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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Odd, is it not, that Russia would reaffirm its recognition of a sovereign Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital and then, less than a fortnight later, some deranged person would blow themselves up at Moscow airport killing some 35 people and injuring scores of others.

According to reports, Russian police are hunting for three men said to be the suicide bomber’s accomplices. The suspects according to the reports are all from Russia’s predominately Islamic (Sunni) north Caucasus region which includes Chechnya.

The questions that analysts must ask are these: First the obvious one; is the bombing of Moscow airport linked to Russia’s recognition of Palestine and, if so, then who is responsible and why? And, secondly; if it is not linked and Chechen Islamic fighters are responsible, then why and to what end did they take this action considering that Chechnya has recently enjoyed a reasonable period of calm.

Certainly, it is not outside the realms of possibility that this bombing was a false flag operation designed to realign public opinion against the world of Islam which by association includes Palestine. Of course, if this is the case and it was a false flag bombing, then there can be little doubt that Mossad would have somehow been behind it.

If, however, Chechen fighters were responsible, then it may be that the bombing was carried out by some splinter group upset at the current status quo in Chechnya and with Russia.

One other possibility is that renegade Chechen fighter and leader, Dokka Umarov, had organised the bombing and, since he has in the past suggested that he would die fighting for his cause – indeed, it was recently reported that he may have already died – Umarov may even have been the bomber himself having decided to be a martyr to his cause. There is certainly a sense in his biography that having seen much of his own family killed over the years of fighting that he may well have considered that being a suicide bomber himself would be a fitting way to end his life. This is just supposition of course, but don’t be surprised if this is the case.

Getting back to the other scenario, however, a false flag operation organised by Mossad with the finger of blame being pointed at Chechen rebels is just as likely and achieves the same end for Israel.


Anonymous said...

Probably that is the case. God's Mossad must punish the rebellious evil empire for even suggesting that the holy land of Israel be divided with the heathen. Watch out! That's even worse than eating swine's flesh.

Anonymous said...

I am very puzzled about it to be honest, well, its confusing and curious isnt it, the main thing is that the fingerprint does not particularly match an islamic campaign of suicide bombing in this case does it, who would be idiot enough not to target a particular group (like in the Madrid and Moscow metro bombings, targetting Russian and Spanish, 9/11 targetting Americans and American economy, etc), and at the same time buy a fight with ALL of the International Community ? An International Arrivals hall have people of every sort of nationality in it, including arabs and muslims themselves, EU and US nationals, and as also reported by the Russian TV as common at that specific airport, Chechens themselves, it does obviously goes beyond an attack against Russia ?

Phishybongwaters said...

Seeing as Russia just reaffirmed it's commitment to recognizing a Palestinian state inside the 1967 borders, this was obviously the Palestinians right? I mean, if they just reaffirmed support for them, obviously they would go attack an airport.

I'm calling MOSSAD on this one, as mentioned, Chechens have been enjoying relative calm. And I'd think they would have claimed responsibility by now.

Mike said...

It's a Mossad operation. It's all too convenient, falls in line with Mossad/Israeli M.O. in regards to supporting an independent state of Palestine and the true masters of using the "suicide bomber" attack is the Mossad. If it sounds like a duck and walks like a duck, well then.....

Unknown said...

"It is difficult to bring such a quantity of explosives, the president noted. The airport management, all those who take decisions there and who are connected with the company “should be called to account,” Medvedev said." ..................
Also within just a very short period of the blast we get news from 'INTERFAX' news service quoting unnamed sources that three men walked away from the scene and were part of the plot; then another wire from "interfax' that an ARAB head was found.
Why does the world not wake up?

Also it is easy to set up a 'suicide attack'. .....
"Hey you dimwited guy.... need some quick cash? We are running a security exercise at the Moscow Airport; all we need is for you to help us test the response of the system. Here, put on this coat ... ok, ok, we know its heavy, but its part of the exercise.... YES YES we work with the security services .. here is our badge -- see?
Now we shall drive you there and all you have to do is walk through the doors at the arrival hall... its ok we shall show you where it is. We will pay you as soon as you come back out to the car."

Anonymous said...

Within minutes of the first report, I e-mailed blogs pointing out Israel's strong motive to punish Russia. There are very few true suicide attacks. There are millions of patsy's out there for the Mossad to use. Hey, take this package, suitcase or drive this car, truck to the airport, or whatever location and call me from this cell phone at this number when you arrive. Boom.

Anonymous said...

@Wendel ... you are so right. That is the well-known recipe used by Mossad / CIA for creating "suicide" hits. Just pay some stooge to drive a vehicle innocently through some market area on official business and then trigger off an explosion, remotely. How many times is this being done in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Remember, the SAS guys who were caught by Iraqi locals driving around dressed as Arabs shooting up the population. The Brits moved in quickly to free them, but not before the media got a chance to document it with footage, pics, etc.

What about the innocent Iraqi paid to drive a truck towards some market. Unfortunately for the trigger happy cowards, the poor sap got lost or something and got out of the vehicle to have a better look when his vehicle exploded and he survived. Most of these poor saps don't.

Wake up and smell the viral sh*t that is Israel, people. We won't live very long if we let them continue their deeds on this planet.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the Mossad/Israeli M.O. could be the case indeed, the operation would explain the lack of an Islamic fingerprint and the stupidity and lack of any sense of consequence against its own cause shown in the attack, which is normally, in all cases, displayed and associated to any type of, be it careless or not, staged scenarios and situations, as would also explain the westernized "Call of Duty"-type of scenario in the attack, as pointed out by the Russians themselves earlier this morning at

Anonymous said...

Isn't Medvedev a jews himself as has claimed? This wouldn't be the first time a cryto jew has ruled Russia.

Anonymous said...

This time it's a bomb in Russia, and who does Lataan blame?

The Jews.

Racist pig.

Damian Lataan said...

You're confused anonymous; I'm suggesting the Zionist scumbags that are the Mossad may be the culprits. It has their hallmarks all over it.

The true racist pigs are the Zionists that want to create a Jews-only state on lands that don't belong to them.

Anonymous said...

When Marxist terrorists from the radical extremist PFLP organisation hijacked an Air France airliner in 1976, leading to the famous Israeli raid on Entebbe to free the hostages, the terrorists referred to the captured Jewish hostages as "Zionists".

One of the hostages recounted how, when the Jewish men and women (who had been kept behind, with all non-Jewish hostages previously released) asked the terrorists how they can hold men & women hostage and threaten to execute them, the response was:

"You're Zionists!"

It's incredibly dangerous how radicals can find justification to hate innocent men, women & children.

It's all just semantics.

Call them "Zionists!" and any old racist can justify his Jew-hatred.

Damian Lataan said...

Clearly, Anonymous, the people that committed the Air France crime in 1976 were as ill-informed and confused as you are.

Perhaps those that committed the Air France crime were indeed racist; who knows?

But what is known for sure is that Zionists are racists.

brian said...

What suicide bomber?!

It was said to have been a suitcase bombing, so why would the bomber not just sit the suitcase down and leave?

Also ICTS is involved in Moscow airport security

it dosent take a rocket scientist to see whodunit

Observer said...

Amazing how people think they know everything but have zero evidence.
I blame the Lataanists for placing the suicide bomb. Motive? Everything!

Damian Lataan said...

Me and my army of followers were nowhere near Moscow. We were drinking wine at a boutique winery in South Australia at the time.