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Friday, November 24, 2006


It seems that the sleazy pseudo intellectual Will Howard over at Webdiary is practising his lies and deceit once again. This time Webdiarist Phil Kendall has stumbled upon the way Will Howard purveys his deceit. Will Howard claims he is not an Israeli apologist and not an Israeli Lobbyist in the sense that Mearsheimer and Walt classically describe the Israeli Lobby, which Will Howard blatantly insists does not exist – a deceit in itself.

Despite his denials however, Will Howard has consistently argued vigorously (albeit unsuccessfully) for the right-wing Zionist Israeli position, which indeed is the lobby that Mearsheimer and Walt refer to. Perhaps Will Howard is labouring under the delusion that the Israeli Lobby is some kind of formalised organisation of Diaspora Jews outside of Israel that barrack for the right-wing Zionist Israelis in whatever country they happen to be in; in Will Howard’s case, Australia.

He says that he is an Australian citizen as though this somehow provides a moral fence which provides him with the cover of just being a commentator rather than being an Israeli Lobbyist. Yet more deceit. Citizenship of a country other than Israel hasn’t stopped the likes of Joshua Muravchik or Max Boot or Michael Ledeen or Douglas Feith or Elliot Abrams or William Kristol or John Podhoretz, et al, all of whom are American citizens, from being part of the Israeli Lobby. And citizenship of Australia hasn’t stopped Will Howard either from being part of the Israeli Lobby.

Will Howard can deny being an Israeli Lobbyist until he is blue in the face. All he is succeeding in doing is demonstrating the length to which he is prepared to practice his disgusting deceit and lies.


Friedham I. Whont said...

G'day Damian,

and thanks for your perceptive insights.

Until "Shock and Awe" (aka Blitzkrieg) loomed for Iraq, I had taken a more or less casual attitude to politics and the MSM.

But so concerned was I by the apparent criminality of what the US (plus UK, Aus) was planning, I began take a much closer interest in what was going on.

Naturally enough it came as a complete shock, not 'just' the criminality of the (then) imminent illegal invasion of Iraq, but I found that we the sheople have been continuously propagandised, starting at least from the (similarly illegal, similarly ghastly) A-bombings.

Almost as an 'aside,' I found that the 'Israeli story' was also almost entirely false; that it was hardly 'poor little Israel' as the 'pushed paradigm' as daily revealed via our (venal!) MSM would have it. Rather, it appears to my analysis that Israel was established on less to the point of no 'legal' basis, but almost exclusively on the basis of (murdering) violence, and so it continues to this very day.


I made a post to WD last night, in response to what I perceive as the increasingly 'bad behaviour' of Will Howard. The post has been delayed, and the format was queried. There being nothing wrong with the format (AFAIK; I always 'preview' before posting), I found myself in a bit of a quandary.

Sooo, being inspired by seeing this post of yours, I created this:

The delayed, possibly rejected WD post is now on that site (ever so slightly modified, in the spirit of continued progress).

I'm working on the basis of something like 'The truth will set us free.'

Some hopes are held.

Damian Lataan said...

G’day Phil,

The elements of the Israeli Lobby – and this includes Messrs. Pahoff, Lyvers, Parsons, et al, as well as Will Howard – that use Webdiary as an informal forum and platform from which they disseminate their lies and deceit, are, of course, now getting their comeuppance in terms of their rhetoric being exposed for the lies that they are.

It was the Israeli Lobby that pushed for the war against Iraq and the lies that were told to get that going have now been well and truly exposed. This, however, does not stop them. Now they are trying to perpetuate their lies and deceit only this time against Iran. And, just to add insult to their already discredited line, they are using exactly the same lies to push for war against Iran as they did for pushing the war against Iraq.

It demonstrates how shallow and transparent their lies and deceit are. They now have no audience accept each other, and have lost all credibility. They do the ordinary Israeli people and the ordinary peoples of the world wide Jewish Diaspora a disservice with their continuing rhetoric of lies and deceit.

Good luck with your blog Phil.

Friedham I. Whont said...

G'day Damian,

and thanks for your answer and good wishes.

I see that your site has been defaced by some anonymous coward (my fault; I hadn't enabled 'anon,' now rectified; an avalanche of further such stuff could 'happen,' thanks Rumsfeld). Probably one of WD's resident ZioNasties, and if I had to put one name to it I'd say the first of your three, who I've short-handed to Pa, Pa & lit'li.

A note on the pronunciation of Pa, Pa & lit'li; in order to identify the order (we know the 'order' of B, B & H, say: it's that of the Conga-line of Suck-holes), we have to distinguish between the two 'Pa's; so it goes like this: Pa(Huh?) - Pa(Sss!) - and little-Eee... Say no more, except to short-hand this group + WD and last (and yes, least) JW as the Ausrael troll-obby. At the very least, birds of a very peculiar feather.

Yes, I know about the neoCon cabal, but I'd always put them down more as neoNasties than ZioNasties; it was never on my mind to go 'Jewish' or any other -ish or -ist. But then I made a chance remark (added perhaps too hastily near the end of a hard-work post) and the sky - in the form of the now mostly 'missing' 3rd man at WD - fell on me.

Without telling (further) tales out'a school, it seems possible that that incident unleashed the present ad-hom madness, starting with 'propagandist' and 'dickhead' then finally the discussion has been 'nuanced' right into the gutter. Too bad, and justice then was not just not seen to be done, it was not done at all. Except, that is, for the 'missing' 3rd man. The 'tanty' was (only partly) apologised for, but the damage was done.

I agree with the theory that the WD ZioNasties, our own little Ausrael troll-obby are so emotionally twisted that they can't tell the difference between night and day - let alone recognise murder for spoil for just what it is.

Back to the US ZioNasty cabal. I read two pieces yesterday from ICH that give some hope:

1. Expert: Bush can't attack Iran
Security expert tells forum: US president has no credibility, unable to initiate Iran attack
Yaakov Lappin

2. U.S. Retreat from Iraq? The Secret Story
By Tom Hayden
According to credible Iraqi sources in London and Amman, a secret story of America’s diplomatic exit strategy from Iraq is rapidly unfolding.

Whatever. My own thoughts are a) that the US will simply have to abandon any and all (wet!)dreams of 'oil-control' and join the queue like everyone else, and b) toadally® withdraw, no bases, no presence, just 'geddout!' Will it happen? IMHO, not like that, even if ever.

Friedham I. Whont said...

Ooops! in my '3:49 PM'

"this group + WD"

should read

"this group + WH"

Tooo many abbreviations...

Damian Lataan said...

Garbage that comes to this site ends up where it belongs - in the rubbish bin.