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Friday, July 09, 2010


According to a report in Ha’aretz, President Barack Obama ‘told Channel 2 News on Wednesday that he believed Israel would not try to surprise the U.S. with a unilateral attack on Iran’.

Obama and Netanyahu must think that the world is populated by totally thick people. What on earth makes Obama think that Israel would be capable of attacking Iran without the US knowing about it?

Perhaps the recent discussions between Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama went something like this:

Bibi Netanyahu: “Hey, Barack, can you send over several million litres of military jet fuel over and above the normal amount you usually send us?”

Barack Obama: “Sure Bibi. Anything else you need?”

BN: “Well, since you ask, how about around a hundred of them new beaut bunker buster bombs you’ve been developing?”

BO (BO?): “No worries, Bibi; anything else?”

BN: “Well, we could use a few million litres of military diesel as well if you can manage it”.

BO: “Easy fixed, Bibi. That it?”

BN: “That’ll do for now. If we need anything else, we’ll let you know.”

BO: “Sure Bibi, you just say the word.”

BN: “Thanks, Barack.”

BO: “No problems Bibi. Can I just ask what you need all this stuff for?”

BN: “It’s a surprise!”

Yeah, right!!


Anonymous said...

They can't please Israel enough.

I don't think Israel will attack Iran, not overtly anyway. They will get others, blame others and even trick the US into launching something. or convince the world that Iran started it. This is the only that Israel will get away with it somewhat, maybe not though.

I don't see it happening anytime soon, unless Israel/US provoke/trick Iran into doing something.

David G. said...

What's the betting that the U.S. converts to Judaism in the near future? It makes sense.

Then Israel could take over all the U.S. military bases and Zionism would quickly spread everywhere.

I'm buying my skullcap and a black hat tomorrow.

Be prepared, I say!


traducteur said...

Aggression against Lebanon in prospect, rather than Iran, according to this analysis:

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I love this punch line!!!!

"BO: “No problems Bibi. Can I just ask what you need all this stuff for?”

BN: “It’s a surprise!”