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Friday, March 17, 2006


It seems SS-Rantenfuehrer Janet Albrechtsen thinks Julia Gillard may have something going for her in the Labor leadership and future Prime Minister stakes after all. Why else would Albrechtsen so enthusiastically denounce such a possibility?

Gillard, according to Albrechtsen, is not fit to be leader of the Labor Party and is unlikely to become Prime Minister because she is “…a woman with none of the usual aspirations such as settling down, getting married, having children.” Albrechtsen, in her somewhat narrowed mind, is unable to accept that Gillard, rather than aspire to being a wife and mother, instead aspires to be a party leader and possibly a Prime Minister. Furthermore, according to Albrechtsen, Gillard lacks other attributes that in Albrechtsen’s view would also preclude Gillard from being a Prime Minister; Gillard’s kitchen is apparently bare and – and this is the real clincher – she struggles with tongs at the barbie.

Albrechtsen also seems to think that ten years (with a few more to come, so she hopes) of a Liar-Loving Howard-Hugging Australia will be enough to put off Middle Australia from ever voting for Gillard to be Prime Minister.

It may well be true that Middle Australia has never had it so good but the fact that it has happened while Howard has been at the helm is purely coincidental. Just wait until interest rates start creeping up, as they inevitably will, and house values start to fall, as they already have begun to, and banks start calling in loans that are too tightly levered. Just watch how quickly then Middle Australia points its collective finger at Howard and his government. Watch how quickly, while Middle Australia begins to blame Howard for the mess that they are beginning to find themselves in, they start to take an interest in, and no longer ignore, the countless lies he’s told.

While Middle Australia has been prepared to ignore Howard’s lies while the road for them has been smooth they will soon remind him of them as their financial dream world unravels into reality.

Does Albrechtsen really think that Condoleeza Rice’s rise to leadership in the Bush administration is governed by her ability to wield tongs at the barbie? Is Albrechtsen in reality frightened that Gillard may just well be a Prime Minister one day?

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Kate said...

I've never found Albrechsten to be a quality commentator. Gillard actually wrote in to The Australian the next day about the article.. apparently a lot of Janet's facts weren't straight, particularly in terms of what she said about Labor's immigration policy. You can find a copy of her letter here if you're interested:,5744,18479025%255E21223,00.html
I suspect Janet, being an unashamedly biased Liberal commentator, feels that Gillard would actually be the biggest threat to Howard/Costello at the next election of anyone the ALP could put up and is unsuccessfully trying to convince the electorate otherwise. Personally I think Gillard would be great.