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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yesterday (Saturday) Janine Zacharia, writing in the Washington Post, said:

Israeli officials and commentators say that nothing short of sanctions on Iran's energy sector will work. And with no sign of that in the offing, the prospect of Israeli military action – which Israeli officials have always said remains an option if sanctions fail – looms larger.

However, a unilateral Israeli military strike against Iran is not an option. It should be made perfectly clear that it is simply impossible for Israel to act ‘unilaterally’ against Iran. Any attack on Iran by Israel cannot be achieved without the complete support of the US.

Israel will require substantial amounts of military jet fuel which is supplied by the US. Israel will also require intelligence back-up support which can only be supplied by the US. Israel will require massive post-first strike support to prevent Iranian retaliatory strikes against Israel. Not only will retaliatory strikes by Iran be anticipated, but Iran’s proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas, will also need to have their retaliatory strike capability contained which, in turn requires even more jet fuel together with diesel fuel for ground forces. They also require a huge stockpile of ordnance for such a confrontation.

Today sees the start of a huge Israeli exercise that simulates a multi-pronged attack by Israel’s enemies. This has involved massing Israeli troops to the north of the country close to the border with Lebanon. In the last few weeks Israel has increased the number of provocative overflights of Lebanon and the talk generally has been of looming war.

Despite Iran’s recent deal with Turkey to swap uranium, the US has decided to go ahead with sanctions via the UN and is also seeking much tougher sanctions outside of the UN unilaterally and via the European Union. These moves are likely to upset the Russians and the Chinese who may now consider withdrawing their support for the UN sanctions resolution.

All of this, one may recall, is supposed to be based on the vague evidentially unsupported notion that the West and Israel suspects that Iran may have a nuclear weapons program and that it may use such a weapon on Israel despite the fact that, if it did, it would probably be the end of Iran.

Let’s get real here.

All this has nothing to do with any so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’; it has everything to do with ‘regime change’. And such regime change has nothing to do with stopping Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’ but rather stopping Iranian support of Hezbollah and Hamas and the Palestinian cause. Without Iranian support, Hezbollah and Hamas resolve to resist Israeli oppression, persecution and expansionist ambitions will be severely weakened. This is the ultimate goal of the Israeli Zionists and their neoconservative supporters in the US.

While Obama talks peace to placate a moody US public opinion, he has made it abundantly clear where his real loyalties lie as more money is handed over to the Israelis in order to purchase even more weapons as his Secretary of State makes increasingly louder noises about Iran and its ‘nuclear weapons program’.


michael mazur said...

No way weapons get into totally Israeli controlled Gaza, Damian, besides which, Hamas is Shin Bet controlled, for during the mass murder of 1400+ innocents during the 22 days of no risk to Israelis bombardment of Gaza over dec08/jan09 there was not a single Qassam rocket launched by Hamas onto Israel; all rocket launches shown were Israeli psyops stunts made for tv launched in the Negev to fall within the Negev.

In support of the above, MK Gilad Erdan in nov08 opined that an open air prison be built on the very open ground in southern Israel onto which `Hamas rockets` were falling so that `Palestinian terrorists` could be placed right there !

Not a bright statement for him to make, as we can realise from that that is exactly to where the rockets are aimed - open fields. Now why would Hamas have rockets explode on open fields in Israel only to invite a million fold retaliation - a hiding for nothing, as not even a `Jewish fingernail` has been harmed ?

Of course, Hamas itself would do no such thing, but Shin Bet mistaravim operatives passing off as Hamas certainly would, and did.

michael mazur said...

Well, Damian ? I sent in a comment each in respect of your last two posts . . .

Damian Lataan said...

Sorry, I've been extra busy and away a lot.