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Monday, June 02, 2008


In her continuing outrageous attempts to manipulate and control what may and may not be discussed at Webdiary, and who may or may not be allowed to comment there, the insufferably arrogant and unrepentantly self-righteous Jenny Hume has posted a comment that plainly and clearly exposes this pretentious know-all for the obsessive control freak that she actually is. (Now that’s what you call a spray!)

She writes: “That is the sort of stuff we read on TB [presumably ‘TB’ is Tim Blair] and Damian Lataan's site, and yes often posted there by Webdiarists seeking to personally insult, deride and belittle others here personally. But such has no place here and thankfully most have now been banned or left WD.”

I must say I’m a little disappointed that my name was mentioned in the same sentence as Tim Blair’s but then that’s exactly the type of thing a control freak like Jenny Hume would do; nothing like a little wedging of opposite ends to try and keep on top.

Demanding apologies is another characteristic of Jenny Hume’s though this time she has gone one further and demanded that the offending comment from Paul Walter be “taken down”.

However, there is an upside to Jenny Hume’s arrogance; she has threatened to have no further part in Webdiary if the comment is not taken down or if there is no apology forthcoming, indeed, as she says, “It is not often [sic] I put my foot down but this is one such occasion when I am doing so.”

We can only hope that she is true to her word and that Webdiary can see the back of this disruptive control freak and get back to discussing the real issues that concern the world without her demanding what can or cannot be discussed.

Within just a few minutes of posting the above it seems that Webdiary has caved in to Jenny Hume's demands; Richard Tonkin has taken down the offending comments. However, if anyone was able to archive or save the offending comment, or if Paul Walter would like to send them to me here, I'll gladly republish them.

What a control freak!

For those that would like to know, the comment from Paul Walter that Jenny Hume demanded be taken down from the Webdiary site went thus:

“Out of consideration to Scott Dunmore, will move finally to Jenny Hume's appalling comment, that any possible harm done the photo model is solely the mother's responsibility who hopefully should suffer ( if the desired harm to the girl comes) rather than opportunist scum Dahvinist media or the numberless vulgar hysterics who have drawn attention to the girl in indulging the luxury of indulging their own hangups, prejudices and compulsive control freakery and inevitably, the parading of their ignorance and own unconscious but publicly overt, meanness of spirit.”

Humes response went like this:
“Would the editor who allowed this comment please refer to my last comment on this thread and tell me if that is a correct interpretation of what I wrote because to me it is a deliberate, vicious, nasty warped interpretation for the purpose of a vicious personal attack on me by Paul Walter. And his closing remark is an extremely offensive personal judgement about me and the motives of people like me who voice genuine concern about the use of children in such a manner.”

For Hume the lively debate had stopped being about a controversial issue; it had become about her and her demands.

Paul sums it up nicely; 'prejudices and compulsive control freakery'.
(Salvaged comments courtesy of Phil)


Craig Rowley said...

Damian, you probably already know this: Jenny Hume was the one who lobbied longest and hardest to have Margo Kingston ban you from WD.

Damian Lataan said...

Thanks Craig. Yes I was aware. However, I wasn’t about to let Hume or Kingston have their way by actually banning me. As far as I’m aware I never actually wrote anything on Webdiary that I could have been banned for and I certainly was never told that I was banned. Instead, seeing where it was all going, I decided it was best to simply walk away and write what I wished at my own blog and leave them to their own mediocrity with their heads firmly buried in the sand.

Perhaps, if you have now washed your hands of Webdiary, you can concentrate on building your own blog discussing the real issues of what makes the world tick and ways of making it a better place by understanding the truth about what is going on around us.

Craig Rowley said...

Indeed, Damian.

I've actually been working awhile on digging out the truth of what went on in a few places and trying to sort out how that's now expressed in those parts of the world.

It's good work, in the sense that I'm finding great satisfaction in learning about various places around the world, doing some analysis of the history and contempory issues in these places, and uncovering some common themes that I'm thinking I might draw out, highlight and offer up for closer examination from time to time.

I'm also hoping to visit some of those places I've been looking into that I've not as yet already visited. I've always been keen to get to primary sources and listen to the perspective of those closest to the various situations I've been learning about.

Anonymous said...

HI damian Hi Craig, was so upset to hear you both are gone from WD (and not CP).Intelligent comment that is not derived from that community is pleasant.

Bit horrific to hear you have been threatened , too, Craig.

As long as Richard is still there there is hope, i think.

Now off to Manly Library for some fun.

Annie Sourris

Damian Lataan said...

Craig, I look forward to seeing the results of your work.

It has always seemed to me that as the world is drawn ever smaller as the technology of communication grows, so the importance of the truth of history becomes increasingly more important. If we fail to insist on being told the truth or allow lies and ignorance to control our lives then mankind will quickly become lost and become subserviant to greed and Machiavellian-like power. The truth will keep us free - but only if we insist on it.

G'day Annie. Yes, it's a pity that Webdiary has evolved this way. One can only hope that those that run the place can see how much and how far it has been allowed to deteriorate and do something about it. They could start by being honest about who some of the people are that are so obviously just propagandists who specifically post at Webdiary to disrupt and bog down debate.

paul walter said...

Well, have stumbled here by circuitous route after reading waffle re jenny hume back at web diary"tropic" thread caused, as usual, by Hume.
Thought this must have been the si te they were grizzling about.
1 agree with oddness over conversations at wd re mid east,long term.
2 a post of mine went awry last night also, concerning a jesuit academic's take on henson, which would have been a surprise for catholic hansonist hard right component (of course jesuits tend to aply more intellectual than most catholic commentators of the the Devine ilk.
although could be wrong- sometimes make mistakes with key boarding, button hitting etc.

Friedham I. Whont said...

G'day Damian,

.. don't look now, but I think we've been 'sprung;' see here (if you dare:)

«oddsbodkins in Road to the Tropics
by Paul Walter on June 6, 2008 - 10:06am»

regards, Phil.

Damian Lataan said...

I had caught up with Paul's comments but what gets me is Kingston's response; '...good faith', she says. I wonder if she actually knows the meaning of the phrase! She has bowed to threats and right-wing demands, she continues to entertain known liars like Parsons/Ramsey, White/Morella, Kissane and even the delusional Craig Warton who said that he knew someone who was able to safely taxi out to the end of the runway, take-off, fly a circuit and then land and taxi back to the start point without ever having had any actual flight training whatsoever and having taught himself to 'fly' in a simulator. Unbelievable garbage from a person who Kingston takes seriously.

Friedham I. Whont said...

G'day again Damian,

 .. without dwelling too much on this, Kingston's response is somewhat 'marvellous' (aka astonishing v. surprise greatly, amaze.) I mean, we are talking here, of a so-called (now ex-) high-power journalist, one who claims to still abide by her professional creed. But the answer is no answer at all really, it goes off on a tangent. What do you reckon, Q: Is the answer deliberately deceptive, or just mistakenly misleading?

Damian Lataan said...

I'm not sure Phil; it's a bit hard to tell. I think she may be being deliberately deceptive as a result of being misled, or, alternatively, sucked in by manipulators!

Bob said...

G'day Damian and Phil, there was a lot of sense in Paul's comments, including this:

Sooner all parties sit down and discuss their respective grievances honestly and openly ...

Of course requests have been made that WD management (and others) respond directly to the charges, ie., where we can respond directly. They have not done this. Nor have management responded to the requirement put to them to make a case to support what I consider misrepresentation of my position or retract that misrepresentation. And I have made that point via email to FR and Margo. I have other outstanding matters I have drawn to Margo's attention, so far, no response.

Margo's comment on Paul's post was odd, at minimum.

Damian Lataan said...

I entirely agree Bob; Paul is quite right in what he says. However, the ball is now well and truely in Kingston's court. I've always believed that Webdiary had a lot to offer but it needs to renew its directions and loose those that are disruptive to sound debate about issues that are really important in the twenty first century instead of kow-towing to those too ignorant to want to understand what is really going going on in our world or to those on the extreme right that would prefer that we didn't know.