provided a certain degree of stability in relations between the two countries. But with Assad gone and a strong chance that an incoming government will be dominated by Islamists who haven’t forgotten that Israel occupies the Golan Heights that was stolen from the Syrians in the 1967 war, the government that replaces Assad is unlikely to want the US ‘involved’ in anything in Syria.

Arrogance and hypocrisy; the values that ‘they’ hate about ‘us’.

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