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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Some of the fascists that like to gather over at Harry Heidelberg’s site have been having mixed feelings over the death sentence that looks likely to be carried out in Singapore on 2 December. Heidelberg came out against the death sentence being carried out in this case. As a result his hangers-on, including, surprisingly, arch fascist, historical denialist and all-round ignoramus, Jay White, has also come out against the death sentence in this case.

Others, however, have been less reluctant to tow Heidelberg’s line. Dylan Kissane, for example, a fascist cast in a much stauncher mould of discompassion and blind ignorance, is keen to see the man hang justifying his stance on the ridiculous notion that the recipients of what would have been van Nugyen’s import are simply innocent Aussie junkies.

Some, like the pedantic lunatic quasi-fascist Greg Hynes, goes along with his master Heidelberg as far as this is concerned but says, “…as others have said death penalty is appropriate for the worst criminals like the murderers and the terrorists but it is very harsh for this man.” Confusing, but conforming to his master’s voice.

One has to wonder to what extent that Heidelberg is taking a leaf out of his hero, Howard’s, book and simply bowing to public opinion.