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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Will Howard, a pro right-wing Zionist supporter and commentator at Webdiary has continued his deceitful practices with his latest post entitled ‘The Repeal of Israel’.[1] The piece is simply distractive waffle designed purely to deflect the reality of the crimes that are being committed daily by the Israelis against the Palestinian people in pursuit of a Greater Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people. It’s full of ‘woe is us, why do we always get the blame’ rhetoric that has no relevance. As usual, Will Howard lies and attempts to deceive. He pretends to care about the problems, both historical and contemporary, that Muslims are experiencing throughout the world as if they are relevant to the current situation in Israel/Palestine. He talks of history being abused polemically to push a point of view, yet in doing so does exactly the same himself with the added effrontery of attempting it with history that has no relevance at all.

He says, for example: “I'm sure the Iranian children sent to clear minefields are resting peacefully knowing they died or lost limbs striking a blow against the Zionist Entity.” This is utter nonsense. One needs to ask what a dead Bassiji volunteer fighting against Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war has got to do with Israel.

This is typical of Will Howard’s deceit and attempt to hoodwink Webdiarists. It is supported by several of Webdiary’s other Israeli and right-wing Zionist apologists, Chris Parsons, (who has also recently proved himself to be a liar by the simple expediency of denying his name is Chris), and, of course the warmongering lunatic Geoff Pahoff.

Chris Parsons attempt to deceive and hoodwink is as blatant as Will Howard’s efforts. In several of his comments Parsons has deliberately alluded to Iran’s nuclear program in such a way as to infer that he is referring to Iran’s nuclear program as a nuclear weapons program, which Iran does not have. He links this directly with comments made by Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner, who said: “Aside from being economically justified, it (Iran’s nuclear development programme) has become a cause of national pride for an old nation with a glorious history.”[2] The deception is in the way Parsons attempts to demonstrate that Shirin Ebadi supports a non-existent nuclear weapons program which in Parsons twisted mind actually exists despite the total lack of evidence.[3] In fact, all she is supporting is Iran’s right to pursue peaceful nuclear energy via its own research and development.

Increasingly, the warmongers and right-wing Zionists are exposing themselves for the liars they really are.

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