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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I should imagine that Israel and the US are quietly seething that China and Russia have decided not to veto further UN sanctions against Iran. Of course, they can’t actually be seen to be seething, indeed the opposite; they’ll have to put on a brave face and claim a victory.

What China and Russia’s ‘yes’ vote effectively does is deprive the US and Israel of the opportunity of attacking Iran any time soon. It also effectively allows Iran to call off the deal it struck with Brazil and Turkey thus leaving Iran with 1.2 tonnes of Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) that it would not have had if the Western powers had accepted the Iran-Brazil-Turkey deal. Now, instead of having been left with only 1.2 tonnes of LEU in its stockpile, it still has 2.4 tonnes which Iran now intends to enrich itself to the 20% level of enrichment required to produce isotopes for medical use.

Since the sanctions are almost ineffectual – which is why Russia and China went along with them in the first place – one might say that Israel and the US have been hoisted by their own petard. Certainly, they now have no excuse to attack Iran – and they’ve left Iran with more uranium than they would have if they’d have accepted the Iran-Brazil-Turkey deal.

It’s been almost a year since the Iranian elections and the unrest that followed. The West had hoped that by helping the opposition in Iran with propaganda alleging that the elections had been rigged and with financial support organising post election demonstrations, complete with agent provocateurs, that some kind of popular uprising could be fomented. It didn’t work. The Iranian government cracked down on the violent dissenters that threw petrol bombs at the police and security officials and the whole so-called green revolution collapsed.

What the West failed to understand about Iran, and continues not to understand, is that the people of Iran will stand together when it comes to external threats – especially from Israel and the US government. The mistake the West made during the Iranian elections was to misunderstand what those that were dissenting were actually dissenting about. Sure, they wanted greater transparency, and sure they want an economy that gives them jobs, and sure they want a better standing of living. But all these things are just standard everyday domestic problems which all nations at some time or another have to get to grips with. But the West failed to recognise this. They mistook the unrest, more out of wishful thinking than anything else, for a desire of the people to overthrow the entire Iranian regime when all many of them really wanted was just a change of government – a subtle difference which the West simply failed to appreciate.

Israel and their Western allies make no bones about their desire to affect regime change in Iran. The US and Israel would like to replace the theocratic regime with a Western-friendly regime that is compliant with Israel’s demand to cease supporting Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas. This would then allow Israel to realise their Zionist dream of a Greater Israel that would include all of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, and south Lebanon up to the Litani River.

All that stands between the late Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu, the spiritual leader of Israel’s Zionists who died just a couple of days ago, and his Zionist dream and its realisation, is Iran. The Rabbi’s most fervent follower, the Zionist Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is determined to see it come to fruition.

The only way such a dream can come to fruition is through a final confrontation with Iran that also allows Israel to attack Hezbollah, Hamas and the West Bank and to occupy and eventually annex the lands. The ONLY way they can do that is with the help of their allies in the West, particularly, the US.

The latest sanctions move by the UN with the support of China and Russia has thwarted their plans. Israel will need to find some other casus belli with which to start their Final Confrontation with Iran.

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IDHolm said...

'Jaw, jaw' is better than 'war, war.'

G'day Damian,

 nice article, up to here: "All that stands between the late Rabbi ... is Iran."

Is it possible that you're too-heavily discounting *world sentiment?*

Z-land is both an *illegal* and (worst) *immoral* project; as the internet allows more people to realise this grisly situation, is it not possible that the condemnation will grow to such howling levels, that the hapless Palestinians will be awarded the justice so long & desperately owing to them? The only alternative to peace-with-justice is eternal war, and that is simply not sustainable. Oh! IMHO.