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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


There are two things about the Middle East that the world should be absolutely clear about. First, Israel has no intention of ever allowing any kind of Palestinian state to exist in any shape or form in any part of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Second, there is absolutely no way that Israel can ever launch an attack against Iran without US knowledge and US connivance. Any claim that an Israeli strike against Iran was completely ‘unilateral’ would be a lie.

The talk of ‘peace’ between Israel and the Palestinian people is nothing but a ruse to play for time while the Zionist Israelis await for an opportunity to arise that will provide them with the excuse they need to massively invade and completely occupy the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and south Lebanon up to the Litani River. These are the ultimate aims of the Zionists of Israel and their neoconservative supporters in the US and elsewhere around the Western world. And it is the hope of the Zionists of Israel that Iran somehow will provide the casus belli to initiate such a chain reaction of events that will allow Israel to fulfil its dream of creating a Greater Israel.

A quick review of the list of so-called peace initiatives that have been attempted shows just how insincere and hypocritical the Israelis have been about Palestinian independence. Ever since Israel came into existence there have been no end of so-called 'peace talks' including the Jarring Mission, the Rogers Plan, the Reagan Plan, the Oslo Accords, the Wye River Memorandum, the Camp David Summit, the Taba Summit, the Elon Peace Plan, the Nusseibeh-Ayalon Agreement, the Arab Peace Initiative, the Road Map to Peace, the Madrid Conference, the Hebron Protocol, the Annapolis Conference, the Beirut Summit, the Peace Valley Plan, etc., all of which have been going on for years and none of which – not one – have amounted to anything, and all the time while these talks and negotiations have been going on, Israel has slowly and insidiously permeated its way onto lands that do not belong to them.

Today, Israel’s modus operandi has become blatantly transparent. They have demonstrated that there will be no let up in the building of settlements in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem despite the rhetoric about wanting ‘peace’ – knowing full well that peace on Israel’s terms will not ever be acceptable to the Palestinian people and nothing that the Palestinians will concede to will ever be enough for the Zionists.

The neoconservatives and the Israel lobby in America have ensured that the US will never get serious about there ever being a Palestinian state. The Israel lobby have succeeded in ensuring that virtually all the members of Congress on both sides will unflinchingly support Israeli Zionism.

If Israel did attack Iran in what they would tell the world was a ‘unilateral pre-emptive first strike’, the world can rest assured that the US will respond by siding with Israel with immediate and massive follow-up strikes against Iran in order to deter Iran from retaliatory action against Israel and to compel Iran to capitulate or face further massive destruction upon their nation. Meanwhile, Israel will simultaneously attack both Hamas in the Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon and follow this up with full-on invasions of the Gaza Strip, south Lebanon and the West Bank on the pretext that these actions too are to pre-empt Hamas and Hezbollah retaliation after striking Iran. In the face of such a massive onslaught by the US and the Israelis, the Syrians are unlikely to respond with any great enthusiasm.

The West’s delusions about ‘peace’, a ‘Palestinian state’, and Irans suicidal bid to destroy Israel with a nuclear weapon will end in disaster for the people of the Middle East – and perhaps even the world.

There is now only one solution and that is the One State bi-national solution where the Jews of Israel live in equality with the Palestinian people, where the Golan Heights are returned to the Syrians, where both all of the Gaza strip and the West Bank becomes part of the new state and the Palestinians have full right of return with full compensation for their land losses paid for by the world community.

The alternative will be disaster for both the Arabs, the Israelis and the possibly the world.


Michael J. Totten, writing in the Zionist Neocon journal Commentary, has confirmed my assertion that attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities in order to destroy its weapons making ability is not what the Israelis really want. He writes:

"If the Israelis decide to use force, the nuclear facilities should not be the target. The government should be the target. And the U.S. should back Israel's play and even assist it, no matter how enraged American officials might be."

This is exactly the scenario I suggested years ago at this blog. He also foresees the same scenario I suggested with regard to Hamas in the Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon:

"Striking Iran would, in all likelihood, ignite several Middle Eastern wars all at once. Hamas and Hezbollah would bombard Israel with missile attacks. Lebanon and Gaza would both come under massive counterbattery fire."

I have suggested this, but the ‘counterbattery fire’ would be followed up by invasion and permanent occupation.

Totten also suggests that:

A military attack against Iran should be rolled out only if every conceivable peaceful solution fails first.

He knows, of course, that there is no ‘peaceful solution’ to a problem that only exists in the minds of Western and Israeli schemers and deceivers who are manipulating the West to support a strike against Iran. They know that Iran has no ‘nuclear weapons program’ but are perpetuating the myth that they have for the same reasons as they did with Iraq – only this time there is far, far more a stake.


Anonymous said...

just thought this might be of interest.

i belive that israel will not mount an attack on anyone until it has cleansed all the area's surrounding jerusalem, because the grander scheme is the rebuilding of king davids temple.

David G. said...

The creation of the Jewish State has created a nightmare for the whole world. That's what happens when you pander to the derangement of religious fanatics.

The period ahead for the world is very fraught. We could be approaching End Times.

Make the most of every day is my advice!

traducteur said...

to massively invade and completely occupy the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and south Lebanon up to the Litani River...

...and to exterminate or expel all the people who live in those areas, you might have added. The Zionist aim is, and has always been, a goyimrein, exclusively Jewish state.