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Monday, August 10, 2009


Israel seems determined to provoke its enemies hook or by crook in order to get a war going against Iran. If they’re not continually directly accusing Iran of having a nuclear weapons program – despite the total lack of any evidence to even suggest Iran has any nuclear weapons program – then Israel is accusing Hezbollah of wanting to attack Israelis and Israeli interests outside of Israel warning that, if any Israeli is harmed, Hezbollah will be held responsible. Just to help the provocation along, Israel is also still sending their military jets into sovereign Lebanese airspace. In their latest piece of warmongering chutzpah, Israel is accusing Hezbollah of stockpiling rockets in order to strike Israel. The ploy here is to use this as some sort of casus belli to attack Lebanon in the hope of dragging Iran into the fray – and then, of course, the US.

The irony is, if Hezbollah should get in first and attack Israel using Israel’s stockpiling of fuel and weapons from the US as a casus belli, the West would jump up and down in outrage, yet, if Israel attacks Hezbollah, all we hear about is how Israel is defending itself.

Israel has twice unsuccessfully attempted to invade and occupy Lebanon in order to secure control of the Litani River headwaters for its own use. It has failed in the past but they are determined. They hope that, with enough ‘provocation’, the West will this time turn a blind eye to their invasion and occupation of south Lebanon. And, while they’re at it, they’ll do the same to Hamas in the Gaza using the main event, their attack against Iran, as cover for the complete occupation of the Gaza, the West Bank and south Lebanon.

In order for the West to turn a blind eye to such an Israeli onslaught, Israel will have to ensure that any act of ‘terrorism’ against Israel or Israelis is really horrendous enough to make it worth while.

The world should prepare itself for an outrageous ‘false flag’ act of ‘terrorism’ from ‘Hezbollah’ at any moment.

According to a Ha’aretz report Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, yesterday said that, if Hezbollah joins the Lebanese government then Israel will hold the Lebanese government for any ‘attack’ against Israel by Hezbollah.

Deputy Israeli Prime Minister Dan Meridor was also quoted as saying; “Hezbollah is a terror organization that has become a semi-army. Basically, it is a branch of Iran on our northern border, with Syria's consent and with Lebanon's consent. This is not a healthy phenomenon”, highlighting the fact that Israel’s real enemy is still Iran and that the emphasised links between Hezbollah and Iran will be all the casus belli that Israel needs to attack Iran.

Ha’aretz are reporting that foreign fighters are making their way to the Gaza and that Hamas are sending recruits to Iran for training.

Israel are determined to link both Hezbollah and Hamas intrinsically to each other and to Iran in order to build up their casus belli to attack.



Anonymous said...

UN Security Council Resolution 1701 forbids Hezbollah arms build-ups or even placement below the Litani.

No such binding (or non-binding) resolution demands the soveriegn state of Israel not have weapons. After all, the same would then have to apply to others states, including Cuba and Venezuela!

traducteur said...

"Warmongering chutzpah" is good.

I ardently hope that Hezbollah does possess 40 000 missiles that can reach Tel Aviv. Give the swines what they've got coming to 'em!

Anonymous said...

"In order for the West to turn a blind eye to such an Israeli onslaught, Israel will have to ensure that any act of ‘terrorism’ against Israel or Israelis is really horrendous enough to make it worth while."

I disagree and frankly, I don't know why Israel goes to so much trouble trying to influence public opinion, when they own the media and have weapons of mass mind control (see HAARP) to neutralize the tiny percentage of the population who actually gives a shit.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the American people won't fall for another of their 9/11 false flags this time around.

Anonymous said...

if the U.S.S.A. were a legitimate 'whirled peas' seeking power, then the country would put down the anti Iran bucolic and start pushing for Israel's disarmament, because Israel is the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the middle east, and is the most belligerent threat to stability in the region with more than 250 nuclear warheads.

as for IRAN, they are a signatory to the NPT, and have a right to pursue nuclear power.

the U.S.S.A. is an illegitimate, criminal, rogue nation controlled by the Israeli MOSSAD and the Knesset likudnik's.

it's time to change this, but alas, we're not dealing with a sane or rational regime in Washington, D.C., but yet another 'puppet' of Israel.

the world needs to force sanctions on the U.S. and Israel, and push for both of these nations to DISARM NOW.

disarm, or face being isolated and completely unable to trade.

either this is done, or the planet is in grave danger of a world war, the next one being with thermonuclear weapons brought about by another illegitimate and illegal use of power by the U.S. and Israel against Iran.

Anonymous said...

UN security council forbids israel to fly over soveriegn lebanese airspace, forbids israel from to come close to litani or any soveriegn lebanese land or sea.
So when Israel abides, the lebanese people and government will ask hizballah not to arm itself anymore. until then, and because the lebanese people dont want to live in fear of murder from the israeli governmment and people, we will do the best we can to help defend ourselves.
and what a propaganda project that is going on right now in israel preparing for the strike on lebanon, although nothing is goin on here in lebanon.

Olive Farmer said...

The targeting of the jews as the global elite is a part of their game. The elite have a long history of putting jews into uncomfortably hot places and arousing fear of and hatred for this part of the global family. The entirity of the history of Israel is the history of a people being set up by the elite for yet another almighty reckoning. Their holocaust indoctrination, their rewarding of belligerence, their foundation by terrorism, their occupation of Palestine, the impending false flag operation against them (nuclear?) scheduled ofr early September is my guess, all of these elements point to Israel being the fount of WW3 and the patsy of the global elite, crushed between the jaws of massive retaliatory agression and the superpowers land grab in the middle east.
Will it survive? Doubtful.

Bibi's Lunatic Fringe said...

Israelis might be thieves, cranks and liars but they're not stupid. They won't attack Iran because the Iranians will Iraqify them - no matter how long it takes. It's very likely that they'll attack Lebanon again; if only to claw back some credibility (and 'send a message' to Iran - LOL). But 3 things have changed since '06.

1. The Leb armed forces will actually put up a fight next time; and they'll do so in coordination with Hezbollah.

2. The retaliation will be with rockets which can be aimed at, and hit, targets in Tel Aviv and Haifa (Jerusalem will be probably be off-limits for the counter-attack).

3. As part of the counter-attack, the Lebs will invade Israel and attempt to capture something the Israelis will be happy to swap for Golan. Along the way they'll try to kill more IOF 'soldiers' than the number of civilians murdered by the IOF in '06. I'd rate the Lebs chance of success at around 60-40.

Israel is finished as a military power, no matter what you read in the media. They've telegraphed too many shots and they were never "warriors" to begin with - too risk averse, like the Yanks.
Fortune favours the Bold, not the Lily-livered.

traducteur said...

In sha' Allah, BLF!

Anonymous said...

I'm QUITE sure that the majority of Americans are ripe and ready to fall for another "9/11"....hook, line, and stinker!They had a day or two of collective hugs post 9/11 but that is now ancient history.

Anonymous said...

Israel will try to first eliminate the threat of the Lebanese Resistance just before planning an attack on Iran.
Bibi Netanyahu has been very active lately trying to ensure Russian support to attack Iran in exchange for political maybe even military/technological/economic concessions.
The disappearance of the Arctic Sea is no coincidence, it has the Mossad rat claw prints all over it.
Israel will invade Lebanon again, its a matter of time. They started massing their armies at the border in August of 2009.
All I hope is that the Lebanese stand together against an Israeli assault and make South Lebanon a mass cemetery of IDF soldiers.

Our people are a proud people and we have dealt with occupation for the past 3000 years.

Israel will be crushed again just as it did in 2006 and will finally realize that the Lebanese are not the Egyptians. That as few as 10,000 Lebanese are more powerful than the 80 million Egyptians who bow and accept Israeli terms.

Israel will learn that their cowardly soldiers who seem to be very effective in killing Palestinian children will face a resistance in Lebanon that only the bible has prophecized about.

Netanyahu, an attack on Lebanon and the Lebanese people will be the last dirty deed your illegitimate apartheid state will ever make in its short history.

trisha said...

I'm amazed that everyone takes the view that Israel is against Iran because of its being a potential threat. This is far from true. Israel is running out of water. Lebanon has plenty, flowing through the Litanni River. Israel needs to seize Southern Lebanon to gain access to it. Iran supports Hezbollah, so it must be destroyed first. Won't work, of course, but Israel is desperate!

Damian Lataan said...

That, Trisha, is about it in a nutshell!

This whole business about Iran having a nuclear weapons program is really about finding an excuse to to attack Iran to kick off regime change. That will then give the Israelis a free hand to act in South Lebanon.