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Sunday, June 14, 2009


The reality is that the US and Israel and their Western allies couldn’t care less who the President of Iran is; the Mullah’s actually run the country and it is the Mullah’s who provide the support, through whoever the Iranian people elect to be their President, to Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Israeli Arabs, and it is that which drives the propaganda and rhetoric against Iran.

Not unpredictably, the accusations are now flying thick and fast that Ahmadinejad’s overwhelming victory at the polls was as a result of voter fraud. Such accusations in the West are simply a knee-jerk reaction in an effort to counter what is an even bigger victory for Ahmadinejad; the massive propaganda boost he gets from having won the election so convincingly and proving himself to be such a populist President. The Western media in the lead-up to the elections pushed along the so-called ‘moderate’ that stood for election highlighting the massive rallies that supported the opposition ‘moderate’ candidate but failed to highlight the even bigger rallies that were held in support of Ahmadinejad, at least one being so big that it was considered wise for Ahmadinejad not to show up least it became a security risk, as if pushing the ‘moderate’ in the Western press was actually going to influence voters in Iran. The bottom line is; the Iranian people have shown their overwhelming support for Ahmadinejad and, in doing so, have also shown their support for the Mullah’s and the Palestinian and Arab cause against Israeli Zionism.

But, ultimately, nothing has changed as far as the Israelis and their Western allies are concerned. Iran, by its support of Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Arab Israelis, is still all that stands between the Zionists and the realisation of their dream of a Greater Israel. Iran’s continued and quite legitimate program to enrich uranium for use in power generation will remain the center of attention for the Israeli and Western right-wing propagandists attempt to demonise Iran with the Israelis hoping that they will be successful in convincing the world that Iran seeks nuclear weapons and is intent on using them against Israel. Such a threat will eventually become the excuse the Israelis need to attack Iran and bring about ‘regime change’ with the help of the US.

Since Obama became US president, the Israelis have been somewhat frustrated in their push to get the world to support an attack against Iran despite upping the tempo of their propaganda and rhetoric against Iran and Ahmadinejad and their so-called nuclear weapons program. Despite their unrelenting insistence that Iran, indeed, is seeking nuclear weapons, Israel has failed to provide the world with any evidence whatsoever that supports their claims. Even US support of these claims is now half-hearted with recent IAEA reports and US National Intelligence Estimates reports failing to find any hard evidence at all of a nuclear weapons program or evidence of enrichment beyond that needed for power generation.

The only benefit the Israelis have from an Ahmadinejad win is that they don’t have to start all over again to demonise a comparatively unknown new ‘moderate’ Iranian president; they can now simply can get on with demonising the one they already know so well with the hope that affairs in the Middle East might be so manipulated that there will arise just the excuse they need to attack Iran and their other enemies.

Ahmadinejad’s re-election to the Iranian presidency has changed nothing as far as the Israelis are concerned. However, his re-election by such a spectacular margin does demonstrate that, contrary to Western propaganda, Iran is still a proud Islamic nation that supports its president’s stand against Israeli and Western pressures and supports the Palestinian and Arab peoples fight against Zionist aggression and occupation.

Ahmadinejad and the hierarchy of the Iranian government have shown that they have the support of the Iranian people. While Israel and the neocons once believed it might be able to attack the Iranian government and trigger another Iranian revolution against the Mullah’s and the theocratic state, they now know that such an attack against Iran will serve only to galvanise the people of Iran against Israel in particular and the West generally.

Where will the Israeli and US propaganda spin head now? Watch out for accusations of collusion between ‘al Qaeda’ and Iran and increasing Iranian ‘interference’ in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There will be more stories emerging about Iranian support for Hamas and Hezbollah particularly with supplies of rockets and other armaments. The search for a casus belli to attack Iran will increase in pace and if Israel can’t find an excuse, be assured they’ll eventually create one.

Meanwhile, the Israelis and their right-wing Western allies are hoping that the disappointment of the supporters of the losing candidate, Mir Hossein Mousavi, will spill over into some kind of popular uprising against the government. No doubt agent provocateurs from Israel and their allies will be in Tehran doing all they can to stir unrest in the capital.


Anonymous said...

my letter to

Hi common dreams
Chavez has accepted the win by Ahmadinejad, but not the western MSM and left wing media...why?

Here is what you may also like to publish:

Its interesting, when we see election fraud in th US, as in 2004,there are no riots..while where there is no fraud in iran, we see riots?


IDHolm said...

G'day Damian,

a 'nice' post; I did one myself today: "green revolution (Iran)."

It seems that the AusBC is having a 'proper' tantrum, no doubt following the lead of the rest of the (corrupt, venal) MSM.

BUT: What do they hope to achieve out of all this? One can only demonise someone so far; all sorts of 'provoking' and 'denying' have already been well and truly 'done to death.'

The reports say, that the Iranian establishment is behind the results, and from Brian's ICH:

«It’s also worth mentioning that contrary to what our media would have us believe, Ahmadinejad doesn’t have much power in Iran. The President is not the most powerful person in the country. He is not the commander in chief and does not control the army and the intelligence and security services. He does not have the power to go to war. Those powers are reserved for the supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah Khomeini.»

It's also pointed out that 'winning' an election via 'hanging chads' smelt 'to high-heaven.'

Sooo, what's all this so-called 'Western' fuss leading up to? They can hardly do "All options!" on the basis on an election - eh??!

Anonymous said...


It seems strange to hate Right-wing leaders in the Western world, yet stand up for Right-wing leaders elsewhere.

Their politics are the same, worldwide.

Damian Lataan said...

G’day IDH, the election in Iran has been and gone and the only thing left to do now is to wait and see what Israel’s next move will be.

Obama has made it quite clear up to now that it will not be supporting any Israeli pre-emptive strike against Iran. The US is insisting on talks first and, obviously, now that the elections are out of the way, they now know who it is they are going to be talking to.

Iran is insistent that it will go ahead with its program of producing electricity from nuclear power using fuel rods that it has produced – they want to be self-sufficient – and Ahmadinejad, in the light of his stunning victory, now feels he has a clear mandate to continue on this course; he clearly now has the full support of his people. This in itself may be seen as a fly in the ointment for the US who now knows that talks are unlikely to end in Iran giving up its uranium enrichment. Israel too will play this up to the hilt and say that talks are now useless and that the only way to stop the Iranians is to bomb their facilities. Whether or not this ploy works for the Israelis remains to be seen and, if it doesn’t, then it’s back to the drawing board to come up with some other cunning plan to create a casus belli with which to attack Iran.

Anonymous, it’s not a matter of ‘hating right-wing leaders and governments in the Western world’ and supporting ‘others elsewhere’; it’s a simple matter of fighting aggression, racism, persecution and deprivation of peoples unable to defend themselves, greed, injustice, land-grabbers, resource-grabbers, etc., no matter where one finds it. It’s as simple as that.

Wen said...

Hi Damian, Good post. For another very informed take on Iran try this

IDHolm said...

(almost) random comments ...

 .. what we can see ...

   .. is what we will likely get ...

     .. what we can't see - is probably criminal


1. Ahmadinejad has 'won,' with the support of Khamenei.

2. That it was a 'color coup' attempt is supported by the 'green;' either an incredibly naïve ploy on behalf of Mousavi, or an over-the-top (aka typical hubristic) touch by the (foreign; CIA/Mossad, take your pick) subversion/psyop-perpetrators.

3. The violence; IF we, truth and justice seeking bloggers, from half-way around the world, know that Khamenei has all the power, that Khamenei had publicly congratulated Ahmadinejad, THEN those on the ground over there must also know, most likely far better than we, that when Khamenei says "Jump," they ask "How high, Sir?" - i.e. they don't go on a rampage. Rampaging - in the face of the revolutionary guards, say - would always come to some painful end - one might think. Sooo, who would rampage - except erring ideologues, the exact type who would fall for a CIA/Mossad-type siren-song (i.e. a false and misleading promise of freedom?)

4. The incredible, indecent even, AusBC slavering, which (IMHO!) goes all the way - in confirming USrael complicity. Money for jam.

[cross posted]

IDHolm said...

never trust any statistic ...

 .. that you didn't forge yourself ...

   .. "They'd have to say that, wouldn't they?"

     .. yet another c-theory - this time hardly joking at all


Q: How did the Mousavi rampagers get the idea the election was 'fixed' anyway?

A: They fixed it themselves, but were outfoxed and counter-fixed.

Thinking all the time...

[cross posted]

Anonymous said...

On how the US defence dfept sees protests!

Defense Department sees protests as terrorism
Oakland Tribune staff
Posted: 06/14/2009 03:06:11 PM PDT
Updated: 06/15/2009 06:09:22 AM PDT
June 10
Antiterrorism training materials used by the Department of Defense teach that public protests should be regarded as "low-level terrorism," according to a letter of complaint sent to the department by the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California.
"Teaching employees that dissent on issues of public concern is something to be feared, rather than encouraged, is a dangerously counterproductive use of scarce security resources, making us less safe as a democracy," Northern California ACLU staff attorney Ann Brick and ACLU Washington national security policy counsel Michael German wrote in the letter to Gail McGinn, acting undersecretary of Defense for personnel and readiness.
"DOD employees cannot accomplish their mission of protecting our nation and its values unless they understand that those values encompass the right to criticize our government through protest activities," they wrote. "It is imperative that they are taught the difference between political, religious or social activism and terrorism."
Among the multiple-choice questions included in its Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness training course — an annual training requirement for all DOD personnel that is fulfilled through

Web-based instruction — the department asks the following: "Which of the following is an example of low-level terrorist activity?" To answer correctly, the examinee must select "protests." The ACLU wants that changed immediately, and it wants corrective information sent to all Department of Defense employees who received the training.