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Sunday, December 05, 2010


The murder and attempted murder of two Iranian nuclear scientists and academics last week together with the murder of others over the year seems to be the work of Mossad.

However, since Israel knows full well that Iran has no actual ‘nuclear weapons program’, one needs to ask why then are they assassinating Iran’s nuclear scientists?

The answer is simple; they need to convince the world that the Iranians indeed do have a ‘nuclear weapons program’ in order to get world public opinion to support an attack on Iran.

Since the relentless rhetoric and propaganda coming from Israel and the US over the years about Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’ has not as yet had the desired effect, the Israelis have launched a campaign to make their assertions more convincing. They have done this by stating that they have intelligence confirming Iran has a nuclear weapons program and that the evidence is so compelling that they are prepared to assassinate some of Iran’s nuclear scientists in order to stop the Iranian’s from having a bomb.

The evidence the Israelis claim to have comes from an Iranian laptop stolen in 2004 and is said to have had drawings confirming the existence of a nuclear weapon program. However, it has since been revealed that the documents and the so-called ‘evidence’ are fraudulent. This, though, has not deterred the Israelis from their determination to convince the world that the Iranians are out to destroy Israel with their nuclear weapons.

Despite all the rhetoric and the ratcheted up desperate propaganda of assassinating innocent scientists to convince the world, there is still not a skerrick of any evidence whatsoever to support any of Israeli and US claims that Iran has a ‘nuclear weapons program’.

When will the world wake up to Israel’s crimes? And for how long are Americans willing to be an accessory to those crimes?


tonymac7777 said...
The above sums it all up.
But, I do have an opposing viewpoint.
No one wants a nuclear Iran, but
if this method of war prevents an all out military confrontation, involving the USA, then so be it.
No more Americans need to be killed fighting wars for Israel.

Michael Pyshnov said...

I increasingly feel that all talk and show about coming war against Iran serves another purpose - to hide and obfuscate the killing of Palestinians. This is what REALLY going on now, it's an operation to finally exterminate this nation and force masses of Arabs to abandon the Palestine and flee. This is the operation that would be the main talk, but Iran talk is moving the Palestinian genocide out of sight.

David G. said...

Like the U.S., Israel kills those who oppose it! Both are predator nations, both are elitist, and both embrace religious extremism and brutality.

Both must be taken down especially the U.S. because it's after control of the world.