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Saturday, April 28, 2007


The Lyon, France, based Australian independent Israeli Lobbyist Dylan Kissane has been caught out in a fraudulent lie. Kissane, well known to me and regular readers here, has been commenting on this blog over the last few days posing as an ‘anonymous’ commenter. He has now commented on his own hate blog about the series of comments recently made on this blog as though he is simply a third party observer criticising this blog. On his blog Kissane moans about the fact that I deleted a comment from a ‘commenter’; Kissane’s blog distinctly infers that he is not the commenter.

Still with me?

OK. The problem for Kissane is this – and it is this that exposes him to be the truly deceitful and desperate liar and fraud that he really is:

I did indeed delete the comment that he refers to and which he even reproduces on his own blog. However, the only way that Kissane would have known that I deleted his comment and also have known what the comment was word for word, was if he had written and posted it himself because I deleted it AS SOON AS IT ARRIVED AT MY DESK. No more than a few minutes would have passed between the comment being posted and me deleting it. There is absolutely no way that Kissane could have known that I deleted a comment and known what it said verbatim unless he had posted it himself – which, of course, the lying little loon denies.

His obsessive hatred is his own undoing.

He doesn’t get called ‘Desperate Dylan the Lying Loony Lobbyist from Lyon’ for nothing!


Anonymous said...

...or he's sharing notes with Will Howard, Geoff Pahoff or any of the other 'kvetchers' over at David Davis' little hovel.

Damian Lataan said...

...all of whom are as big a bunch of liars and deceivers as Kissane!

It's almost as though extremist right-wing Zionists share some common psychotic syndrome where they feel that the only way they can justify their Islamophobic paranoia is by going into some kind of denial state about their own extremism. They do this by going to amazingly complex manipulations of accusing everyone that doesn't go along with their right-wing Zionist rhetoric as being 'Nazi anti-Semites' when the only people that are really behaving like the very Nazis they destest are themselves. Weird!!

Anonymous said...

Of COURSE is was my comment, Damian - and thanks for providing a response. As per normal, you again labelled me a Nazi without addressing the question I asked but, hey, you've already said on here that ad hominem attacks are fine with you when it comes to me so what more could I expect, right? If I was imagining a reasoned response then I guess I was just in in a midafternoon dream mode...

As for "He doesn’t get called ‘Desperate Dylan the Lying Loony Lobbyist from Lyon’ for nothing!"...I think you should be a little clearer and note that except for on your blog I don't get called this at all. Alliteration might be amusing to you but, really, every extra adjective you add to a person's name in anger is evidence that they are getting under your skin.

Feel free to keep dropping by my blog: you do seem to like it a lot!

Damian Lataan said...

I don't address questions from lying Ziononazis like you Kissane. And of course I'm more than happy to label you and your friends as 'Ziononazis'.

I guess backed into a corner you had little alternative but to admit to your deceit. Readers can now see for themselves what a disgusting obsessed liar you are.

What you 'think' is of no interest to me. I shall always be there to expose you and your Ziononazi friends for the liars and deceivers that you are.

Damian said...

You've been pwned, Kissane.

Anonymous said...

I think Lataan has been pwned on this one..

Damian Lataan said...

Well, someone's been 'pwned' but having no idea what it's supposed to mean, I couldn't tell you who.