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Thursday, February 09, 2006


In a discussion at Webdiary about Janet Albrechtsen and ‘free speech’ Jay White, a well known fascist who likes to peddle his disgusting racism at Webdiary, wrote in response to an earlier posting of mine the following:

Damian Lataan: "SS-Rantenfuehrer Janet Albrechtsen seems to think that the vilification of a religious prophet whose adherents are literally willing to die for is simply a joke that Muslims can’t take!
I would have thought somebody linking to revisionist sites such as the one Sid Walker did with David Irving front and center may be more in keeping with a SS-Rantenfuehrer? Perhaps even somebody who sees a Zionist plot around every corner?
Defending free speech now leads to somebody being called a Nazi? I thought they burnt books? I find it most curious that a person willing to defend Sid Walker would accuse others of Nazi sentiments. I bet others do too.
A very curious connection indeed!

In response to that I wrote:

Jay White, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be able to see right through SS-Rantenfuehrer Janet Albrechtsen’s ‘defending free speech’ garbage as simply being a front and opportunity to spew her Islamaphobic racism.

As for what Sid Walker says or does, I’m sure Sid can speak for himself. Oops! …apparently he can’t any more, at least not here. Oh well, so much for free speech! (I wonder when the Lying Tyrant and Fascist Howard is going to implement the sedition laws.)

Webdiary, playing right into the Right-wingers hands, actually censored the second paragraph! This monumental stupidity comes from people who believe in the essence of free speech to the point that they feel they should give the right-wing carte blanche to more or less say what they wish but deny the Left freedom to respond.

At first Margo was fearful that the Left would drive the Right away from Webdiary leaving it high and dry as a Left-wing mutual talk fest club. Then when the Left started talking about conspiracy theories and history revisionism Margo got spooked by ‘powerful’ forces and banned un-supported discussion of 9/11 conspiracy theories and all discussion on Holocaust denial. Presumably these ‘powerful’ forces were from the extreme right-wing Zionist lobby groups in Australia and/or the government that had put the hard word on her. From the conspiracy theory angle the pressure came from the right-wing commentators at Webdiary who threatened to leave Webdiary just when Webdiary (just gone independent) was getting off the ground. Margo and Hamish then caved in to the right realising that without the right-wing for the left to argue with there would be no Webdiary. The Holocaust denial ban clearly is as a result of pressure from the ‘powerful’ right-wing Zionist lobby groups which Margo and Hamish have also caved in to.

As a result it now seems it is going the other way. The Left are leaving Webdiary, or at least being discouraged by censorship or outright banning, leaving Webdiary to become a very boring talk fest for the slightly Left and the warmongering and liar-supporting Right.

The Right-wing websites, the ones that Hamish chooses to ignore, are going to be rubbing their hands together saying ‘we told you so – Webdiary won’t last’. And the way it’s going at the moment it looks like they may be right, both literally and metaphorically!

And that would be a great pity because Webdiary has the potential to make a difference in Australia. But it must open up and allow complete freedom of speech regardless of how outrageous. People can make up their own minds about what they like or don’t like and those on both the Left and Right who come up with stuff that goes way over the top will soon get told by their peers!

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