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Friday, September 08, 2006


It’s good to see at long last that the mainstream media (MSM) are beginning to publish articles about the so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ that surround the events of 9/11 – even if they are in an attempt to debunk them. It means that if the MSM is going to so much trouble to debunk them then the truth about what really happened that fateful day is finally beginning to emerge into the public domain and that the western governments who have an interest in maintaining the façade of the ‘official version’ of events are becoming worried that their story is coming apart at the seams.

Of course, the present spate of articles in the MSM are designed to reinforce the statements that President Bush recently made when trying to shore up his support for the continued ‘war against terror’.[1]

In one recent article in the UK Telegraph by Michael Shelden one can almost sense the desperation in his narrative as he tries to dissuade readers from believing the claims of Dr. Steven E. Jones, the university physics professor from Utah who is a leading light in the 9/11 Scholars for Truth movement, that the twin towers of the World Trade Center could not have collapsed solely because aircraft had crashed in to them and that, therefore, there must have been some kind of conspiracy involved in order that a secondary cause for the towers collapse could be effected. Shelden doesn’t attempt to debunk Jones’ assertion but, instead, tries to belittle Jones by referring to some of Jones’ other non-related theories about religious characters in Mexican history, etc.[2]

Then there is Alexander Cockburn’s attempt to do a similar job on Dr. David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor.[3] Cockburn in his piece in The Nation attempts to frame Griffin’s synopsis of what happened on 9/11 within the notion that Griffin has a “…devout, almost preposterous belief in American efficiency”, inadvertently inferring that it was American inefficiency that allowed the attacks to happen.[4]

Meanwhile, Abraham H. Foxman of the pro right-wing Zionist Anti-Defamation League writes, predictably, in the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California that conspiracy theories about 9/11 are anti-Semitic. He bases this assertion on the fact that it was reported that many Israeli employees at the WTC did not attend work that day because they had been warned of the possibility of an attack. “This outrageous lie”, Foxman says, “took off like wildfire and became the centerpiece of the conspiracy theory that is accepted by millions of people in the Islamic world, and others around the globe, that it was Israel and the Jews, not al Qaida, that perpetrated the terrorist event of Sept. 11, 2001.”[5] We need, so Foxman seems to think, to know this because not only have millions of people in the Islamic world got a few doubts about the official version of events but now so have millions of people throughout the western world and, indeed, in growing numbers across the US. The latest figures show that over a third of Americans now believe that there is a lot more to the 9/11 story than the official government version would have us believe as the new Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll shows.[6]

The governments of the coalition of the willing and their compliant and supportive mainstream media are getting worried. We can expect to see a lot more of these types of articles appearing in the MSM trying desperately to debunk so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ and, of course, the more they try then the more likelihood there is that people that were previously not interested in conspiracy theories and were content with the official version will now be wondering if there isn’t something in these stories after all!

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Anonymous said...

First they ignore you.
Then, they make fun of you.
Then, they fight you.
Then, you win.

I would say we are entering the fight segment.

Yippee-ki-yay. The wheels go round.

Anonymous said...

See the 9/11 investigation video put out by several widows* of the 9/11 WTC travesty.

This powerful documentary will be broadcast worldwide at this Weds. Sept 13, at 10 PM Pacific.
(On cable Ch 77/29 in Seattle, King County)

The show is entitled "9/11 Press for Truth" and will run for 58 minutes uninterrupted on the weekly show, called "All-ways Pursuing Truth." 10 PM Weds.

Maybe these widows* had a personal reason to learn exactly what all happened to kill their spouses and turn their corporate American Dream into a nightmare.

*Known as the 'Jersey Girls'
Order the video at or at
Based in part on "The Terror Timeline" by Paul Thompson

The widows conclude: "They lied, they all lied."

May God bless American wives in Amerika,

Pastor Don, Producer AWPT.

Anonymous said...

The mainstream media are getting hysterical against alternate accounts of 9/11 because they know they are known collaborators and liars for the ruling elites whose interests were served by the attacks.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why so many would think that no Israelies died in the WTC.

Maybe, instead of anti-semitism, it has something to do with the fact that its TRUE!

The only Israeli to die on 911 was the Mossad Agent flying on UA Flight 175.

William R. Schultz / The Majority Voice said...

All the obvious discrepencies, concerning the staged 911 attacks, and the MSM's involvement are clearly laid out at my blog
If you haven't connected all the dots yet read this blog.

Anonymous said...

Once the culprits behind 911 have been punished, let us seek prosecution of key media figures. Journalistic freedom does not include acting as an agent for government attempting to enslave the nation. This in itself was horrific crime. They should be put on notice.

Archive the evidence for future

Anonymous said...

The question that is never asked is:-
....If the recent horrendous Israeli attacks on Hezbollah in the Lebanon were in fact 'proportionate' to their fears, then what were / are the feared weapons.
Possibly TAC NUCS sourced from the Black-Market and carried in an ambulance with a Red Cross on the roof??
Only one would need to reach Haifa and there detonated even as a dirty bomb for the consequences on Israel to be very serious.

Anonymous said...

That's not the last stroke from the MSM or their owners, the CENTRAL BANKERS and the FREEMASONS. Rest assure, it is going to get even more hot. They will strive to ban info from the internet, and DO EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER to suppress you (Maybe what I'm posting will delay it, but these bastards have a way of waiting it out and usually the damage done to their position and authority is a cause their children and grand children take) by any dirty trick you can think of(just imagine being in their shoes and whatever sinister thing you can think of....they will do it). So far, they are running out of their books of dirty tricks...but one still remains: "THIS BLOGGER AND ALL THE 9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT HAVE A PSYCHOTIC MIND OR ARE SUPPORTERS AND SYMPATHIZERS OF AL-QAEDA, AND THREAT TO AMERICA'S AND THE WORLD'S FREEDOM LOVING COUNTRIES! (plus doing something and pinning it on 9/11 truth movement)".

GOD BLESS US ALL, and shit on these families that own the central banks and of the Illuminati.

Anonymous said...

That unique "Israeli" that died was a billionaire.

But what does an elite from Isreali special forces, expert in terrorism doing amongst all these hijackers?

Some press have stated it was Lewin's seat number mentioned by the stewardess as being "the ring leader."

Still, I think you are wrong. There was a grand total of two Israelis that died that day.

The real story is how many people got the Israeli instant message (Odigo) to clear out of the buildings two hours in advance of the strike?

Anonymous said...

What a shame it is that it is not militarily or politically viable for the sound of mind who remain on this planet to reduce "Tela-bib", and other military instalations in Mordor to a bunch of filthy nuclear glass. Never do we use the word "impossible", simply not viable.

Anonymous said...

Why has Alexander Cockburn on his CounterPunch website pulled his report dated 31st July 2005 that was entitled:-
'Lost nuclear warheads from B-52 now in Iran??'

dingo said...

Good commentary. I've been reading all the "hit" pieces on the "conspiracy nuts". Most of them avoid evidence, except selectively, and mainly confine themselves to ad hominem attacks and name-calling.

Although I remain agnostic on what precisely happened on 9/11—after all most of the evidence has been suppressed—I suppose I’m part of the “let it happen on purpose” school of thought. Too many things went wildly wrong and there has been too much lying—especially from the Pentagon and the Cheney cabal—not to suspect that they have a lot more to hide than mere incompetence.

Certainly, the Bush appointed 9/11 Commission, carefully orchestrated by Philip Zelikow, an actual member of the Bush presidential transition team, a friend and co-author with Condelezza Rice, and a leading ideologue in the whole “global war on terror” (GLOT) was a whitewash.

Even Thomas Keane, head commissioner, now admits that the Pentagon lied systematically and yet nothing was done to force them to tell the truth. Lucky for them they weren’t covering up something important like a blowjob.

"Fog of War could explain why some people were confused on the day of 9/11, but it could not explain why all of the after action reports, accident investigations and public testimony by FAA and NORAD officials accounts of 9/11 was untrue."

I have a few problems, however, with some of the more speculative so-called “conspiracy” theories. For example, if the entire 9/11 “attack” was manufactured in Dick Cheney’s elves of evil workshop, why were 15 of the ‘alleged’ hijackers Saudi Arabians and none Iraqis? If you don’t want to attack your business partners, the Saudis, and you do want to attack Iraq, then why not plant a phantom Iraqi or two on board? Makes no sense.

Another problem I have is with people who keep saying stuff that is easily refutable and deliberately “inflammatory.” 9/11 skeptics who want to get to the bottom of all this need to be responsible in their allegations. For example, some of the “anonymous” posts above don’t seem all that concerned about actual information and clearly have a very different agenda. We typically hear allegations that no “Israelis” died in the WTC attacks, and more generally, this takes the form of the “no Jews” died in the WTC attacks.

A quick look at the list of victims—try the Gs for example—will show plenty of Jewish victims.
Whether Mossad operatives also knew about the attacks and were following the alleged hijackers is another question entirely. Certainly, they were very pleased to see the 9/11 attacks succeed. Netanyahu practically peed his pants in joy after the attacks, knowing that the Israelis would get carte blanche for their own relentless & brutal colonialism.

There’s a lot of nonsense and disinformation out there, and it’s not all coming from the corporate media.