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Friday, August 11, 2006


Just when the entire world was becoming increasingly frustrated with the Israeli’s methodical and deliberate destruction of Lebanon and the killing of its people and the UNs inability to stop the onslaught, suddenly several aircraft flying over the Atlantic don’t blow up! There was a totally unprecedented lack of loss of life and this complete lack of loss of life, so we are told, was on an unimaginable scale.

It certainly seems as if Mossad have been working overtime to get this transparent piece of distraction off the ground. Seeing what evidence the UK and US police and security services come up with is going to be interesting. One wonders if there are likely to be any ‘protected’ witnesses among those arrested. My bet is there will probably be three or four of them whom the police will rely on to provide the ‘evidence’ to convict the patsies that were drawn into the ‘plot’.

The British and American security services and governments have played their role perfectly maximising the fear factor to the limit with overwhelming displays of overt security presence at major airports on both sides of the Atlantic. The mainstream media have also played their part to the hilt giving maximum air-time to the total non-event and stirring the fear pot for all its worth with graphic worst-case scenarios being described to the world by ‘terrorist experts’ and ‘security experts’ from only the very best universities.

As a result of the security clampdown there has been massive disruption to transatlantic air services which, in turn, and with the amplification effect of the media, has served the purpose of directing anger at the wannabe non-existent terrorists specifically and, far more importantly, the world of Islam generally thus reinforcing the idea of the seriousness of the ‘war on terror’ and all that that represents, especially when the connection is made directly by the simple expedient of the ‘terrorist experts’ and ‘security experts’ saying words to the effect that the ‘terrorists’ were acting in solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese people.

One does not need a massive IQ to see where all this is coming from!

*I acknowledge a certain Monty Python sketch as part inspiration for the approach used in this piece.


Padishah said...

Damian, once again, your sarcasm and satire are peerless. I especially LOVE your opening paragraph. I will be chuckling at that one years from now, and looking back at the complete stupidity.

For my two cents, I have heard several reporters on ABCNNBBCCBS say this is Britians version of 9/11. Well, that's all well and good, but where's the smoking rubbl and Blair reading to school children, holding the book upside down, surrounding by MI-5 agents? Where's Ground Zero? Heathrow?

Wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

I saw Bush on tv tonight spouting some rubbish about Lebanon to the effect that a state cannot have an armed non government force operating within it's borders. Regardless whether this is true or not, how does such a sentiment square with the US Bill of Rights, 2nd ammendment (right to bear arms) which seems to explicitly require the US to maintain a well armed "peoples" militia, perhaps one not too different to the one Lebanon has in Hezbollah?

Indeed, one of the US National Guard's primary roles is to repel an invasion. Well Lebanon's Hezbollah have also been involved in some invasion repelling of their own recently.

I would have though Dubbya would have been pleased to see a middle east state which so closely mirrored US constitutional values.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Hezbollah should change their name to Lebanon National Guard.

Anonymous said...

Even in retrospect, this is quite cool. But once again - nose to the proverbial, Damian - the WTC collapses. Therein lies the truly absurd. Go get'em.



Damian Lataan said...

I agree. But I need time.
Many thanks for your support